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The Helmet

Seminoles Helmets

Florida State’s gold helmets with garnet and white spears on both
sides are the focal point of a uniform which was named the “best in
college football” in a 1991 fan poll by Sporting News. The Seminoles
have had virtually the same head gear for 21 years dating back to
Bobby Bowden’s arrival in 1976. FSU’s 1975 helmet had the outline of
the state with a large Seminole head logo where Tallahassee would be.
From 1970-74, the helmet had a garnet stripe and two white strips down
the middle, along with a logo of the state of Florida on the side with
the word STATE written along it. The Seminoles’ helmets reflected the
100th year of college football in 1969 and like many schools the Tribe
wore a football with 100 printed on it on the side of their headgear.
Helmets featured the word STATE on the sides of a gold helmet with
varying stripes from 1964-68, and prior to 1964, the Florida State’s
helmets had few unique characterstics. Special to Florida State is the
recent practice of awarding Tomahawk stickers for outstanding
performances in academics as well as athletics.

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