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1996 Highs and Lows

1996 Highs and Lows


Florida State Individuals


Longest Run From Scrimmage: 80 yards, Warrick Dunn at Miami (career-long)
Most Rushing Attempts: 26 carries, Warrick Dunn vs Virginia (131 yards)
Most Yards Rushing: 185 yards, Warrick Dunn vs. Florida (24 carries)
Most TD’s Rushing: 2, Warrick Dunn vs. Wake Forest (15 carries), MD (16 carries)
2, Pooh Bear Williams vs. Florida (5 carries)

Longest Pass Play: 77 yards, Thad Busby to Warrick Dunn vs. USM (TD)
Most Passes Attempted: 39 (20 completed) by Dan Kendra vs. Wake Forest
Most Passes Completed: 25 (36 attempts) by Thad Busby vs. Virginia
Most Yards Passing: 316 yards, Thad Busby vs. Virginia
Most TD Passes Thrown: 4, Thad Busby vs.Clemson

Most Receiving Yards: 156 yards (5 receptions), E.G. Green vs. Clemson
Most Receptions in a Game: 7 receptions (102 yards), Andre Cooper vs. Virginia
Most TD Receptions in a Game: 2 Laveranues Coles vs. Southern Miss

Most Interceptions in a Game: 1 by several players
Longest Interception Return: 61 yards, Shevin Smith at NC State
Most Total Tackles: 17, Daryl Bush at Georgia Tech
Most Unassisted Tackles: 11, Reinard Wilson vs. Duke and Daryl Bush at Georgia Tech
Most Quarterback Sacks: 4, Reinard Wilson at Miami

Special Teams
Longest Field Goal: 49 yards, Scott Bentley vs. Maryland (career-long)
Most FG’s in a Game: 3, Scott Bentley (twice) vs. Duke and Wake Forest
Longest Punt: 76 yards, Sean Liss at Miami (career-long)
Most Punts in a Game: 9, Sean Liss vs. UNC (47.2 yard average), vs. Florida (47.3 average)
Best Punting Average: 47.8 yards, Sean Liss on six punts vs. Duke
** averaged 59.0 yards on two punts at Miami
Longest Kickoff Return: 48 yards, Peter Warrick vs. Duke
Longest Punt Return: 79 yards, Dee Feaster vs. Clemson (TD)

Most Yards Total Offense: 195, Warrick Dunn vs. Florida (185 rush, 10 pass)


Opponent Individuals


Longest Run from Scrimmage: 80 yards, Morgan Kane, Wake Forest (TD)
Most Rushes in a Game: 27, Danyell Ferguson, Miami (81 yards)
Most TD’s Rushing: 1 by several players

Most Yards Passing: 362, by Danny Wuerffel, Florida (23-of-48)
Most Completions: 23, by Danny Wuerffel, Florida (23-of-48)
Most Attempts: 48, by Danny Wuerffel, Florida (23-of-48)
Longest Pass Play: 50, Danny Wuerffel to Reidel Anthony
Most TD’s Passing: 3, by Danny Wuerffel, Florida
Most INTs Passing: 3, by Danny Wuerffel, Florida

Special Teams
Longest Field Goal: 41 yards, Joe O’Donnell (Maryland)
Most Field Goals: 1, three players Longest Punt: 67 yards, John Krueger (Duke)
Longest Kickoff Return: 96 yards, Alvis Whitted, NC State (TD)
Longest Punt Return: 27 yards, Lee (Southern Miss)
Longest Interception Return: 52 yards, Alexander (Southern Miss)


Team Highs & Lows


                        Florida State              Opponent 
Points  Scored                          
    High                54 vs. USM  24 by Virginia 
    Low                 10 vs.N.Carolina           0 by N. Carolina 
Total Offense                                   
    High                548 vs.USM                 443 by Florida 
    Low                 213 vs.N. Carolina         91 by Duke 
First Downs Rushing                     
    High                13 vs.Maryland             6 by Miami 
    Low                 5 vs. Duke, UNC            0 by USM 
First Downs Passing                     
    High                16 at NC State             16, by Florida 
    Low                 2 vs. N. Carolina          2 by Duke 
Total Plays                                     
    High                88 vs. Virginia            79 by Georgia Tech      
    Low                 53 vs. N. Carolina         58 by USM 
Rushing Yards                           
    High                265 at Georgia Tech        155 by Georgia Tech         
    Low                 120 vs. Wake Forest        -13 by USM 
Rushing Attempts                                
    High                52 vs. Virginia            52 by Georgia Tech      
    Low                 30 vs. Clemson             28 by Florida 
Passing Yards                           
    High                379 vs. USM                362 by Florida 
    Low                 65 vs. N. Carolina         78 by Duke 
Passes Completed                                
    High                25 vs. Virginia            23 by Florida 
    Low                 8 at Miami                 10 by Virginia
Passes Attempted                                
    High                42 at NC State             48 by Florida 
    Low                 17 vs. UNC, Miami          21 by USM 
Passes Had Intercepted          
    High                3 at Georgia Tech          3 by Virginia 
    Low                 0 at Miami, WF, UF         0 vs. Duke, WF 
    High                12 vs. Florida             10 by Maryland
    Low                  6 vs. Virginia            2 by Virginia 
Yards Penalized                         
    High                143 vs. Florida            83 by Maryland
    Low                 49 at Miami                20 by N. Carolina
    High                3 at Georgia Tech          5 by Duke 
    Low                 1 vs. five games           0 by NC State, USM Fumbles Lost                                    
    High                2 vs. Clemson, UVA         4 by Duke 
    Low                 0 vs. four games           0 by five teams

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