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    Quoting Al Thornton

    Mike Gminski, Fox Sports Sunday Night Hoops, March 4, 2007

    “Al Thornton has become the dominant offensive player in the league.”

    Frank Haith, Head Coach, University of Miami, March 3, 2007
    “Obviously Al Thornton is a great player. He wasn’t going to let them lose. People talk about the great players in the country like Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, whoever. I don’t know how you cannot talk about Al Thornton. I mean, he is phenomenal. What he did out there today was ridiculous. He just took the game on and he personally willed them to win.”

    Sidney Lowe, Head Coach, NC State, Feb. 24, 2007

    “Obviously, he’s (Al Thornton) as very talented player. There were certain things we were supposed to do once he caught the basketball – we jammed him up and we weren’t supposed to do that – because he drove by us. He set the tone that he was ready to play.”

    Ralph Mims, Guard, Florida State, Feb. 24, 2007
    “I’ve never played with a guy (Al Thornton) who has so much passion and so much talent.”

    Paul Hewitt, Head Coach, Georgia Tech, Feb.. 17, 2007
    “In watching tape on him I think he and (Jared) Dudley are the two best players in this league. I just kept telling our guys that we cannot allow him to get an easy touch because a double team doesn’t matter to him right now. He is blowing through double teams and scoring at will. Our whole thing was do anything we can to stop him from touching the ball. He is incredible. He is a great player. He is one of the best players I have seen in this league in my seven years here.”

    Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke, Feb. 4, 2007
    “Al Thornton — he’s an All-American and one of the best players in the country.”

    Gary Williams, Head Coach, University of Maryland, Jan. 30, 2007
    “There is no question Al Thornton is a special player. When you are that big and you can go on the perimeter and make some of the dribble moves he made – pulling up for the jump shots in addition to his inside play…he certainly is a special player. He’s to be congratulated for how hard he has worked over his four years. You look at his four years and he has gotten better each year.”

    Stephen Wyno, The Diamondback Newspaper, Jan. 30, 2007
    For anyone who didn’t know who Al Thornton was, last night was a glimmering introduction to Florida State’s All-American candidate. The entire Terrapin men’s basketball team knew about Thornton – about his explosiveness and offensive potency – but could do little to stop him.

    Gary Williams, Head Coach, University of Maryland, Jan. 29, 2007
    “He (Al Thornton) is an All-American, I don’t think there is any doubt about that. We all watch a lot of games, and I don’t see anyone more complete at the six-foot-eight size than Al Thornton is”

    D.J. Strawberry, Guard, University of Maryland, Jan. 29, 2007
    With his (Al Thornton’s) height and athletic ability to take (forwards) out on the wing and the smaller players down in the post, the things he does for his team, I think he is the most valuable player for his team.”

    Al Skinner, Head Coach, Boston College, Jan. 23, 2007
    “There is no really stopping him.”

    Jared Dudley, Boston College, Jan. 23, 2007
    “He’s (Al Thornton) probably one of the hardest guys I’ve had to guard. The guy’s basically an animal; a 6-9 freak athlete who can handle the rock and is as fast as a guard. He got me on the drop-step fadeaway, he jumped over me on another one.”

    Seth Greenberg, Head Coach, Virginia Tech, Jan. 17, 2007
    “He (Al Thornton) was great. He took the game over. He took the game over in terms of getting 50-50 balls, he took the game over in terms of making shots. He made the shot on the baseline. He made the shot from half court. He’s really a special player. He’s one of the toughest match-ups in the conference. He’s too quick four fours; he obviously so strong. They set all those ball screens and it puts you in a tough situation on how you are going to guard him.

    Dave Leitao, Head Coach, University of Virginia, Jan. 17, 2007
    “He’s (Al Thornton) is probably as good a basketball player as there is in America. Are you going to tell me that there are five or 10 better players? I’d disagree.”

    Jonathan Givony, NBA Draft Express
    “Al Thornton’s slashing game is pretty versatile. He can pull up or take it to the basket, drive left or right and has shown flashes of spin moves and up-and-unders to get open for a shot. He can shoot it over defenders with his long arms and high release point or just get open for a shot. Thornton is excellent getting into the lane without the ball, recognizing space well, understanding how to get open and always calling for the ball when he does”

    Jonathan Givony, NBA Draft Express
    “Al Thornton beats players to the spot on a consistent basis and seems to want the ball much more than anyone else (in the nation).”

    Roy Williams, Head Coach, North Carolina, Jan. 7, 2007
    “Al Thornton is such a load for a four or a five man.”

    Oliver Purnell, Head Coach, Clemson UNiversity, Jan. 3, 2007
    “Al Thornton is a big time player.”

    Jack Corcoran, Tallahassee Democrat, Dec. 19, 2006
    “Al Thornton’s ability to get to the basket was what set him apart early in his career. He made only seven 3-pointers and shot 52.7 percent from the foul line his first two seasons. That changed last season as the 6-8 power forward developed his range, which allowed him to exploit all those mismatches with his athleticism.”

    Jack Corcoran, Tallahassee Democrat, Dec. 19, 2006
    “The scouts are watching (Al) Thornton’s shooting so closely because they know all they need to about his athleticism. He’s unbelievable. How many guys can leap over 6-foot-11 centers? That’s exactly what Thornton did against Wisconsin’s Greg Stiemsma last month.”

    Dave O’Brien, Nov. 28, 2006
    “Al Thornton is a great talent – he’s an ACC Player of the Year candidate. He ate up some really good teams including Duke and Boston College last year. Thornton has been practically leaping over the rim in this game.”

    Rick Majerus, Nov. 28, 2006
    “Al Thornton can really yellow line the stat sheet. He gets them in a variety of ways but most of all by driving. He is a sensational warp-speed first step-driver. He follows his own shot well, rebounds others and he has an unbelievable, uncanny knack of scoring in a variety of ways.”

    Bo Ryan, Nov. 28, 2006
    “Al Thornton is a good player. I mean he’s a guy that can do a lot of things.”

    Jamie Dixon, Head Coach, Pitt, Nov. 24, 2006
    “He (Al Thornton) can go inside and outside. He’s so athletic and he can run. He plays hard. He’s skilled. He’s a senior and he’s gotten better each year.”

    Leonard Hamilton, Head Coach, Florida State, Nov. 24, 2006
    “He’s (Al Thornton) a talented youngster; he has ability. But he is an awfully hard worker. He’s a gym rat. He has never had an off-effort day. He spends an awful lot of time on his game and his coachable.”

    John Grupp, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Nov. 24, 2006
    “Because he’s improved his perimeter game, and he has outstanding athleticism, Thornton is among the toughest match-ups that Pitt will face all season.”

    Matt Doherty, Head Coach, SMU, Nov. 14, 2006
    “I see a guy (Al Thornton) who is obviously very talented because a guy with his size who is able to pick and pop and catch and shoot a three, put it down on the floor, is very athletic, and play hard. He’s a very talented player and one of the more talented players in the ACC.”

    Porter Moser, Head Coach, Illinois State, Nov. 13, 2006
    “I think (Al) Thornton is a terrific player. I think when you look at talented guys like that, and athletic guys, the intangibles separate guys. His intangible is his work ethic; I think he is a beast. It’s how hard he works and I think that’s an intangible when you’ve got a guy that talented. He’s terrific.”

    Seth Greenberg, Head Coach Virginia Tech
    “Al Thornton is extremely quick and they do a good job of opening up the floor for him. He runs really hard in transition, he has the ability to get to the rim and he’s got some maturity about him as a junior. He doesn’t take plays off.”

    Frank Haith, Head Coach University of Miami
    “Al Thornton is a first-team all-conference player.”

    Paul Hewitt, Head Coach Georgia Tech
    “Al Thornton has gotten better every year. He’s one of these kids that listens to his coaches and works on his game. He’s tough to handle because of his skill and size.”

    Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach Duke
    There aren’t many kids like him. He’s one of the best players in the country. He’s having an all-conference type of season. He has more athleticism than a second big man and he’s bigger than most perimeter guys. He has energy and he’s at a position that we’ve used so well for 20 years, the mismatch at the four.

    Dave Leitao, Head Coach Virginia
    Al Thornton is one of the best front court players this league has. He’s a very tough match-up because he plays perimeter offense as well as any four many does. I don’t know if I can name another four-man that plays perimeter offense as well as he does, but yet hes a leading rebounder and he has some toughness.

    Skip Prosser, Head Coach Wake Forest
    “Al Thornton is just a terrific, terrific offensive player.

    Gary Williams, Head Coach Maryland
    “Al Thornton is really tough to guard when he puts it on the floor. He’s just a good player.”

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