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Test Your Knowledge of Seminole Basketball

If Steve Fier were a player at Florida State he would be an All-American and a high NBA Draft Choice. Fier totaled 188 of 195 possible points during the 13-week basketball marathon otherwise known as “How Well Do You Know The Seminoles.” Fier led over 900 contestants with a .964 shooting percentage from the field and a .750 bonus percentage from the free throw line. For his accomplishments, Fier has been the crowned the Seminole Men’s basketball Trivia champion for the 2003-04 season.

Thanks to Seminole fans worldwide for participating in the contest and for finding Seminoles.com on your web browser. Continue to visit the official site of Florida State athletics for the most up to date news on all the Seminole teams and begin looking forward to the upcoming basketball season. It should be another special season of Seminole basketball.

Contest No. 13 Answers
1) Kevin McHale did not play against the Seminoles during the 1972 NCAA tournament
2) Greg Samuel and Larry Gay played in the 1972 NCAA Tournament and did not score in double figures at least once.
3) Reggie Royals was not the team’s high scorer in at least one of the Seminoles’ five tournament NCAA Tournament games in 1972
4) Otto Petty, Greg Samuel, Ron King and Otis Cole combined to shoot over 80 percent from the free throw line during the 1972 NCAA Tournament.
5) Lawrence McCray unfortunately got into foul trouble against UCLA in the 1972 National Championship game.
B) Florida State was ranked 10th nationally when they entered the NCAA Tournament and advanced to the Final Four in 1972

Final Standings (top 10)
Name Total
Steve Fier 188
Jo Bowman 184
Rob Todd 170
Bill Swartzbaugh 163
Mike Sarten 128
Jim Messer 83
Corey Dreskman 79
John Delia 65
Clayton Griffin 41
Ross Appel 40
Week 13 Final Week
Name Total
Jo Bowman 15+B
Steve Fier 15+B
Rob Todd 15+B
Bill Swartzbaugh 15+B
Christoper Tanner 15+B
Mike Sarten 11+B
Jim Messer 10
Steve Cass 8
Arthur Rizzo 7
Albert Boone 6+B

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