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Professional Drafts and Free-Agent Signings

Year   Name            Pos.       Team              Round  
1951   Mike Sellers      B   Cleveland Browns        12th        
       Wayne Benner      B   Cleveland Browns        24th
       Bill Driver       B   Cleveland Browns        29th
1952   Roy Thompson      B   Cleveland Browns        12th
1954   Bobby Fiveash    RB   San Fransisco 49ers     16th
       Bill Mote         T   New York Giants         29th
1955   Tom Feamster     OT   Los Angeles Rams         4th
1956   George Boyer     LB   Los Angeles Rams         8th
       Jerry Jacobs     OG   Pittsburgh Steelers     19th
       Tom Feamster     OT   Baltimore Colts        free agent
1957   Lee Corso        QB   Chicago Cardinals       29th
1958   Bobby Renn       DB   Cleveland Browns        22nd
1959   Bill Kimber      DE   New York Giants        free agent
1960   Joe Majors       DB   Houston Oilers         free agent
1961   Bud Whitehead    HB   Los Angeles Chargers    16th (AFL)      
       Tony Romeo       TE   Washington Redskins     19th
       Bill Kimber      DE   Minnesota Vikings      (expansion)
       Bobby Renn       DB   New York Jets          free agent  
1962   Ed Trancygier    QB   Washington Redskins     20th
1963   Keith Kinderman  RB   San Diego Chargers       3rd (AFL)
                             Green Bay Packers        8th (NFL)   
1964   Bill Dawson      TE   Los Angeles Rams        12th (NFL)
                             Boston Patriots         19th (AFL)
1965   Fred Biletnikoff FL   Oakland Raiders          2nd (AFL)
                             Detroit Lions            3rd (NFL)
       Steve Tensi      QB   San Diego Chargers       4th (AFL)
                             Baltimore Colts         16th (NFL)
       Don Floyd         E   San Diego Chargers      14th (AFL)
       Jack Edwards      C   San Diego Chafgers      20th (AFL)
       Frank Pennie     OT   Oakland Raiders          9th (AFL Redshirt draft)
       Dick Hermann     LB   Oakland Raiders         free agent
1966   Jack Shinholser  LB   Washington Redskins      9th (NFL)
                             Oakland Raiders         19th (AFL)
       Jim Mankins      FB   Green Bay Packers       12th (NFL)
                             Miami Dolphins           6th (AFL Redshirt draft)
       Bill McDowell    LB   San Diego Chargers      20th (AFL)
       Joe Avezzano      C   Boston Patriots          6th (AFL Redshirt draft)
       Max Wettstein    TE   Denver Broncos          free agent
1967   Del Williams      C   New Orleans Saints       3rd (79)
       Larry Kissam      T   Miami Dolphins          17th (422)
       Les Murdock       K   New York Giants         free agent
1968   Kim Hammond      QB   Miami Dolphins           6th (142)
       Lane Fenner      FL   San Diego Chargers       7th (183)
       Thurston Taylor  TE   Philadelphia Eagles     12th (312)
       Bill Moreman     RB   New York Giants         14th (368)
       Wayne McDuffie    C   Cleveland Browns        17th (455)
1969   Ron Sellers      SE   Boston Patriots          1st (6)
       Chip Glass       TE   Cleveland Browns         3rd (72)
       Bill Rhodes       G   St. Louis Cardinals      4th (97)
       Walt Sumner      DB   Cleveland Browns         7th (176)
       Dale McCullers   LB   Miami Dolphins          12th (297)
1970   Bill Cappleman   QB   Minnesota Vikings        2nd (51)
       Grant Guthrie     K   Buffalo Bills            6th (135)       
       Jeff Curchin     OT   Chicago Bears            6th (139)       
       Phil Abraira     DB   Chicago Bears           15th (366)
1971   Tom Bailey       RB   Philadelphia Eagles     10th (256)
1972   Rhett Dawson     WR   Houston Oilers          10th (240)
       Richard Amman    DE   Dallas Cowboys          10th (260)
       Kent Gaydos      TE   Oakland Raiders         12th (306)
1973   Barry Smith      WR   Green Bay Packers        1st (21)
       J.T. Thomas      DB   Pittsburgh Steelers      1st (24)        
       Gary Huff        QB   Chicago Bears            2nd (32)
       Eddie McMillen   DB   Los Angeles Rams         4th (95)
       Charlie Hunt     LB   San Francisco 49ers     10th (253)      
       Gary Parris      TE   San Diego Chargers      15th (372)
1974   Buzzy Lewis      DB   Baltimore Colts         17th (436)      
       Duane Carroll     P   Dallas Cowboys          free agent
1975   Bert Cooper      LB   New York Jets           12th (299)
1976   Greg Johnson     DT   Philadelphia Eagles      5th (135)
       Randy Coffield   LB   Seattle Seahawks        10th (266)
       Lee Nelson       DB   St. Louis Cardinals     15th (420)      
       Eddie McMillen   DB   Seattle Seahawks       (expansion)     
       Barry Smith      WR   Tampa Bay              (expansion) 
1977   Gary Woolford    DB   Houston Oilers           6th (148)
       Steve Mathieson  QB   Detroit Lions            9th (236)
       Ed Beckman       TE   Kansas City Chiefs      free agent
1978   Bobby Jackson    DB   New York Jets            6th (140)
       Louis Richardson DE   New York Jets           10th (254)      
       Larry Key        RB   Green Bay Packers       10th (256)      
       Nat Terry        DB   Pittsburgh Steelers     11th (279)
       Mark Meseroll     T   New Orleans Saints      free agent
       Mike Shumann     WR   San Francisco 49ers     free agent
1979   Willie Jones     DE   Oakland Raiders          2nd (42)
       Nate Henderson    T   St. Louis Cardinals    11th (283)
1980   Mark Lyles       RB   Cincinnati Bengals      8th (196)
       Jackie Flowers   WR   Dallas Cowboys          9th (246)
       Walter Carter    DT   Oakland Raiders        10th (264)
       Jimmy Jordan     QB   New England Patriots   12th (320)
1981   Bobby Butler     DB   Atlanta Falcons          1st (25)
       Ken Lanier        T   Denver Broncos          5th (125)
       Ron Simmons      DT   Cleveland Browns        6th (160)
       Paul Piurowski   LB   Dallas Cowboys          8th (218)
       Bill Capece       K   Houston Oilers         12th (324)
       Leon Bright      RB   New York Giants        free agent
       Hector Gray      DB   Detroit Lions          free agent
1982   Rohn Stark        P   Baltimore Colts          2nd (34)
       Ron Hester       LB   Miami Dolphins          6th (164)
       Mike Whiting     RB   Dallas Cowboys         11th (304)
1983   Harvey Clayton   CB   Pittsburgh Steelers    free agent
       Dennis McKinnon  WR   Chicago Bears          free agent
       Scott McLean     LB   Dallas Cowboys         free agent
       Zeke Mowatt      TE   New York Giants        free agent
1984   Alphonso CarrekerDE   Green Bay Packers        1st (12)
       Weegie Thompson  WR   Pittsburgh Steelers     4th (108)
1985   Jesse Hester     WR   Los Angeles Raiders      1st (23)
       Greg Allen       RB   Cleveland Browns         2nd (35)        
       Billy Allen      RB   New Orleans Saints       4th (95)
       Eric Riley       DB   Denver Broncos          8th (222)
       David Ponder     DT   Dallas Cowboys         free agent
1985   Roosevelt Snipes RB   San Fransico 49ers      8th supplemental draft
1986   Hassan Jones     WR   Minnesota Vikings        5th (120)
       John Ionata       G   Dallas Cowboys           9th (242)
       Cletis Jones     RB   New England Patriots    10th (276)
       Garth Jax        LB   Dallas Cowboys          11th (296)
       Jesse Solomon    LB   Minnesota Vikings       12th (318)
       Isaac Williams   DT   Indianapolis Colts      12th (326)      
       Jamie Dukes      OL   Atlanta Falcons         free agent
1987   Gerald Nichols   NT   New York Jets            7th (187)
       Louis Berry       P   Atlanta Falcons         free agent
       Jim Hendley       C   Atlanta Falcons         free agent
       Fred Jones       LB   Kansas City Chiefs      free agent
       Kim Mack         DB   Seattle Seahawks        free agent
       Lee Paige        DB   Tampa Bay Buccaneers    free agent
       Stanley Scott    DE   Miami Dolphins          free agent
1988   Pat Carter       TE   Detroit Lions             2nd (32)
       Paul McGowan     LB   Minnesota Vikings        9th (237)
       Martin Mayhew    DB   Buffalo Bills           10th (262)
       Danny McManus    QB   Kansas City Chiefs      11th (282)
1989   Deion Sanders    DB   Atlanta Falcons            1st (5)
       Sammie Smith     RB   Miami Dolphins             1st (9)
       Pat Tomberlin     G   Indianapolis Colts        4th (99)
       Marion Butts     RB   San Diego Chargers       7th (183)       
       Victor Floyd     RB   San Diego Chargers      11th (287)
       Stan Shiver      DB   Green Bay Packers       12th (310)
       Steve Gabbard    OT   Philadelphia Eagles     free agent
       Rick Tuten        P   Philadelphia Eagles     free agent
1990   Dexter Carter    RB   San Francisco 49ers       1st (25)        
       LeRoy Butler     DB   Green Bay Packers         2nd (48)
       Peter Tom Willis QB   Chicago Bears             3rd (63)
       Ron Lewis        WR   San Francisco 49ers       3rd (68)
       Eric Hayes       DT   Seattle Seahawks         5th (119)       
       Odell Haggins    DT   San Francisco 49ers      9th (248)
       Terry Anthony    WR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers    11th (281)
1991   Reggie Johnson   TE   Denver Broncos            2nd (30)
       Lawrence Dawsey  WR   Tampa Bay Buccaneers      3rd (66)        
       Howard Dinkins   LB   Atlanta Falcons           3rd (73)
       Anthony Moss     LB   New York Giants          5th (139)
       Richie Andrews   PK   Detroit Lions            6th (151)
       Hayward Haynes   OG   New Orleans Saints       7th (182)
       Corian Freeman   LB   Atlanta Falcons         free agent
       Dedrick Dodge    DB   Seattle Seahawks        free agent
1992   Terrell Buckley  DB   Green Bay Packers          1st (5)
       Amp Lee          RB   San Francisco 49ers       2nd (45)
       Casey Weldon     QB   Philadelphia Eagles      4th (102)
       Edgar Bennett    RB   Green Bay Packers        4th (103)       
       Brad Johnson     QB   Minnesota Vikings        9th (227)   
1993   Marvin Jones     LB   New York Jets              1st (4)
       Carl Simpson     DT   Chicago Bears             2nd (35)
       Dan Footman      DE   Cleveland Browns          2nd (42)
       Reggie Freeman   LB   New Orleans Saints        2nd (53)        
       Sterling Palmer  DE   Washington Redskins      4th (101)
       Shannon Baker    WR   Atlanta Falcons          8th (205)
1994   William Floyd    RB   San Francisco 49ers       1st (28)
       Lonnie Johnson   TE   Buffalo Bills             2nd (61)        
       Corey Sawyer     DB   Cincinnati Bengals       4th (104)       
       Sean Jackson     RB   Houston Oilers           4th (129)
       Kevin Knox       WR   Buffalo Bills            6th (192)
       Toddrick McIntoshDT   Dallas Cowboys           7th (216)
1995   Derrick AlexanderDE   Minnesota Vikings         1st (11)
       Devin Bush       DB   Atlanta Falcons           1st (26)
       Derrick Brooks   LB   Tampa Bay Buccaneers      1st (28)
       Corey Fuller     DB   Minnesota Vikings         2nd (55)        
       Zack Crockett    RB   Indianapolis Colts        3rd (79)
       Tamarick Vanover WR   Kansas City Chiefs        3rd (81)
       Chris Cowart     LB   San Diego Chargers       4th (100)
       Clifton Abraham  DB   Tampa Bay Buccaneers     5th (143)
       Kez McCorvey     WR   Detroit Lions            5th (156)       
       'OMar Ellison    WR   San Diego Chargers       5th (162)
1996   Clay Shiver       C   Dallas Cowboys            3rd (67)        
       Danny Kanell     QB   New York Giants          4th (130)       
       Phillip Riley    WR   Philadelphia Eagles      6th (199)       
       Orpheus Roye     DE   Pittsburgh Steelers      6th (200)
       Lewis Tyre       OG   Pittsburgh Steelers     free agent
       Andy Crowe       DS   Chicago Bears           free agent
       Dennis Andrews   FB   Kansas City Chiefs      free agent
1997   Peter Boulware   DE   Baltimore Ravens           1st (4)
       Walter Jones     OT   Seattle Seahawks           1st (6)
       Warrick Dunn     RB   Tampa Bay Buccaneers      1st (12)
       Reinard Wilson   DE   Cincinnati Bengals        1st (14)
       Henri Crockett   LB   Atlanta Falcons          4th (100)
       Vernon Crawford  LB   New England Patriots     5th (159)
       Byron Capers     DB   Philadelphia Eagles      7th (225)
       Chad Bates       OG   Houston Oilers          free agent
       Scott Bentley    PK   Arizona Cardinals       free agent
       James Colzie     CB   Tampa Bay Buccaneers    free agent
       Andre Cooper     WR   Seattle Seahawks        free agent
       Todd Fordham     OG   Jacksonville Jaguars    free agent
       Sean Hamlet      FS   San Diego Chargers      free agent
       Jesus Hernandez  OG   Kansas City Chiefs      free agent*
       Sean Liss         P   Tampa Bay Buccaneers    free agent
       Wayne Messam     WR   Cincinnati Bengals      free agent
       Connel Spain     DT   San Diego Chargers      free agent

*Was unavailable for 1996 draft due to injury.

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