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Taiwan Easterling Post-Practice – 8.30
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While Most Of The College Football World Is Playing, FSU Continues Practice – (updated 8.30.08 – 1:24pm)

Seminole football team spent the entire practice working on kicking and scout.

Everette Brown Post-Practice – 8.30

Taiwan Easterling Post-Practice – 8.30

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Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.30 – Free

Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.30- Free

Everette Brown Podcast 8.30 – Free

The first Saturday of the college football season seemed just like any other day of the week for the Seminole football team. With an open date today, FSU was out on the practice field shifting its focus towards its September 6th opener versus Western Carolina (1-0). The squad practiced for 15 periods in shells. The first six periods were spent working on special teams and the second half of practice saw both units working versus scout teams. Following conditioning, the team ate lunch and was finished for the day.

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Florida State Gets Back Out On The Pracice Fields For 24 Periods Thursday

Bert Reed has one of the best practices of the pre-season scoring three big TD’s

Bert Reed Post-Practice – 8.28

Myron Rolle Post-Practice – 8.28

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Florida State was finally back out on the practice fields on Thursday. The squad was in full pads for 24 periods under bright sunny skies for the second day. High temperatures were a factor for the second consecutive practice after a pre-season that saw cooler than usual temperatures for summer in Florida. The Seminoles seemed to handle the heat better on Thursday than they did on Wednesday according to head coach Bobby Bowden.


  • Defensive tackle Emmanuel Dunbar was back at the University Center following practice Thursday.
  • Running back Tavares Pressley was carted off with a left knee injury. He will be examined tonight.


  • The team worked on special teams including punt block and kick-off returns.
  • During inside drills Pressley had a nice run before going down with an injury. Derek Nicholson registered a nice stop and Markus White recovered a fumble.
  • In 1-on-1 the DB’s had a very nice day. Tony Carter broke up two passes as did A.J. Alexander.  Korey Mangum and Patrick Robinson both had interceptions. Corey Eddinger had one completion but it was a big one as he went deep to Corey Surrency. E.J. Manuel completed passes to Preston Parker and Bert Reed. Drew Weatherford hit Taiwan Easterling and Jarmon Fortson.
  • In pass rush Everette Brown looked like he was ready to start the season tonight with the handful of colleges that kicked their season off Thursday. He won four individual battles. Kevin McNeil won two match-ups while White and Moses McCray both won a battle. For the offense it was Rodney Hudson once again leading the way. The freshman All-American won four of his match-ups. Andrew Datko, Ryan McMahon, Zebrie Sanders and David Spurlock also had wins.
  • In skeleton Myron Rolle and Jamie Robinson each had picks. Christian Ponder had a nice drill connecting on two passes to Greg Carr and also hitting Rod Owens, Surrency and Fortson. His biggest completion was a TD to Reed. D’Vontrey Richardson had hook-ups with Richard Goodman and Cameron Wade. Weatherford hit Easterling, Carr and Owens.
  • In 11-on-11 Reed tore up the drill with a touchdown from Ponder that came on great individual effort after catching a short pass. Reed also caught a ball from Weatherford as did Carr who had a great run after the catch to score a TD. Mangum had another nice period with a break-up and a forced fumble. McNeil had a sack.
  • In 4:00 drill Seddrick Holloway had a nice run breaking tackles while Nigel Bradham had a big hit. Jamie Robinson had a pass break-up but Easterling was able to haul in the rebound. The offense was unable to run 4:00 off the clock and turned the ball back over to the `opposing team’. On the next series the offense ended practice in a different manner as Weatherford went deep to Reed for a practice-ending TD.

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Seminoles Practice In Doak Campbell For 24 Periods Wednesday

Although the periods were mixed up, the FSU football team got in all 24 inside the stadium.

Preston Parker Post-Practice – 8.27

Paul Griffin Post-Practice – 8.27

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Wednesday’s Seminole practice looked like a normal practice that had been run through a blender. Earlier in the day there was lightning in the Tallahassee area, once practice time came and the lightning subsided, the coaches jumped straight to period 14 and after they reached 24, the team went back to the start. When all was said and done, the team got through all 24 periods with no delays.



  • All-American candidate Everette Brown will participate in ESPN’s ’25 Hours Of College Football’ vial a live chat Thursday at 12:30 p.m. on ESPN.com. 


  • Zach Hobby made 4-of-5 attempts with his longest coming from 43 yards.


  • Team worked on kickoff and kickoff return.


  • Practice started on period 1, then went straight to 14 through 24 then back to period 2 through 12


  • Periods 14-16 were 7-on-7 drills


  • Periods 17-18 were 7-on-7 inside drills
  • Big play was a 15-yard rush up the middle for a touchdown by D’Vontrey Richardson


  • Period 19 was pass skeleton


  • Period 20 was situational


  • Periods 21-22 were 11-on-11
  • Big play in 11-on-11 was a 10-yard touchdown pass from Drew Weatherford to Corey Surrency.  Surrency went up high over a defender in the back corner of the endzone for the touchdown.


  • Periods 23-24 were 11-on-11 short yardage situations


  • Period 8 began with pass skeleton
  • Big plays were a 40-yard completion from Weatherford to Carr and a 30-yard completion from Richardson to Surrency, 


  • Period 10 continued with 11-on-11

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FSU Forced Back Inside As Choppy Week Of Practice Continues

It has been a chaotic few days for FSU football and the trend continued on Tuesday.

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Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.26 – Free

First there was rain, then there was tropical storm Fay and on Tuesday there was lightning. The Seminole football team attempted to take the field but lightning delayed that play. The squad finally was able to go outdoors but after about 15 minutes on the turf field another lightning delay forced the team indoors. The offense went over to Tully Gymnasium to work while the defense came back to the University Center to meet. The two units then flipped locations.



Defensive end Everette Brown was named to the watch list for the Lombardi Award.

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Deuce Is Loose: Smith Picks Up 130 Yards On Three Runs In Scrimmage

Despite Smith’s effort, the defense ruled the day in the final pre-season scrimmage of 2008.

Antone Smith Post-Practice – 8.25

Emmanuel Dunbar Post-Practice – 8.25

Jimbo Fisher Post-Practice – 8.25

Day 15 Photo Gallery 8.25- Free

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Mickey Andrews Podcast 8.25- Free

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There is little doubt that senior captain Antone Smith was the star offensively for Florida State in the final scrimmage of the 2008 pre-season. The tailback from Pahokee was the lone bright spot for the Seminole offense statistically as he rushed three times for 130 yards in a scrimmage that was delayed for two days by tropical storm Fay. Deuce, as he is known to his teammates, ran for 30, 45 and 55 yards to lead the FSU offense on the ground but outside of Smith the day belonged to Mickey Andrews’ defense. There were five sacks for the D and in goal line the defense almost equaled the offense with two of their own touchdowns compared to three in eight tries for the offense.


Defensive end Justin Mincey was re-admitted to Florida State and re-joined the football team.


Kick-off coverage

  • The team worked on coverage throughout the scrimmage. The main highlight was an excellent return by A.J. Alexander that he almost broke for a TD

Field Goals

  • Almost every drive ended in a field goal attempt and Zach Hobby got his first taste of kicking live. The Delaware transfer went 5-of-8 hitting field goals of 26, 34, 35, 35 and 34 yards. His misses came from 27, 39 and 41 yards out.

2-v-1 from the -25

  • Derek Nicholson had a QB hurry and Everette Brown had a huge tackle for loss as he read the play beautifully and took Preston Parker down in the backfield. The best offensive play was wiped out by penalty as D’Vontrey Richardson rolled out and found Parker.

1-v-2 from the -25

  • This series was all about Smith. The senior took the first carry for 30 yards after breaking a tackle and on the next play scored a TD with a 45-yard run. After they reset the ball, Kevin McNeil had a sack but Smith was back at it on the next play as he ripped off a 55-yard run. The offense was inside the 10 but unable to punch it in for the score. The series ended with Markus White slapping the ball out of Drew Weatherford’s hand, picking it up and taking off running towards the endzone.

2-v-1 from the -25

  • Nigel Bradham, who had a nice scrimmage, had a tackle on Jermaine Thomas at the line. Moses McCrary had a QB hurry on the next play but Richardson was still able to hook-up with Rod Owens on another play that was called back due to penalty. White got into the backfield again and forced a screen but Recardo Wright read the play for a loss. Richardson moved the chains on a completion to Bert Reed that was opened up on a great block by Corey Surrency on the outside. White continued to wreck havoc as he pressured the QB right into the waiting arms of Bradham where the two combined for a sack. The series ended with Richardson hitting Surrency for 26 yards with the big receiver fighting to get the ball that was slightly underthrown.

3-v-3 from the -25

  • Niger Carr had a big tackle for loss and Benjamin Lampkin and Jamar Jackson blew up a play in the backfield and recorded a tackle for loss. E.J. Manuel connected with Louis Givens for a nice gain and Brandon Paul had a nice run as well. Jackson ended the series with a sack that Manuel almost escaped but fell down at the end.

2-v-1 from the +40

  • Darius McClure had a pass break-up and Kenny Ingram had a big hit on Tavares Pressley at the line.

1-v-2 from the +40

  • Thomas’ 8-yard run was nice but wiped out due to penalty. Everett Dawkins batted down a ball at the line and Benjamin Lampkin had a QB pressure. Ponder and Jermaine Fortson connected on a nice inside screen and Thomas turned in a nice run. Terrance Parks broke up a pass after White applied pressure to the QB.

3-v-3 from the +40

  • Manuel hit D’Vontrey Richardson’s cousin, Ashuwa Richardson, for 21 yards. Michael Colley had a pass break-up, Vince Williams had a nice wrap-up on Paul, Lampkin pressured Manuel into White who recorded another sack. The offensive highlight was a deep ball from Manuel to Surrency down to the one-yard line for 38 yards.

2-v-1 in OT

  • The offense scored a TD in the overtime drill. After Ochuko Jenije broke up a pass, Weatherford found Parker for a first. Kevin McNeil followed with a QB pressure but the drive ended in six with Weatherford hitting Fortson in the endzone with Korey Mangum draped all over him.

1-v-2 in OT

  • Ponder hit Smith for 11 yards and then got Greg Carr for a 14-yard TD but it was wiped off the board by a hold. On 4th-and-20 the offense went for a FG and Hobby connected.

Goal line

  • 3-yard line: Pressley stopped and on second effort the ball comes loose. McClure picks it up and goes the other way with the fumble.
  • 1-yard line: A defender in the pile gets his helmet on the ball knocking it out of Joe Surratt’s hands. Mangum recovers the fumble.
  • 3-yard line: Paul Griffin pressures the QB and forces a bad throw that Bradham intercepts and takes the other way for six.
  • 1-yard line: Pressley was stuffed for no TD.
  • 3-yard line: Marcus Sims was stuffed for no TD.
  • 1-yard line: Roosevelt Lawson gets in on Christian Ponder but the QB finds Sims on a pitch for the TD.
  • 3-yard line: Richardson gets into the end zone on a designed run.
  • 1-yard line: Marcus Sims up the middle for a TD.

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Tropical Storm Fay Batters FSU During 20 Period Practice

Smith, Carter and Lampkin named team captains by Coach Bowden at Kick-Off Luncheon. 

Tony Carter Post-Practice – 8.22

Day 14 Photo Gallery 8.22 – Free

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Earlier today the FSU football team ate lunch with well over 1,000 fans at the 57th Annual Kick-Off Luncheon. Later in the day the team was practicing in the middle of torrential rains and high winds as tropical storm Fay continued to make its way through the Florida panhandle. The Seminoles practiced for 20 periods in shells on the turf field in what Head Coach Bobby Bowden called the worst weather conditions for a practice in his memory.


  • Tony Carter (defense), Benjamin Lampkin (special teams) and Antone Smith were named team captains by the coaching staff. Permanent team captains will be elected at the end of the season by the players.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We practiced today in weather and I don’t think we have ever had a practice like this where we went out and worked in that kind of weather.  It usually drives you inside.  But we felt like with no lightning we had better take advantage of it.  As naturally, it was sloppy.  The kids had a hard time catching the ball; had a hard time throwing it but they did well under the circumstances.  Their enthusiasm was good and they had a lot a spirit.  We felt like we were able to save a practice.” 

On the naming of the team captains:

“The captains – Ben Lampkin for special teams, Antone Smith for offense and then Tony Carter for defense – they were selected by the offensive staff, the defensive staff and the special teams staff.  They have done a real good job up to this point and we thought they would be very worthy captains.  They have all done a good job and I `m sure that was a consideration when the coaches picked them,”

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Injuries Start To Become A Factor As Pre-Season Nears An End – (updated 8.21.08 – 1:28pm)

Christian Ponder and Graham Gano are the latest Seminoles to join the pre-season IR.

Seddrick Holloway Post-Practice – 8.21

Darius McClure Post-Practice – 8.21

Day 13 Photo Gallery 8.21 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.21 – Free

Seddrick Holloway Podcast 8.21 – Free

Derek Nicholson Podcast 8.21 – Free


So far the Florida State football team has been pretty lucky this pre-season as far as injuries are concerned. That luck seems to be changing for the worse. FSU Director of Sports Medicine Randy Oravetz announced today through the Sports Information office that linebacker Aaron Gresham and safety Ed Imeokparia will both miss the 2008 football season with torn ACL’s in their right knees. Oravetz also confirmed the projected starting punter/place kicker Graham Gano will have surgery on Friday to repair cartilage and the meniscus in his right knee. Also sophomore QB Christian Ponder did not practice due to shoulder soreness, which is not believed to be serious.



  • Nick Moody intercepted a pass
  • Drew Weatherford completed passes to Greg Carr – one for 10 yards and a touchdown and another for 15 yards
  • D’Vontrey Richardson completed a 10-yard touchdown pass to Caz Piurowski who mad a nice one-handed catch


  • Richardson complete 6 of 11 passes with two touchdowns to Greg Carr
  • Weatherford completed seven of eight passes
  • Everette Brown and Paul Griffin both recorded sacks

2-Minute Drill

  • Weatherford completed one of three passes
  • Korey Mangum recorded a sack
  • Richardson completed three of five passes with two catches by Louis Givens and one by Chase Walker
  • Nick Moody intercepted his second pass of the day to end the practice session

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Pre-Season Continues To Roll On As FSU Practices For 24 Periods – (updated 8.20.08 – 1:58pm)

Weatherford and Parker connect on deep balls and Surrency continues to wow.

Neefy Moffett Post-Practice – 8.20

Richard Goodman Post-Practice – 8.20

Day Twelve Photo Gallery 8.20 – Free

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Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.20 – Free

With just three more days left in pre-season, the Seminole football team completed a 24-period practice in pads Wednesday morning. Thursday will be the third and final two-a-day and after a Friday night practice, the pre-season will end with a closed scrimmage Saturday. Fans can get up close and personal with the Seminole football team this Friday at the 2008 Kick-Off Luncheon.



Oklahoma (3-on-3)


  • Smith had three big runs and Sims had a couple as well. Derek Nicholson had two tackles for loss and Rolle, Stewart and Brown also made stops behind the line. Nigel Carr had a nice stop and Kendall Smith, Stewart and Kevin McNeil all had fumble recoveries. 

Pass Rush



  • The highlight of the drill was Weatherford’s deep TD pass to Carr on a great double move by the senior receiver. Weatherford also had completions to Parker and a couple to Fortson. Richardson connected with Fortson and Piurowski. The only break-up was recorded by Jenije.

7-on-7 Red Zone

  •  Derek Nicholson and Roosevelt Lawson recorded pass break-ups. Weatherford hooked-up on a TD with Parker from the 20 yard line and also had TD strikes to Piurowski and Carr. Richardson had a TD pass to Jones and Louis Givens made a diving TD catch on a Richardson throw.


  • Richardson hit Bert Reed deep and also completed passes to Fortson and Carr. Weatherford and Parker connected on a TD down the seam and also had a deep connection as well. Weatherford’s other two completions went to Surrency. The second Surrency catch finished with the big receiver pushing a DB off of him with one arm. Defensively Darius McClure had a big hit on Sims, Michael Ray Garvin broke up a pass and Brown, Watson and Dawkins all had sacks.

Goal Line

  • The first play was run from the three and a bad pitch out ended that scoring chance. Nicholson took it upon himself to blow up the next play as he met Joe Surratt in the hole and kept the fullback from scoring. Sims finished th practice with TD runs from the three and the one.

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The Second Two-A-Day Of The Pre-Season Is Underway – (updated 8.19.08 – 2:57pm)

Dekoda Watson continues to make plays for the Seminole defense at practice.

Toddrick Verdell Post-Practice – 8.19

Greg Carr Post-Practice – 8.19

Day Eleven Photo Gallery 8.19 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.19 – Free

Mickey Andrews Podcast 8.19 – Free

Rick Trickett Podcast 8.19 – Free


There are only three true two-a-day practices this pre-season and the second one of those got underway Tuesday morning. The Seminole football worked in full pads for 24 periods in cooler than usual temperatures. The defense had another good practice as linebacker Dekoda Watson continued to shine for Mickey Andrews’ group. 


Field Goal

  • Graham Gano and Zach Hobby combined to go 6-for-6 in specialty. Gano hit from 26, 31 and 34 yards while Hobby was good from 36, 25 and 32 yards.


  • After the team worked in position groups and versus scout teams, the receivers, backs and tight ends worked with the QB’s. Following the break, the squad went straight into 3-on-3. Brandon Paul had a couple nice runs as did walk-on receivers Timothy Orange and Louis Givens, who filled in for a depleted group of running backs. Chase Walker had two big blocks and Greg Carr had a nice block as well. Everette Brown, Kendrick Stewart, Emmanuel Dunbar and Budd Thacker all made tackles at the first level. Watson and Nigel Bradham recorded stops at the second level while Jamie Robinson recorded a tackle and Nick Moody had the biggest hit of the drill.


  • Paul had a nice 25-yard run for a touchdown and Pat Davis also broke a nice sized run. Brown had two tackles for loss and Dunbar, Stewart, Kevin McNeil and Everett Dawkins also had tackles behind the line.

Pass Rush

  • Rodney Hudson won two battles and Rhonne Sanderson, Brandon Davis and Antwane Greenlee also won match-ups. For the defense Dawkins and Neefy Moffett had multiple sacks. Brown, Paul Griffin, McNeil, Toshmon Stevens, Markus White, Moses McCray and Thacker also got to the QB.


  • The star of 1-on-1 was walk-on QB Corey Eddinger. The Wakulla product hit Corey Surrency and Jarmon Fortson on deep TD passes and also connected with Easterling, Richardson completed two passes to Owens, Weatherford hit Givens, Ponder found Reed and Wade while E.J. Manuel found Timothy Orange and hooked-up with Walker on a leaping grab.


  • Patrick Robinson broke up a completion as did Korey Mangum on a deep ball. Derek Nicholson almost turned in the biggest play as his break-up just slipped through his hands or it would have been an interception. Drew Weatherford hit Carr, Paul and Rod Owens deep. D’Vontrey Richardson connected with Owens and Marcus Sims while Ponder had two completions to Preston Parker, two to Ja’Baris Little and a short one to Cameron Wade that the redshirt freshman took a long way.


  • Watson had a big drill with a sack and a leaping pass break-up. Tony Carter broke up a pass and Jamie Robinson had a near interception that went down as a PBU. The offensive highlight was a fingertip grab by Owens on a ball heading to the turf over the middle from Weatherford who also connected with Carr. Ponder completed a pass to Owens and Bert Reed who raced through the defense and all the way into the end zone. Paul and Richardson both had nice runs.

11-on-11Red Zone

  • Stewart had a big tackle for loss on a Weatherford rush and Watson, once again made his presence felt, with a QB hurry. Weatherford connected on a TD to Easterling. Ponder completed a pass to Reed who shed tacklers to score a touchdown, he also connected with Bo Reliford for a TD and to Parker who blasted a DB at the goal line to score the TD.

Goal Line

  • The defense kept the offense out of the end zone on the first three tries. Pat Davis was gang tackled from the three on the first attempt. Jamie Robinson made a great play on the second try as he pushed a pass away at the last second right before Seddrick Holloway hauled the Weatherford throw in for a TD. On the third attempt Dunbar stood up Easterling at the goal line. Surratt ended the day with a TD plunge after spinning away from a tackle in the back field.

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FSU Opened Its Final Week Of Pre-Season Practice Monday Morning – (updated 8.18.08 – 1:45pm)

Defense and Dekoda Watson rule the day during the 24-period practice in shells.

D’Vontrey Richardson Post-Practice – 8.18

Rod Owens Post-Practice – 8.18

Day Ten Photo Gallery 8.18 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.18 – Free

Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.18 – Free

With just one week of pre-season practice remaining, the Florida State football team got back to work Monday morning following a day off on Sunday. The squad practiced for 24-periods in shells under cloudy skies and cool temperatures. The Seminole defense ruled the day as Dekoda Watson had two interceptions and the offense was unable to score on either of their 1:0 drill drives.      


  • Head coach Everette Dawkins has moved from defensive end to tackle.
  • Practice got off to a familiar start with specialty, punt block, position group work and scout team.

Team Inside


1-on-1 – Red Zone

  • The drill began with receivers blocking defensive backs and then moved to the red zone. Ponder connected on touchdowns to Easterling, E.J. Manuel with one-hand but was ruled out of the end zone when he came down with the ball. Defensively Patrick Robinson had a pick and Korey Mangum broke up two passes. 


  • 1-on-1 moved back to midfield after the red zone action and all four QBs made some plays. Ponder completed a pass to E.J. Manuel completed passes to Owens and Wade. Michael Ray Garvin had the only break-up for the defense.


  • Ponder had the biggest completion of the drill hitting Surrency deep. He also connected with Greg Carr and Easterling. His best throw wasn’t even a catch though. Ponder dropped a beautiful ball in between two defenders that Easterling went up and made a great play on the ball but the redshirt freshman receiver was unable to get a foot inbounds. Weatherford hooked up with Parker, Little and Wade while Manuel had completions to Carr, Commack and Wade. Richardson hit Easterling and then Fortson turned in a big gainer on a great run after the catch. For the defense Patrick Robinson, Rod Roberts and Roosevelt Lawson all broke up passes.

Pass Rush


  • There were only two plays of note for the offense in a drill dominated by the D. Outside of a Weatherford completion to Owens and Manuel hitting Paul, there was not much offense to talk about. Watson made his presence felt with a nice open field tackle at the line on a screen and a brilliant one-handed interception that came after Thacker collapsed the pocket. Myron Rolle had a TD saving play as he just got his hand on a pass that was headed right for Easterling down the seam that would have gone for six points. The biggest hit was delivered by Darius McClure who lit up Marcus Sims on a screen but Sims held on to the pass despite the jarring hit. Lampkin and Everette Brown combined for a QB pressure on the same play and McNeil and Kendall Smith registered QB hurries as well. Dawkins batted a pass down at the line.

1:00 Drill

  • Both drives in the drill ended with interceptions. Watson picked off his second pass of the day at the goal line and Kenny Ingram recorded a pick off following a deflection as the offense was unable to score. Weatherford got off to a great start in his drive hitting Owens on four straight plays including three first downs on the final three passes. After a first down pass to Carr, Brown had a highlight on a QB hurry. Ponder’s lone completion went to Wade.

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Carr Leads The Way For The Offense With 101 Yards In Scrimmage

Defense records seven sacks, pulls in an INT and only allows one touchdown to the offense.

The first full scrimmage of the pre-season was a typical first scrimmage. There were highlights and lowlights on both sides of the ball and all four of Florida State’s quarterbacks kept the pressure on one another. The only touchdown of the day came on the biggest play of the afternoon as Drew Weatherford connected with Greg Carr on a 61 yard bomb. Carr led the receivers with 101 yards on two catches, Antone Smith was the leader among the backs with 47 yards on the ground and FSU’s three returning QB’s all had over 80 yards passing.        


  • Graham Gano went 4-for-6 and Zach Hobby was 3-for-5 in the early morning kicking scrimmage. Neither connected on a long field goal.



2-v-1 from the -25

1-v-2 from the -25

  • Smith had a 14 yard run followed by an 11 yard catch that he broke with a nice spin move. On 2nd-and-21 Rod Roberts picked off Weatherford but the veteran bounced right back. After Smith broke off a 14 yard gain, Weatherford found Carr down the seam for a 61 yard TD pass.

2-v-1 from the -25

  • D’Vontrey Richardson had a nice completion to spring star Louis Givens. Budd Thacker and Brown combined on a sack and then Tony Carter made a phenomenal play on a screen to Bert Reed shedding a block and tackling Reed behind the line. The play was unfortunately wiped out by a personal foul on the other side of the field.

1-v-2 from the -25

  • Ponder picked up 15 yards on a screen to Rod Owens, Ochuko Jenije had one of his two pass break-ups, Marcus White leaped up to bat a ball down at the line and then Jamie Robinson broke up a potential completion on a deep out.

3-v-3 from the -25

  • E.J. Manuel dumped off a screen that Marcus Sims took for a 19 yard gain that was ended on a big hit by Nick Moody. Manuel then had another nice gainer on a completion to Corey Surrency for 37 yards. Moody made his presence felt on the next play making a solid open field tackle on Reed after a screen pass.

2-v-1 from the -40

  • Everette Brown collapsed the pocket and forced the QB into Kendall Smith who got the QB hurry. Reed had a highlight reel play as he zig-zagged across the field going sideline to sideline in picking up 12 yards and a first down. Carlton Jones picked up a short yardage first down.

1-v-2 from the -40

  • Richardson had a big pass play to Carr for 40 yards and Smith had a nice run for seven more. Vince Williams recovered a fumble on a bad snap. On 2nd-and-12 Smith busted an 11 yard run but Williams ended the set with a sack after the pocket collapsed.

2-v-1 1:00 drill

  • Avis Commack came inches away from a big-time play as Richardson hit him for 31 yards but as the wideout spun out he just slipped to the ground or he would have broken the tackle and taken it in for six. Neefy Moffett recorded a sack but a Richardson completion to Givens with :3.3 on the clock put the ball down at the 11. Richardson went to Surrency in the endzone but could not complete the pass.

1-v-2 1:00 drill

  • Fortson hauled in a 31 yard strike from Ponder. Then Smith got 11 more yards on a Ponder pass which was followed by a 15 yard completion to Rod Owens. The defense bucked up after that. Lampkin recorded a sack and then Kevin McNeil had a big hit on Smith. On 4th-and-16 with :23 remaining Moody almost picked off a pass in the back of the endzone.

2-v-1 situational (3rd Downs)

  • Jones should a lot of toughness on his carry but was held to no gain. Ponder then found Holloway for a first and the bruising fullback busted a tackle and ended up taking the pass for 37 yards. Richardson hit Surrency for a first but Tony Carter then broke up a deep ball meant for the 6’5″ receiver. Givens picked up a first down on a bubble screen.

1-v-2 situational (3rd Downs)

  • Smith got stuffed on his first attempt but broke his next carry for a 40 yard gain. Weatherford connected with Carr for 18 yards before White recorded his first sack as a Seminole. Ponder entered the game and picked up 20 on a screen to Fortson and then 20 more on a pass to Carr.

3-v-3 situational (3rd Downs)

  • Manuel completed a couple passes to Reed but a snap way over Manuel’s head resulted in Williams getting a big sack as Manuel tried to make a play after picking up the loose ball.

2-v-1 Red Zone

  • 20 yd line: Ponder dropped in a beautiful ball over the defender to Ja’Baris Little for 10 yards. 15 yd line: Incompletion. 10 yd line: Ponder hits Surrency in the back of the end zone where the junior receiver tip toes along the back line for a TD. 5 yd line: Reed touchdown run.

1-v-2 Red Zone

  • 20 yd line: Incompletion. 15 yd line: Weatherford to Owens for four yards. 10 yd line: Incompletion. 5 yd line: Double reverse to Reed for no gain.

Goal line

  • 3rd-and-3: Weatherford TD run.
  • 3rd-and-3: Sims takes a pitch from Ponder but fumbles the ball out of the side of the end zone just as he is going in for six.
  • 4th-and-1: Surratt up the middle for a TD.
  • 3rd-and-3: Sims TD run up the middle.
  • 4th-and-1: Sims over the top of the defense for a TD.
  • 3rd-and-3: Richardson bootleg for a TD.
  • 4th-and-1: Fumbled exchange.

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Pre-Season Continues With 24 Periods In Full Pads On The Turf Field – (updated  8.15.08 – 2:31pm)

FSU continues practice one day before the first scrimmage of the pre-season.

Day Eight Photo Gallery 8.15 – Free

Mickey Andrews Podcast 8.15 – Free

Jody Allen Podcast 8.15 – Free

Christian Ponder Podcast 8.15 – Free

Graham Gano Podcast 8.15 – Free

For the first time this pre-season the Seminole football team practiced in full pads with the full effect of a Florida summer beating down on them. The squad went 24 periods in full pads under scorching hot and humid conditions. This was the final practice before the first scrimmage of the 2008 pre-season Saturday evening. That scrimmage will be closed to the public.     


  • Graham Gano and Zach Hobby had both been excelling this pre-season. Gano entered Friday’s practice 14-of-15 and Hobby was 10-of-12. Neither averaged nearly that well in the kicking portion of practice on Friday missing on a more kicks than they made.
  • Tony Carter and A.J. Alexander returned punts during the punt block portion of practice. There was one blocked kick during the drill and two extremely impressive punts by Gano.
  • After position work and scout team drills, the squad moved into Dallas (backs versus linebackers and safeties). Jamie Robinson picked off a pass during that drill.
  • The receivers and DBs broke off for 1-on-1 while the rest of the team stayed in inside. In 1-on-1 Garvin once again recorded the only pass break up. Weatherford had a completion to E.J. Manuel completed passes to Taiwan Easterling, Parker and a deep touchdown pass to Fortson.
  • The defense performed very well in 7-on-7. Patrick Robinson, Ochuko Jenije, Mister Alexander and Korey Mangum all had pass break-ups. Toddrick Verdell had two huge hits. Richardson had completions to Seddrick Holloway and Bert Reed. Richardson hit Parker twice and Easterling deep. Weatherford completed two passes to Commack, one of which was a deep TD. The senior QB also went deep to Reed and got a lot of yards on a great run after the catch by Reed as well.
  • The trend continued for the defense in 11-on-11 as Mickey Andrew’s squad made big play after big play. Patrick Robinson had a pass break-up. Toshmon Stevens had a QB pressure that led to a Markus White bat down at the line. Alexander also had a QB pressure as did Lampkin. Brown had a sack and Rod Roberts had a big hit on Smith.
  • For the offense in 11-on-11 Weatherford completed passes to Ja’Baris Little and Owens. Richardson completed passes to Surrency, Brandon Paul and Commack.
  • In short yardage the offense went 3-for-4 on 3rd and 1 tries. The first play was a TD as Ponder hit Little on a rollout. Smith went up the middle for three yards on the second try, Marcus Sims dragged Recardo Wright for a first down on the third play and then Sims busted a seven-yard run up the middle.
  • The offense did just as well in goal line scoring on three of four tries. Ponder hit Joe Surratt for a TD from the three. Surratt then plowed in from the one. Korey Mangum broke up the next play as he busted into the backfield and forced Richardson into a waiting Wright. The offense finished with six as Richardson connected with Fortson in the end zone.

To read the entire report click here.


First Two-A-Day Opens With 24-Period Practice On The Band Field

Seminoles will practice on the turf for the third straight practice Thursday evening.

Drew Weatherford Post-Practice (8.14)

Marcus Sims Post-Practice (8.14)

Day Seven Photo Gallery 8.14 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.14 – Free

Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.14 – Free

Kevin McNeil Podcast 8.14 – Free


The first two-a-day practice of the 2008 pre-season came to an end this evening on the band field with the Seminoles going through 18 periods in shells. The two-hour practice was a little lighter with just a short dose of inside drills and less hitting but there was still plenty going on.



·      Practice started with special teams and position groups. After that, both the offense and defense worked versus scout teams.

·         Team inside was short but that didn’t stop Antone Smith from busting a TD run. The senior tailback got around the edge and took it to the house. The biggest defensive play was turned in by Recardo Wright who had a huge hit in the hole.

·         While the lines worked on pass rush, the rest of the team was running 7-on-7. Drew Weatherford completed an underneath route to Smith and Toddrick Verdell closed in to lay a big hit but it was Verdell who lost his helmet in the collision. Roosevelt Lawson had a nice play on a pass down the middle that looked destined for a big play.

·         When 7-on-7 moved into the red zone Verdell started things up with a PBU at the goal line and that was as close as the offense was able to get to getting six points.

·         11-on-11 got off to a poor start with an offsides call on the offense but on the next play Christian Ponder hit Jarmon Fortson for an eight yard gain. After a Smith run, Ponder overthrew Rod Owens in the corner of the endzone. Everette Brown and Neefy Moffett combined on a sack on the next play ending the first series.

·         On the second series Weatherford began with a long scramble and then hit Bert Reed for a TD on a rollout. The offense started back near the 30 and Carlton Jones had a nifty run for short yardage but showing some good moves in the process. Weatherford moved the offense to a near six points on a completion to Cameron Wade before he was replaced by D’Vontrey Richardson.

·         Richardson began with a designed run and then hit Greg Carr down inside the 10 yard line. On the next play Verdell got a measure of revenge on Smith as he timed up his hit perfectly to light up Smith just as the ball arrived. The period ended on a Smith run.

·         With Weatherford back under center Jones got his number called on the first play for a short gain followed by a completion over the middle to Reed. Weatherford went for six on the next play but Ochuko Jenije had great coverage on Corey Surrency not allowing the big wideout to get inside him at the goal line.

·         Ponder led the offense back out starting at the opponent 45. The first play almost resulted in a TD, for the defense. A poorly run pattern almost resulted in a gift TD for Tony Carter on an out pattern. On the next play the offense was called for holding on an incomplete pass. On third down Emmanuel Dunbar got to Ponder and forced a throw away. On the final play of the drive Ponder completed a long strike to Rod Owens.

·         Weatherford started his series with a long scramble after the pocket collapsed and he was unable to locate an open receiver. Jones followed with a nice long run to the outside before Weatherford found Timothy orange on a deep out. Weatherford completed a nice long ball over the middle to Caz Piurowski but a jarring hit by Nick Moody dislodged the ball for either an incompletion or fumble.

·         Richardson opened his series with back-to-back incompletions. Dunbar came up with another play forcing Richardson out of the pocket and the series ended with a third incomplete pass.

·         Practice ended with the 1:00 drill and the defense capped of the practice on a familiar note. Kevin McNeil started things off with a sack and then Brown crashed the pocket and forced an incompletion but the D was flagged for pass interference. There was a holding on the offense on the next play and then Derek Nicholson dropped deep into coverage and broke up a pass. Moffett once again got pressure from the front four on the next play but Weatherford was able to find Surrency for a 12-yard gain. On fourth down Moffett got a QB pressure on an incomplete pass that completed the final practice of the day.

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More Rain Forces FSU Football On To The Band Field For Practice – (updated  8.13.08 – 8:00pm)

Corey Surrency continues to shine for the offense as FSU nears its first two-a-day.

Preston Parker Post-Practice (8.13)

Day Six Photo Gallery 8.13 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.13 – Free

Rick Trickett Podcast 8.13 – Free

Richard Goodman Podcast 8.13 – Free

Kenny Ingram Podcast 8.13 – Free

Last pre-season lightning was the recurring theme for the Florida State football team. This year it is torrential downpours. On Wednesday the rains came once again but that did not stop the Seminole football team. The squad practiced for 24 periods in shells on the band/turf field. On Tuesday it was periods 13-24 that were run under water but on Wednesday it was just the opposite as 1-12 were soaking wet.



  • Rodney Gallon confirmed today that he is no longer a part of the Seminole football team. He told the FSU Sports Information office that he will be enrolled in school this fall and is excited to complete the final nine hours towards his degree. Football is just not part of his future right now but completing his college degree is a priority. 
  • Terrance Parks suffered a right knee contusion at the end of the session as well. 


  • After working on field goal and punt block, the squad split up into position groups. The units then worked versus scout teams.
  • For the first time this season the team worked on board drills for a period.
  • Inside started off with the full team at first. Both Brandon Paul and Antone Smith had nice runs.
  • After the receivers and DB’s broke off for 1-on-1’s inside continued and Paul and Smith had more highlights as both turned in long gains. Quarterback Drew Weatherford had completions to Caz Piurowski and Ja’Baris Little.
  • 1-on-1 was run in the red zone and E.J. Manuel and one from Weatherford. Weatherford also had TD passes to Bert Reed, Avis Commack, Jarmon Fortson, Rod Owens and Chase Walker. Manuel not only had the three TDs to Surrency but he also completed touchdown passes to Owens and Fortson. Ponder, who was working mostly with the inside group, came over and completed a touchdown to Commack.
  • For the defense in 1-on-1 Ochuko Jenije led the charge breaking up three passes. Terrance Parks broke up two passes each and Carter had a PBU as well.
  • Skeleton was run close to the goal line as well. Ponder completed TD passes to Greg Carr and Smith. He also had completions to Owens and Richard Goodman. D’Vontrey Richardson hit Taiwan Easterling for a TD and Carr as well. It looked as if Richardson and Surrency also put up six points but the refs flagged Surrency for illegal use of the hands. Weatherford had a TD pass to Carr and completions to Reed and Little.
  • The defensive highlight was turned in by Jamie Robinson who reeled in a one-handed interception.
  • 11-on-11 opened with an Owens TD run and Smith also scored from 15-yards out. Weatherford connected with Carr for six and also hit Reed. The biggest play came on a Weatherford pass that was squeezed between two defenders and deflected but Bo Reliford kept his concentration and hauled in the touchdown pass. Manuel had a TD to Seddrick Holloway and Richardson connected with Marcus Sims.
  • For the defense in 11-on-11 Jenije had a pass break up, Emmanuel Dunbar had a tackle behind the line, Derek Nicholson got a sack on a bad exchange and Aaron Gresham had a big hit on Ty Jones.
  • Practice ended with goal line and opened up with another Owens touchdown from the three. The ball was then moved back to the seven where there was a defensive penalty. On the next play from the five, Benjamin Lampkin shut down Ponder after a two-yard gain. The offense looked like it got back into the endzone from the four-yard line when Ponder hit Surrency but the refs ruled Surrency came down out of the endzone. Practice finished with a three-yard TD run from Jermaine Thomas.

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Torrential Rain Storm Overshadows First Full Pad Practice

Wet conditions make it hard for the offense but both sides turn in some big plays.

Budd Thacker Post-Practice (8.12)

Caz Piurowski Post-Practice (8.12)

Rodney Hudson Post-Practice (8.12)

Day Five Photo Gallery 8.12 – Free

Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.12 – Free

Mickey Andrews Podcast 8.12 – Free

Myron Rolle Podcast 8.12 – Free

The move to early morning practices was supposed to help the Seminoles avoid cancellations due to inclement weather. It sort of worked. The FSU football team was not forced inside due to lightning Tuesday morning but they did go through 12 periods of a heavy downpour that caused the offense all sorts of problems when it came to handling the football. The first 12 periods of the 24 period practice was held under ominous skies before the heavens opened up. The weather became more of a story than the first full pad practice of the pre-season.


  • New football equipment manager Darin Kerns didn’t waste anytime putting his own stamp on the program. The veteran of the Tampa Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs believes FSU has the best helmet in college football (as do many of the nation’s fans according the ESPN.com’s `Helmet Clash’ contest). When he came to Tallahassee and saw the team’s practice helmet without a spear on the side he decided to immediately rectify that matter and the spear is now on FSU’s practice helmets.


  • The team worked on both kick and punt returns on Tuesday. Patrick Robinson, Preston Parker, Brandon Paul and Michael Ray Garvin returned kicks while Tony Carter, Bert Reed and A.J Alexander returned punts.
  • After some work in position groups, the QB’s worked with the tight ends and then the receivers. Both units also worked versus scout teams. For the first time this pre-season the offense ran some goal line versus the scout team.
  • In period 13 the skies opened up right as the team moved to the first set of 3-on-3’s of the pre-season. The blocking drill was highlighted by Corey Surrency’s crushing block on Ochuko Jenije that ended up with the junior receiver being swarmed by teammates and his position coach Lawrence Dawsey. Budd Thacker had a nice stop at the first level. Dekoda Watson made two stops, Kendall Smith and Aaron Gresham also had tackles. Recardo Wright had a big hit that dislodged a slippery football and Korey Mangum had a stop at the third level. Paul, Pat Davis and Carlton Jones all turned in some nice runs making it through the gauntlet.
  • Team inside featured the receivers for one period as Drew Weatherford connected with Taiwan Easterling, something you usually don’t see during inside drills. Weatherford ran for a TD and Antone Smith had a nice run as well. Emmanuel Dunbar turned in a tackle for loss as did Everette Brown. Toshmon Stevens had a big hit behind the line but it was back-to-back plays that highlighted the drill. It started with Carlton Jones firing up the offense with a tough run but just as the offense stopped hollering the defense went wild when Nigel Bradham hammered Jones in the hole on the next play for the biggest hit of the practice.
  • In 1-on-1 footing was a big problem with a downpour soaking the field. The weather helped Jenije come up with an interception as a receiver slipped and he benefited with a pick-off. E.J. Manuel benefited from some great routes. Easterling absolutely froze his DB on a stop-and-go route and Manuel hit him in stride for a TD then Parker made a spectacular catch in the end zone with A.J. Alexander draped all over him.
  • While the lines worked in pass rush, the rest of the team was in skel. The defense once again looked good in the poor conditions. Carter and Terrance Parks broke up passes as did Myron Rolle whose PBU turned into a pick for Dekoda Watson. Ponder was able to find Ja’Baris Little and Weatherford hit Parker twice, Smith once and Easterling on a short route that the sophomore turned into a substantial gain.
  • In 11-on-11 there was a ton of fumbles and dropped balls. Budd Thacker and Paul Griffin both recovered fumbles on bad exchanges and Carter had a pass break up for the defense. Despite the weather Ponder was able to complete a pass to Parker and Weatherford found Richard Goodman and Little. Jermaine Thomas had a nice run in the drill. The biggest offensive play was probably turned in by Smith and it didn’t even come on a run. The senior tailback did a great job in picking up a charging defender with a key block.
  • For the first time this pre-season the team worked in goal line situations. On the first play Jones ran for a TD. Ponder scored the second TD on a run but the third attempt was ruined by a botched exchange. Marcus Sims finished the practice with a TD run of his own.

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More Hiting And Cool Temperatures Highlight Monday’s Practice – (updated 8.11.08 – 3:44pm)

Seminoles will get back to work as pre-season practice continues Tuesday morning.

Antone Smith Post-Practice (8.11)

Michael Ray Garvin Post-Practice (8.11)

Jamie Robinson Post-Practice (8.11)

Day Four Photo Gallery 8.11 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.11 – Free

Jimbo Fisher Podcast 8.11 – Free

Will Furlong Podcast 8.11 – Free

It’s supposed to be the dog days of summer but with temperatures in the low 80’s and a cool breeze blowing, the Seminole football team practiced for 24 periods Monday. The squad wore shoulder pads and game helmets as the equipment staff used the practice to let the players get a feel for their 2008 head gear.


  • Myron Rolle rolled his ankle in practice but is expected to fully participate on Tuesday. 


  • Practice was a little different on Monday. After breaking into position groups, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher put his unit through conditioning before the start of drills. Fisher preached the importance of teamwork and work ethic as the entire offense ran together.
  • After some scout team work, there were a couple variations on standard drills. Inside, which is usually a run drill, featured passes to backs and tight ends. While that was going on 1-on-1 featured receivers and DB’s blocking downfield.
  • After a break 1-on-1 and inside returned in a more traditional format. The offense was particularly excited for inside and it showed with big runs by Marcus Sims, Antone Smith and Drew Weatherford. Emmanuel Dunbar had the nicest play for the defense stuffing a run right at the point of attack.
  • In 1-on-1, Weatherford connected with Greg Carr and Preston Parker in addition to a deep completion to Corey Surrency. D’Vontrey Richardson hit on a couple passes to Bert Reed and also found Avis Commack, Jarmon Fortson, Preston Parker and Richard Goodman, who caught a bomb from the redshirt sophomore.
  • There were a lot of positives from the defense as well in 1-on-1. Ochuko Jenije and Terrance Parks also broke up passes. Patrick Robinson had the highlight as he thwarted a deep ball intended for Carr.
  • Pass rush was pretty even on Monday. Everette Dawkins and Neefy Moffett also reached the QB. Rodney Hudson once again led the way for the offensive line. The sophomore had three wins. Ryan McMahon, Will Furlong, Zebrie Sanders, Rhonne Sanderson, Brandon Davis and A.J. Ganguzza all won a couple battles.
  • In skeleton Parker had the highlight catch of the drill with a leaping grab on the sideline from Ponder. Ponder also connected a couple more times with Parker on top of connections with Carr and E.J. Manuel connected with Owens as well. For the DB’s Jamie Robinson broke up a pass and Mangum did the same on a deep ball.
  • The defense had a good drill in 11-on-11. Budd Thacker had a sack, Brown had a QB hurry and Michael Ray Garvin picked off another ball for the third time in four practices. Dekoda Watson turned in a big play as well tagging Richardson down way in the backfield on a designed run. Carlton Jones and Antone Smith had big runs while Weatherford hit Surrency deep and Ponder connected with Parker.

To read the entire report click here.

FSU Football Puts On Shoulder Pads And Practices For 24 Periods  – (updated 8.9.08 – 2:20pm)

Spirited practice comes to a close with the units squaring off in 11-on-11 drills.

Bert Reed Post-Practice (8.9) – Free

Bobby Bowden Post-Practice (8.9) – Free

  Day Three Photo Gallery 8.9 – Free

Bobby Bowden Podcast 8.9 – Free

  Derek Nicholson Podcast 8.9 – Free

With late afternoon weather always a concern and summer school now over, the Florida State football team will be practicing mostly in the morning. On Saturday the team hit the field for a 24-period practice in uppers. Despite a cool breeze and lower temperatures, heat was still a factor as newcomers and veterans both felt the affect. Sunday will be an off day from practice but there will still be a lot to do as the Seminoles will spend the morning meeting with the media and then head to fan day beginning at 1:00 p.m.



  • Christian Ponder and Myron Rolle not only received their degrees on Saturday they both earned their undergrad diplomas in 2 ½ years. On top of that, the Seminole duo led the commencement crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance and the signing of our National Anthem. 


To read the entire report click here.


Seminoles Hit The Field For First Outdoor Practice Of The Season – (updated 8.8.08 – 10:50pm)

Weather cooperates Friday as FSU football is able to practice for 20 periods.

Christian Ponder Post-Practice (8.8) – Free

Bowden Post-Practice (8.8) – Free

Day Two Photo Gallery (8.8)

Bobby Bowden Post-Practice Podcast (8.8) – Free

Rick Trickett Podcast  (8.8)- Free

Drew Weatherford Podcast (8.8) – Free

After spending the first day of practice on a basketball court of all places, the FSU football team was able to get outside Friday and practice for a full 20 periods. Although it was just a shorts practice, it was described as “very good” and “high-energy” by offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher. The Seminoles will work out in shoulder pads for the first time this pre-season on Saturday and then take Sunday off from practice for media and fan day.


To read the entire report click here.


For the first time ever the Seminoles practiced inside the Basketball Training Center.

Fisher Post-Practice (Part 1) – Free

Fisher Post-Practice (Part 2) – Free

Everette Brown Post-Practice Interview – Free

Day One Photo Gallery

  Jimbo Fisher Post-Practice Podcast – Free

  Ryan McMahon Podcast – Free

The 2008 football season got off to a bit of an inauspicious start on Thursday as the team was moved indoors due to lightning.  The weather caused the football coaches to do some creative last-minute planning as the team practiced inside the Florida State Basketball Training Center for the first time in school history.  The defense got a head start indoors before the two units spent a few periods working together on the two basketball courts.  After the two units split up, the defense went into meetings for the rest of the evening.  FSU will try to hold its first outdoor practice once again tomorrow evening. 

Football News

  • Offensive tackle Joe Tonga was added to the 2008 signing class and was practicing with his new teammates tonight.

  • This year’s team motto is “Carpe Diem”, which is Latin for “Seize The Day”.

To read the entire report click here.


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