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A Tribute To Lee Bowen


Jeffrey Boyd (Tampa, FL)
What a great loss, my thoughts and prayers. May God comfort the family and friends.

(Orlando, Florida)
There aren’t really any words that can show how tragic it is to lose someone close to not only the family, but to us as fellow Seminoles.

Our prayers are with the school, and the family in this time of need and beyond.

God Bless


Keith Williams I (Los Angeles,California)
I don’t know you very well but may my prayers go out to you & your family in this time of despair & loss, may God Almighty be with you and bless you all!!

Mr. Keith E. Williams I

Andrew (Tallahassee, FL)
Lee’s passing has really blown me away, as it has most of Seminole nation. It seems unfair that 20 or so more years of broadcasting was taken from him and us.

I would say that between listening to his radio broadcasts and radio show a few years back that I’ve probably heard more of his opinions than I have heard anyone else’s, outside from my own family. Lee was a very level-headed, wise man … a consummate professional. He never spoke irrationally or in anger. He was never willing to condemn any player or manager. I would like to think that his demeanor left an impression on those radio jockeys (sports and otherwise) who he may have mentored.

I understand that Lee had a wonderful relationship with his wife, and I cannot imagine what she has and will endure. I offer my utter condolences.

Of the many pieces of wisdom that I took from Lee, one has stood out for many years. Whenever someone called to tell him that they wished it was September 6th, or wished it was the weekend, he would tell them, “My mother always told me, ‘Never wish your life away. It is too short already’.”

I cannot count the number of times I have caught myself and recollected his voice with that wisdom. I will never forget that, and will pass it along to my children.

Thanks Lee, and God bless you.

(Enterprise, AL)
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who knew and loved Lee Bowen and especially to the Bowen family. May God Bless you and keep you strong during this painful time.

E Shen (Tallahassee, FL)
I am an international student at FSU, coming from China, and I knew nothing about baseball before I came to the US. I began to know and love baseball, especially FSU baseball about three years ago after I listened to Lee and Jim’s live broadcasting on radio 1270.

Lee is very very knowledgable about FSU baseball, his broadcasting is always passionate. What I love best is that he is alway honest and truely expresses his feelings about the FSU baseball team. There is not a lot of sports commentators that can do it and do it well. I always will remember that at the early part of last season, when FSU baseball team made so many errors in a game, he said “I would have left the game if I were not the commentator of the game.”

I will always be an FSU baseball fan no matter where I will be after my graduation. That’s all started from Lee.

Wish his family all the best,

E Shen

Laurie (Jacksonville, FL)
God Bless your family and you will be terribly missed. God Speed. Laurie

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