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Getting to Nole You

Name What’s your favorite TV show? Favorite sport at FSU other than your own? What talent would you most like to have?

Favorite team tradition?

What is your dream vacation? What is your favorite place to eat in Tallahassee?

  Jessica Sabotin


Volleyball To be good at poker

The Secret Psychers and all of our cheers

Europe Ted’s Montana Grill
    Tyler Sell

Twilight Zone

Baseball Speak another language

Pouring a bottle of our pool water into the other team’s pool

Anywhere in the Caribbean MoMo’s
    Emily Harris

Gossip Girl

Basketball To be able to dance really well


Greece Mr. Roboto’s
          Mike Neubacher


Football The ability to fly


Belize Mr. Roboto’s

  Corey Allison

Grey’s Anatomy

Foorball To be able to sing

Our team cheer after the last event

Bahamas Mellow Mushroom

  Jack Deedrick

Major League Baseball

Women’s Soccer The ability to ride a unicycle Warchant! A month in Rome Fresh Foods


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