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Throughout the day during Florida State’s home opener, Seminoles.com will be with the ‘Noles as they prepare to square off against Nevada at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN. Follow along for updates.

Post game | 16-7 OU

Aaron Colvin with his mom after the game.

Blake Bell walking off the field into the tunnel.

Coach Stoops hands out game balls.

Post game prayer.


FINAL | 16-7 OU

Coach Stoops shakes hands with WVU’s coach after the game.


4th Quarter | 3:15 | 16-7 OU

The Belldozer


4th Quarter | 15:00 | 13-7 OU

4th Quarter about to begin!


3rd Quarter | 6:34 | 13-7 OU

Gabe Lynn celebrates his interception.


3rd Quarter | 9:16 | 13-7 OU

Brennan Clay running free from the WVU defense.


3rd Quarter | 12:24 | 13-7 OU

Defense running off after a stop.


2nd Quarter | :25 | 13-7 OU

Coach Norvell talks with Trevor Knight right before half.


2nd Quarter | 1:15 | 10-7 OU

Defense looks on.


2nd Quarter | 10:31 | 10-7 OU

Jordan Phillips recovers a fumble.


2nd Quarter | 13:35 | 10-7 OU

Team huddled around Trey Franks.

Trey Millard after scoring a touchdown.


1st Quarter | :30 | 7-3 WVU

Corey Nelson


1st Quarter | 11:30 | 0-0


Coach Mike Stoops talks to his D.


6:06 pm | Kick-Off

Running out of the tunnel

Play Like A Champion Today!

We are underway! 


5:55 pm | 5m to Kick-Off


Pregame prayer


5:40 pm | 20m to Kick-Off

Almost time for kickoff!

Gabe Lynn

Sterling Shepard

Coach Stoops interacts with players as they stretch.

Sooners huddled at midfield.


5:02 pm | 58m to Kick-Off

Pregame warmups are underway!

Trey Millard and Bronson Irwin head out for warmups.

Coming out of the tunnel.

Trevor Knight

Running backs

Gabe Ikard focused on the game.

Trey Millard in the locker room.

Coach Heupel and Blake Bell

4:33 pm | 1h27m to Kick-Off

Sooners are preparing for kickoff.

Players getting taped.

Coach Boulware and Michael Hunnicutt.

Players stretching in the locker room.

Jordan Wade

Sooners preparing to take the field for warmups.

4:12 pm | 1h48m to Kick-Off

Bronson Irwin arrives at the stadium.

Brennan Clay

Connor and Trevor Knight meet their family.

Coach Stoops greets players.

3:48 pm | 2h12m to Kick-Off

Tyrus Thompson and Robert Hollis loading the bus. 

Sooners loading the bus to the stadium.


2:23 pm | 3h37m to Kick-Off

Sooners load up on thier pre-game meal.  

Pre-game meal

2:10 pm | 3h50m to Kick-Off

Herbert Cooper of People’s Church talks with the Sooners about dreaming big and keeping eyes on the dream despite adversity.

Herbert Cooper talks with team

1:51 pm | 4h15m to Kick-Off

Sooners are beginning to stretch before the game while Coach Stoops overlooks.



1:38 pm | 4h28m to Kick-Off

Grissom shoots some hoops before the game. 

1:00 pm | 5h6m to Kick-Off

It’s snack time for the Sooners. 


12:27 pm | 5h39m to Kick-Off

The Sooners are leaving walkthrough and heading back to the hotel.



12:13 pm | 5h53m to Kick-Off

The Sooners conduct walkthrough before the West Virginia game. 


11:33 am | 6h33m to Kick-Off

Jalen Saunders and Jaz Reynolds in the locker room, and the defense with Mike Stoops continuing to study for tonight’s test.

11:18 am | 6h48m to Kick-Off

Shannon, Colvin and Millard in the locker room.

11:11 am | 6h55m to Kick-Off

The Sooners gather in the locker room to catch a bit of the Miami-Florida game, and Jay Boulware takes special teams through some pregame information.

11:05 am | 7h01m to Kick-Off

The Sooners arrive at the Switzer Center for meetings and walk-through.


10:43 am | 7h23m to Kick-Off

Aaron Colvin boards the team bus from walk-through.


10:17 am | 7h49m to Kick-Off

Corey Nelson (top), Rashod Favors and the rest of the Sooners are grabbing breakfast at the team hotel.

Corey Nelson Breakfast

Rashod Favors

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