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Men’s Basketball Quotes

Coach and players quotes on tournament.

March 14, 1998

Steve Robinson Quotes

(On going from an underdog to a favorite)

“Based on how we played today, I think our kids came out with a great sense of purpose. So many people have doubted us and said that we shouldn’t even be here this whole time. Every time ESPN or another staion had a show about the tournament, it was always about TCU, and ‘oh, by the way, they are playing Florida State.’ I think that really inspired our players to play a little harder. I think they really felt like they were being slighted.”

(On excitment)

“This is the first time we have been here in five years. Only one kid that is eligible to play has ever been in the NCAA Tournament. So Lamar and Corey and Kerry are real excited anf that just filters down to the juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Having a chance to see what this tournament is all about, hopefully will encourage the young players to play hard.”

(On his message to his players)

“Respect everyone. They need to understand they are a very good basketball team. We’re still fighting. There’s no question that they are a very good team. We have to respect everyone we play.”

Player Quotes:

Lamar Green

(On playing back-to-back emotional games)

“I think we’re used to playing big games, and getting ready for another big game. In the ACC, you play a huge game, then a day or two later, you playa Duke or North Carolina.”

(On playing his first NCAA Tournament)

“It is like a dream come true. I’ve seen players from Florida State like Sam Cassell or Charlie Ward talk about the Tournament with that background behind them. They just seemd so happy to be winning big games. When I came to Florida State, it’s something I always looked forward to.”

Corey Lewis

(On mid season struggles)

“We have just struggled as a team. Playing in the ACC day in and day out, it is hard to get wins. I felt that we got better, even though we weren’t winning games.”

(On Valpo)

“I’ve seen them play once before yesterday. They’re a good ball club, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be here. They have a lot of experience. They have four seniors and a junior that start. It’s going to be a good ball game. They try to get the ball down low to the post position, but we need to hold our own and be physical and take care of rebounds.”

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