June 17, 2014 - by

Congratulations to everyone who correctly guessed the ‘Noles starting lineup Friday night against the Florida Gators!

The FSU starting lineup was:
10 Delvon Arrington
30Monte Cummings
4Antwuan Dixon
1Michael Joiner
34Nigel Dixon

Here are the randomly selected 15 finalists:

1. Adam Coogle of Tallahassee
2. Brook Dixon of Tallahassee
3. Delwyn M. Ward of Tallahassee
4. Chris C. Watson of Tallahassee
5. Michael F. Shuster of Jacksonville, FL
6. Derril R. Smith of Tallahassee
7. Joshua C. Henderson of Tallahassee
8. Jonathan Clodfelter of Tallahassee
9. Tina L. Kelly of Tallahassee
10. Joe E. Piotrowski of Tallahassee
11. Frank Maggio of Sarasota, FL
12. Michael R. Laplaca of Tallahassee
13. Seth Rubin of Tallahassee
14. Timothy Hinkle of Tallahassee
15. Melinda Gilbert of Altamonte Springs, FL

These 15 finalists will shoot it out at a practice in December to be determined. The five winners of the shootout will compete at halftime of the FSU vs. Campbell game, December 29th against the WFLA Jeff Cameron Show Team.

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