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Florida State 4, Maryland 1

Postgame quotes from game three of the 1999 ACC Baseball Tournament.

May 19, 1999

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin

“We have always tried to preach pitching, defense, and baserunning. That was the
success we had today. Jon (McDonald) pitched extremely well. We ran all the bases,
put a little pressure on people. We made one mistake on the bases that could have
gone a long way in hurting us when we were thrown out at second on a base hit. But
Jon was in total control of the ball game. There were a number of things that
happened that were key, but I thought the play that (SS Brett) Groves made up the
middle when it was second and third…and he made that outstanding play up the
middle. They scored one run out of it, but it was a big out. I thought that was a big
boost for Jon.”

“I’ve always been impressed with the way Tom (Bradley) prepares his team. He does
a great job of motivating his guys. Let’s face it, the last time we played this guy
(McDougall) obviously had some success. It was one of those 26-2 deals. He’s got a
3-1 ball game in the seventh inning, so he has every opportunity to win it. You have
to credit Maryland. They, so to speak, wouldn’t go away. They kept battling.”

Maryland Head Coach Tom Bradley

“I thought it was a very competitive game. You’re never happy when you lose, but I
thought we played well. Throughout the game we had chances, we kept it close, we
battled hard. We had a good showing against a very tough team. When we brought
in our right handed pitchers it showed Florida State’s versatility and depth. They
were able to switch over to left handed hitters. They can beat you in a lot of different

“After winning that game last night I thought we came out and played a very good
ball game against a very good team.”

“I would never tell anybody to do such a thing as that (throwing at a hitter).
Maryland baseball has a lot more class than to instruct anybody to hurt anybody.
That pitch just got away from Jaret (Vogt). He certainly wasn’t trying to hit him.”

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