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Doak Campbell Stadium Sod For Sale

If you would like to own a piece of sod from the very playing surface that many Seminole greats have played over the years, you will soon have your chance. At the conclusion of Spring Practice on Tuesday, the grass on Bobby Bowden Field inside Doak Campbell Stadium will be removed to make room for new grass.

Sections of each end zone will be cut and made available to Seminoles fans for only $20. The only method of payment for the sod will be cash. To purchase your piece of history, visit Gate C at Doak Campbell Stadium on Tuesday, April 7th from 1pm to 5pm and on Wednesday, April 8th from 9am to 5pm.

Sod will be available while supplies last. For more information, call (850) 644-2550.

With Spring Practice Nearing An End, FSU Gets In One Last Early Session

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(Tuesday – April 7th)

The Florida State football team was back out at practice just over 12 hours after Monday’s half scrimmage ended. The squad practiced for 22 periods in shells in frigid temperatures. The Seminoles are scheduled to practice Wednesday for the final time this spring.



  • 11-on-11 was situational at first. Christian Ponder connected with Bo Reliford, Richard Goodman and Jarmon Fortson. Corey Eddinger found Avis Commack and Marcus Sims out of the backfield. Patrick Robinson broke up a pass for the defense and Brandon Jenkins had a sack.
  • In red zone Ponder connected with Louis Givens and Fortson for TDs. He also completed passes to Avis Commack and Ty Jones. Ponder had two nice runs including a scramble for a TD. Sims also took one in for six. Nigel Carr and Jenkins both recorded sacks and Dionte Allen had a PBU.
  • Practice concluded with 4:00 offense. Ponder went deep to Goodman but then the defense took over with Moses McCray forcing a fumble, Kendall Smith breaking up a pass and then back-to-back sacks with one coming from Toshmon Stevens. That left the offense in 4th-and-forever with less than :20 on the clock. That didn’t stop Ponder who put up a desperation heave that Fortson brought in between two defenders for a first down allowing the offense to at least get off a long field goal attempt.
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Back To Work. Seminole Football Team Scrimmages As Final Week Begins

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(Monday – April 6th)

The Garnet & Gold Game usually is a celebration of the end of spring football but not in Tallahassee this year. Originally the team was scheduled to have two practices following the annual scrimmage but rain forced a third practice in this final week. The Seminole players won’t have to wait long to celebrate the end of this portion of the off-season as they will practice Tuesday and then conclude organized practices on Wednesday.




From the 35

  •  The one’s moved the ball well on their first series. Jermaine Thomas picked up almost 50 yards on just two carries but on 3rd-and-9 Kevin McNeil crashed the pocket forcing Christian Ponder to run and come up short of the first. As the ball moved back to the -35 Ponder hit Jarmon Fortson deep but the play was wiped out by offensive holding. The one’s series ended on a positive though as Ponder hit Richard Goodman to convert a 1st-and-20.
  • The second team offense had some success as well. A.J. Alexander started off with a pass break-up on a ball intended for Avis Commack but Ty Jones picked the offense up with a first down on a 12-yard run as he bounced the play to the outside. Dionte Allen got Thomas in the backfield on the next snap before Corey Eddinger connected with Corey Surrency for 10 yards. On 3rd-and-2 Marcus Sims busted an 11-yard run. The defense held up the next two snaps but on 3rd-and-8 Commack hauled in a 15 yarder from Eddinger for a first.

From the 50

  • Things started out well for the defense with a Kevin McNeil sack on 1st-and-20. On 2nd-and-27 Thomas picked up the first with a 28-yard run. Ponder and Fortson connected for 18 and then Ponder was forced out of the pocket but found Bert Reed on the run for a 21-yard TD.
  • The two’s spent most of their time during this drill going backwards. Craig Yarborough had a sack for a 10-yard loss and then there was another loss, this one for four-yards, on a tackle in the backfield. On 3rd-and-24 there was a fumbled exchange and Alexander recovered the fumble. The defense forced a three-and-out and then Alexander broke up a deep ball to Josh Gehres on the final play.

From the 20

  • The first team offense dug themselves a big hole after moving the ball down inside the 10. Thomas ran it to the one-yard line but a holding, a sack by McNeil, a false start and another hold that wipe out a big Ponder run, put the one’s in a 2nd-and-goal from the 41-yard line. Ponder salvaged the drive with a 19-yard pass to Thomas and then another Thomas run for six yards. That allowed James Esco to convert a 34-yard field goal.
  • The two’s made it look easy during their shot inside the 20. Eddinger hit Bo Reliford for 15 yards. Yarborough momentarily held the offense out of the endzone when he stopped Jones a yard behind the line. Jones did pick that yard back up on the next play and on 3rd-and-goal from the six Eddinger hit Commack on a slant for the touchdown.


  • The first team offense looked like an entirely different group starting from the -30 with 1:30 on the clock. On the first play Everett Dawkins pressured Ponder but the junior was still able to find Reed for a gain of 43. He then hit Goodman for nine yards and then again for a TD.
  • Eddinger got the two’s in the endzone again but it didn’t look good at first. After a six-yard completion to Cameron Wade, a Yarborough sack was wiped out by an offsides call and the offense eventually was looking at a 4th-and-4 from the -47. Eddinger found Wade down the sideline and the big wideout made the defender miss scoring a 53-yard TD.


  • The last series of the scrimmage saw the one’s start at midfield with :15 on the clock. A Dawkins QB pressure, Kendall Smith pass break-up and incomplete Hail Mary left the defense with a victory in the final drill.



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Seminoles Take It Easy The Day Before The Garnet And Gold Game


(Friday – April 3rd, 2009)

Florida State practiced for 20 periods in shorts on the eve of the annual scrimmage. With the annual spring game just 24 hours away, the Seminole coaches decided to have a light practice on Friday. The team practiced for 20 periods in shorts and helmets as they worked mainly on situations. This year’s Garnet and Gold Game will not signal the end of spring practice as the squad will have three more chances to work out next



  • In pass skel Terrance Parks, Dionte Allen and Chad Colley all broke up passes. Ponder took all the reps under center and connected with a whole array of receivers. The only player to catch multiple passes in the drill was Bert Reed.
  • 11-on-11 was situational starting out working on first downs. Ponder connected three times with Louis Givens, twice with Jarmon Fortson and deep to Rod Owens. He also hit Reed and Gehres, who made a diving catch. For the defense Kevin McNeil had a pressure, Craig Yarborough had a sack and Justin Mincey had a pressure as well.
  • 11-on-11 was run out of all third downs in the next series. Ponder started off running for a first down and he then threw to Jermaine Thomas for a 27 yard gain. Mincey followed with a sack then Owens picked up a first with a nice run after the catch. Bo Reliford pulled in a first down pass from Ponder but Fortson was just short of the sticks on the next play. Ponder and Ty Jones hooked up for a first despite a pressure from Brandon Jenkins. Everett Dawkins forced Ponder to scramble on the next play but the QB was able to get out for a first. The defense closed the drill strongly. Toshmon Stevens had a sack, Dawkins pressured Ponder into a throw that Korey Mangum broke up, then Moses McCray had a sack and Yarborough pressured Ponder into another sack by McCray.
  • Practice ended up in tight zone where the offense did not get into the endzone on six tries. The most success the offense had was on the first play from the ten where Ponder hit Fortson for nine to the one. There was an incompletion from the eight and then Mangum broke up a pass in the endzone from the six. The second team defense closed the drill on a high note. Maurice Harris sacked Ponder on the first play then Mincey had back-to-back sacks from the eight and the six.


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Weather Lets Up Allowing FSU To Practice And Scrimmage Wednesday


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(Wednesday – April 1st, 2009)

Wednesday’s football practice looked like it had little chance of happening earlier in the day but at the last minute the weather cleared up briefly enough to allow the FSU football team to get in a practice and a half scrimmage. The rain did fall a little during the practice but the big story was the continued big plays turned in by the Seminole offense and Brandon Jenkins continuing to be a big bright spot for Mickey Andrews’ defense.



  • The offense got off to a quick start in the shadow of their goal line. The first play went for nine yards as Christian Ponder connected with Jarmon FortsonJermaine Thomasthen once again turned in a big run as he went 80+ yards.
  • The second team offense wasn’t quite as successful but the group had a good couple plays as well. Corey Eddinger went to Avis Commack for five yards and then Ty Jones broke multiple tackles to pick up 11 more.


  • Kevin McNeil began the set with a four-yard sack. Ponder hit Louis Givens for a short gain and then Ponder had a long run after being forced to scramble when McNeil chased him out of the pocket. After re-setting the ball Korey Mangumhad a tackle for loss on a pitch followed by an incomplete pass. The offense turned in another big play on the next snap though as Ponder went to Rod Owens for a 71-yard TD as the receiver leaped over the DB to pull in the pass.
  • The second team defense got a three-and-out in their first crack from the 35. Eddinger picked up 15 yards to Josh Gehres but Mister Alexander had a TFL on a bad pitch but the offense moved the chains on a defensive penalty on the play.


  • Ponder flared a pass out to Thomas for 12 yards and then the ones picked up another first on a Ponder pass to Bert Reed who fumbled the ball and Moses McCray fell on it. On third-and-six Ponder found Owens for seven yards and a first down.
  • Eddinger began the set with the twos by hitting Cameron Wade for 13 yards. The D turned in back-to-back big plays next. They recovered another fumble and thenDionte Allen picked off a pass and ran it back all the way inside the 10. Eddinger ended the set with a 15 yard pass to Fortson and then Seddrick Holloway ran for seven yards.


  • Nigel Carr brought down Ponder behind the line on a broken play that turned into a run and then Markus White got in Ponder’s face and forced a quick throw that almost resulted in an interception. On 3rd-and-6 from the 26 Ponder got the ones back into the endzone when he hit Louis Givens in the front of the endzone for six. On the next play the ball was put back on the 20 and Marcus Sims went 20 yards up the middle for another TD.
  • The two’s weren’t nearly as successful as their drive ended after three plays whenBrandon Jenkins recorded yet another sack.


  • The defense did not allow the offense to get in from the 12 as they sent the ones out in three plays after they started with an eight yard completion from Ponder to Thomas. Thomas was stuck by Maurice Harris and then Jamie Robinson tackled Reed for no gain.
  • Jenkins dominated the twos on the next set with a sack and a tipped ball on a screen as the twos went three-and-out as well.


  • Kendall Smith tackled Marcus Sims behind the line from the three and then Ponder found Caz Piurowski for a TD from the one.
  • The twos went 1-for-2 as well. A bad exchange ended the first try from the three and then Sims pounded it in from the one on a pitch.


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Offense Starts Strong But Defense Rebounds In Second Part Of Scrimmage

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(Monday – March 30th, 2009)

There was no rest for the Seminole football team as far as scrimmages are concerned. After a long scrimmage on Saturday, the players were back out in full pads on Monday. The team spent 12 periods on the practice fields and then another 12 inside Doak Campbell Stadium as the team participated in a half scrimmage. Most of the scrimmage was spent working on situational play.



  • On the first play (3rd-and-2) Markus White got into the backfield butJermaine Thomas was able to break a long run to the outside.Christian Ponder ran for a first on the next play on 3rd-and-2 and then Ty Jones ran for three and another first in the same situation. Jones picked up another first on a third-and-short despite Nigel Carr bursting into the backfield. The play was called off due to a penalty.


  • White started the drill crashing the pocket just as Ponder got the ball off to Bert Reed for a short gain. Thomas busted along gain but the play was called back due to offensive holding. Ponder and Reed hooked up for a short gain again but this time Reed made a defender miss and turned it into a 64-yard TD reception.
  • Ponder, who worked the entire half scrimmage, opened the set with the two’s by connecting with Rod Owens twice. Louis Givens then took in another short swing pass and went 64 yards for a TD but another offensive holding penalty wiped out the play. Ponder put up his own big gain as he ran for over 50 yards on a designed run. On the next play Thomas went 64 yards for a TD of his own. The defense was on its heels after for the third consecutive play the offense had a big gain with Ty Jones running for nearly 25 yards.


  • The defense started to crank it up on the next series as the first team recorded a sack.
  • The two’s had a QB pressure from John Johnson followed by a motion penalty. Ponder completed two short passes between a false start penalty.


  • The first team defense started the series with Everett Dawkins andKevin McNeil chasing Ponder who was able to get the ball off to Thomas on a swing pass. Ponder avoided another sack by Justin Mincey this time to hit Reed but the play was short of the first. Mincey got his sack of Ponder on the next play.
  • The two’s came on the field and the Brandon Jenkins show got under way. On the first play the early enrollee chased Ponder out of the pocket causing the QB to throw a pass that Nigel Carrwas able to break on and knock down. Jenkins followed that play with the first of his four sacks. Ponder used his feet for a big gain when Johnson forced him out of the pocket.


  • Ponder connected with Jarmon Fortson for a big gain despite being pressured by Dawkins. Nigel Bradham read the next play perfectly and wrapped up Jones on a screen pass for a minimal gain. The highlight of this series was a deep jump ball that Rod Owens came down with between three defenders on a 3rd-and-10.
  • The Jenkins show continued on the next series for the two’s. He and McCray chased Ponder out of the pocket and then the next play Jenkins took Ponder down. The final play of the series was a deep ball to Corey Surrency that Dionte Allen broke up.


  • The one’s didn’t get much done as Kevin McNeil forced an incomplete pass followed by back-to-back sacks by Carr and McNeil.
  • The two’s didn’t get into the end zone either. Ponder threw to Reed in the end zone but that pass was incomplete. Ponder completed a short swing pass to Owens as Maurice Harris pressured the passer and then Ponder could not connect with Surrency in the end zone from the 16.


  • McNeil began things with another sack and then Ponder’s pass to Fortson was incomplete in the end zone. Ponder did connect with Thomas but it was for only three yards.
  • Jenkins recorded his third and fourth sacks on the first and third play sandwiched around a short Ponder gain on a run.


  • The offense scored three TDs. Two came via Jones’ runs and one was a Thomas run. The biggest play was Patrick Robinson knifing into the backfield to wrap up Jones for a seven yard loss but the play was wiped out due to an offsides call.



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Givens And Jones Come Up Big But Defense Rules The Day At Scrimmage

(Saturday – March 28th, 2009)


Kendall Smith Video Interview – All-Access

Defensive intensity improves in second full scrimmage of the spring.

Friday the threat of serious weather caused the Seminole coaches to cancel practice. On Saturday the threat of bad weather was even worse and the coaching staff adjusted again moving practice up three hours. The move paid off, despite dark skies and high winds, there was no rain or lightning and the team was able to get in a two-hour scrimmage Saturday morning.



  • The biggest storyline of the day was the defense’s intensity right from the start. The first team offense went three-and-out twice on its first possession. It started with Ochuko Jenije laying a big hit on a screen pass. Patrick Robinson broke up a pass intended for Avis Commack and then Kendall Smith held up Jermaine Thomas in the backfield on third down. Jarmon Fortson picked up a few yards on a pass from Christian Ponder but Nigel Carr helped stall the drive with a sack. The final play was a nice run by Ty Jones who leapt over a would-be tackler but did not pick up enough for a first.
  • The Second team offense had a nice day and picked up two first downs on their first drive. Although things didn’t start well as Jamar Jackson had a tackle for loss for five yards, Jones broke

    off a 17 yard run on the next play. The drive ended as quickly as it started as Everett Dawkins jumped on a loose ball. Louis Givens caught a six-yard pass from Corey Eddinger and got one of his numerous carries on the next play and picked up 24 yards.
  • The one’s came back out and moved the ball better picking up two first downs. The drive started with Ponder hitting Richard Goodman for 41 yards. The next first down came on a pass interference call on a ball thrown to Bert Reed. After that though another fumble by the offense, this one inside the five, ended the drive. Carr had his second sack on the first play from the 35 and then Kendrick Stewart and Kevin McNeil crashed the pocket and McNeil registered the sack. The series ended with Thomas going for 38 yards.
  • The two’s moved the ball well again on the next series picking up three first downs. Brandon Jenkins made a stop at the line on the first play. Eddinger hit Rod Owens for seven yards and then Givens picked up a first down on a five yard run. Corey Surrency caught a 19 yard pass and then an offsides penalty wiped out a huge play by Jenkins who stayed home on a double reverse and recorded a tackle for an 11-yard loss. Thomas then had back-to-back runs for nine up the middle and nine more after that. 


  • Thomas came up short on 3rd-and-2 despite some nice moves to get past a few would-be tacklers. Thomas did pick up a first on the next play converting a 3rd-and-1.
  • Eddinger almost converted a big play on 3rd-and-2 as he had Bo Reliford wide open downfield but the two could not hook-up. Jones converted the first on the next play on 3rd-and-1.


  • Kicker Brian Elkins was good from 30 with the wind and from 43 against it. Sean Graham and James Esco each were 1-for-2.


  • Following the break the first team offense came out and picked up a couple firsts. Ponder opened up hitting Goodman for 11 but Korey Mangum broke up a pass on a deep ball on third down to halt that penetration. Givens lost four yards after slipping on first down but Thomas picked up 12 yards on the next play to set up 3rd-and-2. Givens then moved the chains with a seven yard run.
  • The two’s got into the endzone on their first crack at the defense from the 50. After a three-and-out to start, Jones hit a 42-yarder that he took to the house for six.
  • The TD by the two’s seemed to spill over as the one’s picked up three first downs and got a TD of their own on their next possession. Thomas got things off to a good start with a 39 yard run. He ran for three more before Givens finished things off with a TD run. Thomas had another nice run for 16 but the defense took over after that highlighted by Markus White’s sack.
  • The two’s were unable to do much on their final chance from the 50 but there were two nice runs. Jones turned in one for 13 by breaking tackles and Thomas had another going for 15.


  • The first team offense went 3-and-out on its only possession from the 20 thanks in large part to the drive starting with Nigel Bradham sacking Ponder for a loss of 13.
  • The two’s once again moved the ball and got into the endzone. Thomas ran for eight and then four to give the

    two’s a first-and-goal. Maurice Harris had a tackle for loss and then Thomas was rounded up by a group of defenders behind the line as well. On third-and-goal from the six Eddinger swung a pass to Daniel Gard for a TD. 


  • The defense had their way in goal line allowing just one TD in eight tries. The one’s went 0-for-4. Kendall Smith tackled Ponder on a run from the three, Ty Jones was stopped from the one by Kendall Smith and others, Ponder ran for two yards from the three and then Jones was stooped from the one on a pitch.
  • The second team offense didn’t fare much better on their first three plays. A bad exchange on the first play had Eddinger falling on a loose ball. Then a bad pitch and a defensive recovery stopped the try from the one. Maurice Harris and Terrance Parks had a tackle for loss on a pitch out from the three before Seddrick Holloway finally pierced the goal line for the lone TD.


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Givens, Jones And Stevens All Turn In Big Plays At Wednesday’s Scrimmage

(Wednesday – March 24th, 2009)

Bert Reed Video Interview – All-Access

After 11 periods, the team moved to Doak for the second scrimmage of the spring.

On Monday the Seminole coaching staff felt the running backs were too banged up to hold a full pad scrimmage. That wasn’t the case on Wednesday. After starting the day with 11 periods on the practice fields, the squad moved into Doak Campbell Stadium for the second full scrimmage of the spring. The hour-long scrimmage was highlighted by big plays on both sides of the ball.



  • The scrimmage began with the first team and the second team each taking one snap in the shadow of their own goalpost. Jermaine Thomas got the carry for the ones and the sophomore busted out with an 11-yard run. Toshmon Stevens, one of the stars of the scrimmage, got off to a fast start as he busted up the middle and recorded a safety on the play for the twos.


  • Each unit took a couple snaps in short-yardage situations. The defense stopped the first team offense on 3rd-and-2 and 4th-and-1. Ty Jones picked up a first down for the two’s after a false start ended the series.


  • Stevens continued his big day when he recorded a sack of Ponder on the first play. The junior QB picked up a good chunk of those yards back on the next play as he connected with Richard Goodman. The pair moved the chains on the next play as Goodman spun out and picked up a first. The first team offense was unable to pick up another first as Markus White got into the backfield and jumped up to bat down a Ponder pass on 4th-and-1. On the final play Patrick Robinson recorded a pass break up.
  • The second team offense started with a short run by Jones and then Avis Commack picked up a first with a nice run. Jones then turned in one of the highlights of the day as he broke a 54-yard TD run. Before the offense could settle down on the sidelines, they were back on the board. This time Corey Eddinger hit Louis Givens on a short slant and the speedy senior took the pass to the house for a 65-yard TD.


  • Jermaine Thomas started off with a 10-yard run. White once again pressured Ponder on the next play but the junior was able to get off a pass to Bert Reed for a short gain. Ponder looked like he had a completion on the next play but Korey Mangum made a great play to pry the ball out for an incompletion. Patrick Robinson followed with a PBU of his own on a big hit. Thomas picked up a few yards on a pass and then the series ended with an incomplete pass that was hurried by Nigel Bradham.
  • Eddinger and Givens hooked up again on the first play for the twos and then Thomas gained seven yards thanks to a few broken tackles. Givens picked up 12 more yards as he made the defense miss on numerous tackles as he picked his way down the sideline. Eddinger then went up top to Corey Surrency for a 23-yard TD. The ball was moved back to the 50 after the TD and Jamar Jackson had a big tackle for loss but the play was wiped out by a defensive penalty. Marcus Sims finished this set when he busted a first down run up the middle.


  • With the ball placed at the 12 Ponder’s first pass was incomplete partly due to a pressure from Kevin McNeil. The next play went for a TD to Fortson in the corner of the endzone but was called back due to a penalty. With the ball back on the 27, Moses McCray got into the backfield and forced an incompletion.
  • Stevens re-emerged again when he pressured Ponder into an incompletion on the first play from the 12. Ponder, playing with the twos, took advantage of Givens and hit the speedy receiver for 11 yards down to the one. Jones finished the drive off pounding it in from inside the one.


  • Thomas scored a TD from the three but was stopped behind the line from the one.
  • Terrance Parks wrapped up Jones in the backfield on his carry from the three and then Maurice Harris laid a big lick on the running back to keep the offense from a TD at the one to end the scrimmage.


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Week Two Of Spring Practice Kicks Off With 22 Periods In Shells

(Monday – March 23rd, 2009)

Florida State had the day off Sunday after the first full pad practice of the spring.

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Following five days of practice last week including the first full pad scrimmage, the Seminole football team had Sunday off. Following a day of rest, the squad was back out on the field Monday practicing 22 periods in shells. This week FSU will practice four times with off days coming on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.


  • There was a half scrimmage originally scheduled for Monday but coach Bowden said with most of the running backs in blue jersey’s, they decided to go out in shells on Monday.
  • Instead of scrimmaging, the majority of the second half of practice was spent in 11-on-11. Bert Reed and Marcus Sims had highlight runs during the drill.
  • Christian Ponder got the majority of the work. The QB spread the ball around to nine different receivers with Rod Owens leading the way with four catches. Reed and Louis Givens both had a couple grabs as well. Corey Surrency had two catches and one was a deep ball that Ponder delivered after being forced out of the pocket. Jarmon Fortson also caught a deep ball and had a nice run after the catch. Bo Reliford, Richard Goodman, Avis Commack and Josh Gehres all had catches as well. Gehres’ catch was a diving grab along the sideline.
  • There were plenty of defensive highlights. Nick Moody had the lone interception while Patrick Robinson almost pulled in a pick as well and he had a big hit. Everett Dawkins and Maurice Harris combined on a sack and Nigel Carr and Markus White each had a sack and a pressure. Kevin McNeil and Justin Mincey recorded pressures as well. A.J. Alexander had a tackle for loss.
  • In red zone Ponder connected with Givens and Reed. Defensively Mincey had a sack and a TFL. Dawkins, Mincey and White all had big stops at the line. Toshmon Stevens stripped a ball from Ponder on a QB pressure.
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First Scrimmage Of The Spring Garners Mixed Reviews From The Coaches

(Saturday – March 21st, 2009)

Running backs lead the way for the offense; Mickey Andrews unhappy with his guys.

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Saturday’s full pad scrimmage couldn’t have come any sooner for the Seminole football team. After busting at the seams to hit someone on Friday, the squad finally got to go full contact on Saturday as the first full scrimmage of the spring took place inside Doak Campbell Stadium. The FSU football team went through a two-hour scripted scrimmage and will now take Sunday off brining the first week of spring practice to a close.


  • The scrimmage began with field goal and punt.
  • The first set of plays began at the -35. The offense was unable to come up with any points on any of their four possessions (32 plays). During the first eight plays Christian Ponder connected on a deep pass to Jarmon Fortson and Jermaine Thomas had a nice run. When the two’s came out for their first shot the defense forced two, three-and-outs as Craig Yarborough had a QB pressure and Brandon Jenkins had a tackle for loss. The one’s came back out and Ponder had a nice scramble to avoid the rush. He also completed passes to Bert Reed and Avis Commack. Defensively Everett Dawkins had a tackle for loss and Jamar Jackson had a QB pressure. The two’s moved the ball a little bit on their final possession. Ty Jones had two nice runs and converted a 3rd-and-1. Louis Givens also had a good gainer on the ground.
  • The next set of plays came from the +12. The first team defense did its job and did not allow a TD. Reed did come up with a great catch on a flare but there were no other highlights for the first team offense. Nigel Bradham turned in the lone big play for the D with a nice hit. Marcus Sims was the star of this segment with the second team. On the first play he went 12 yards for a TD. He did the same on the second play but the touchdown was wiped out by a hold. Dawkins had a sack for the defense and Jenkins had a pressure.
  • The first set of plays from the 50 once again resulted in no points for the offense. The one’s looked like they would get on the board when Ponder connected on a big third down play to Fortson but the gain was nullified by a hold. Ponder did find Reed later in the drive but he also had one pass broken up by Patrick Robinson. The two’s didn’t fare any better. Jones had a nice run and Cory Eddinger found Cameron Wade but a big hit by A.J. Alexander on a screen and Vincent Zann’s tackle for a loss on a play right up the middle helped keep the defense perfect on the scoreboard. Things looked up for the offense on the next two possessions as both the one’s and two’s scored touchdowns. The first team’s TD was set up by Ponder’s deep pass off a scramble to Richard Goodman at the one. From there Ty Jones punched it in. The two’s scored thanks in large part to Marcus Sims who had two nine-yard runs and a first down conversion. Avis Commack finished the drive off with a 14-yard TD run.
  • The defense reasserted itself in red zone. Korey magnum and Ochuko Jenije had back-to-back break ups in the endzone. Kendall Smith had a pressure and then Markus White sacked Ponder on third down and Kevin McNeil ended the drive with a sack on fourth. Eddinger looked to have the two’s moving in their series. The second-string QB hit Goodman for nine, went back to the senior for a first and then Sims moved the ball inside the five. Mister Alexander took down Sims at the three on the next play and then Yarborough took Eddinger down 12 yards behind the line.
  • The scrimmage finished on a good note for the offense as they scored three times on four tries inside the three. Jones scored on the first play from the three. Sims also scored from the three and the one. The lone stop came at the one yard line where Patrick Robinson knifed into the backfield to record a tackle for loss.

Seminoles Return To Practice Fields Following Thursday’s Off Day

(Friday – March 20th, 2009)

Florida State will put on full pads Saturday for the first time and scrimmage

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Thursday was a day off for the Seminole football team but the squad was back at work on Friday. The team practiced for 25 periods in shoulder pads this afternoon. The Seminoles will put on full pads Saturday for the first scrimmage of the spring. We will have all the details on Seminoles.com Saturday afternoon following the practice session


  • The team started practice on the practice fields but moved inside Doak Campbell for 3-on-3. Markus White started things off with a tackle at the first level. Kendall Smith, Nigel Carr and Vince Williams all recorded stops at the second level while Mister Alexander had a tackle and a jarring hit that dislodged the football. Jarmon Fortson had two huge blocks.
  • In 1-on-1 Andrew Nowles got a lot of work and he connected with Richard Goodman and Cameron Wade twice each. He also found Ashuwa Richardson and Josh Gehres. Gehres hauled a ball in thrown over his head with one-hand. Christian Ponder worked mostly on inside but did come over to complete a ball to Bert Reed and Corey Eddinger also found Reed for a completion. Both A.J. Alexander and Ochuko Jenije had pass break ups.
  • 7-on-7 took place inside the red zone as Ponder connected with Goodman, Corey Surrency and Louis Givens.
  • In 11-on-11 Ponder hit Goodman deep and Reed hauled in a short pass and turned in a big play with a good run following the catch. Eddinger hit Givens on a deep pass and the big highlight for the defense was a sack by Alexander.
  • 11-on-11 moved into the red zone and the defense picked up its intensity. Patrick Robinson had a great tackle on a swing pass that went for no gain, Korey Mangum broke up a pass in the end zone that was nearly a highlight reel one-hand

    ed pick and Vincent Zann had a QB pressure and a big hit on the final play of the day. Eddinger, Jermaine Thomas and Ty Jones all had TD runs as well.

For The First Time This Spring The Shoulder Pads Come Out For FSU Football

(Wednesday – March 18th, 2009)

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For the first time this spring the pads came out for a Seminole football practice. The team was still in shorts on Wednesday but the shoulder pads were on as the Seminoles practiced for the third straight day. Thursday will be the first off day for the team since spring practice began on Monday.


  • For the first time this spring, the team participated in 3-on-3 before breaking into two groups for 1-on-1 and inside.
  • Jermaine Thomas had four big runs during inside. Two went for TDs and one of those runs was due to a huge hole opened up by the offensive line where he went untouched. Ty Jones had the biggest jaw-dropping run as he cut on a dime and blew past the defense. Nigel Carr had a tackle for loss on the other side of the ball but the two biggest plays were turned in by Vincent Zann. The walk-on forced a fumble and ended the drill with a big tackle for loss.
  • Christian Ponder spent most of the period working inside drills but during 1-on-1 he completed two passes and both were deep TD strikes to Bert Reed and Avis Commack. Corey Eddinger went deep to Richard Goodman for a TD and also hit Corey Surrency. Andrew Nowles’ reps have increased and he took advantage completing passes to Reed, Jarmon Fortson, Cameron Wade and Goodman.
  • Defensively Ochuko Jenije had a break-up and an interception. Patrick Robinson broke up two passes and Dionte Allen broke up one.
  • In pass skel Ponder had a great drill. He hit Reed on a deep pass for a touchdown but that was one of just four and the other three all came on spectacular plays. His bomb to Goodman featured the senior spinning around to locate the pass and pull it in. Fortson’s TD grab came with a defender draped all over him and Josh Gehres pulled his TD pass in while diving into the end zone.
  • For the defense Patrick Robinson, Jenije and Allen all broke up passes. Nigel Bradham had a huge hit as did Nigel Carr and Mister Alexander who both converged on Louis Givens just as the ball was delivered.
  • In 7-on-7 Ponder’s success continued as he went deep for TDs to both Goodman and Reed. He also connected with Bo Reliford and Commack. Eddinger went deep for six to Fortson and he also connected with Goodman. For the defense Allen and Terrance Parks had pass break-ups and Nick Moody had a big stick.
  • While 7-on-7 was going on, the lines faced off in pass rush. The most impressive highlight was turned in by early enrollee Brandon Jenkins. The freshman had three wins including a bull rush on his way to the bag. Everett Dawkins had three wins as well. Moses McCray, Kendrick Stewart and Jamar Jackson had two wins a piece and Kevin McNeil and Markus White also got to the QB. Rodney Hudson and Andrew Datko led the way for the OL as each had three wins. Ryan McMahon had two wins while Rhonne Sanderson and Zebrie Sanders each got a W as well.
  • Practice ended with 11-on-11. The highlight was once again turned in by Thomas. The sophomore broke through the line, used a wicked spin move to get past the next line of defense and then took off for a huge gain. Ponder had completions to Reed and Fortson while Eddinger completed a pass to Goodman. Defensively Jackson had a QB pressure and a TFL while Justin Mincey and Craig Yarborough also recorded stops behind the line.

Seminoles Move Inside Doak Campbell For Early Morning Practice

(Tuesday – March 17th, 2009)

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Second-string QB E.J. Manuel is lost for the spring after suffering a hand injury

As will be the case throughout the spring, the Florida State football team held an early morning Tuesday practice. The squad hit the Doak Campbell Stadium turf at 7:20 a.m. and spent 28 periods in shorts. After two days getting acclimated, the pads will come out tomorrow as the team is expected to practice in shells on Wednesday.


  • FSU announced that redshirt freshman quarterback E.J. Manuel suffered a compound dislocation of his right index finger at Monday’s practice.  Manuel had surgery and four stitches.  He is out indefinetly.


  • With Manuel out, sophomore Corey Eddinger moved up to No. 2 on the depth chart. In 7-on-7 the Wakulla native completed passes to Jarmon Fortson, Bert Reed and Louis Givens. He also connected twice with Richard Goodman, Avis Commack and Josh Gehres. One of the completions to Gehres was a deep pass that the freshman laid out to pull in. Christian Ponder and Bert Reed had a productive drill as the two hooked-up five times, one of which was on a deep pass. Ponder also went deep to Goodman on top of completing multiple other throws to the redshirt senior. Gehres and Fortson also caught multiple passes from Ponder. The junior QB connected with Cameron Wade, Jermaine Thomas, Commack, Ja’Baris Little and Givens as well.
  • In 7-on-7 Ochuko Jenije and Kendall Smith each had interceptions. Patrick Robinson and Dionte Allen broke up passes.
  • In 11-on-11 Patrick and Jamie Robinson each broke up a pass. Ponder hit Commack for a deep TD and he also completed passes to Gehres, Reed and Fortson.


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Florida State Opens Spring Practice With 28 Periods Of Work

(Monday – March 16th, 2009)

Seminoles will try to fit the majority of spring into a three-week span.

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For the first time since defeating Wisconsin in the Champs Sports Bowl, the Seminole football team in its entirety was at practice Monday afternoon. Following a busy pro day, the team hit the field for 28 periods in shorts in what will be a jam-packed three weeks as the coaching staff plans to have 13 of the 15 allowed practices in the time between now and the Garnet & Gold Game on April 4.


  • During 1-on-1 Christian Ponder hit Avis Commack on a deep TD pass and he also connected with Cameron Wade. E.J. Manuel, in his first practice as the team’s No. 2 QB, completed passes to Louis Givens, Bert Reed and Richard Goodman. Ochuko Jenije had a pass break and an interception for the defense. Ventoure Watkins also broke up a pass.
  • In 7-on-7 Patrick Robinson had a strong drill with a forced fumble and a pass break-up. Jamie Robinson broke up a pass as did A.J. Alexander. Ponder was strong for the offense with deep TD passes to Jarmon Fortson and Bert Reed. Reed hauled in another Ponder pass as did Goodman and Jermaine Thomas. Manuel had completions to Goodman, Givens and Josh Gehres.
  • Practice ended with 11-on-11. Both Thomas and Ty Jones each had two nice runs. Ponder took all the snaps after E.J. Manuel hurt his hand on a defender’s helmet. The junior QB connected with Wade and Thomas and twice to Reed. One of Reed’s catches was a highlight reel leaping grab.


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