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Florida State University Game Day Plan 2010

  • General Information 
  • Parking 
  • ADA Parking and Assistance 
  • Game Day Traffic Patterns
  • Game Day Tailgating 
  • Items Prohibited in the Stadium
  • Tent Regulations 
  • ADA Transportation 
  • Concessions and Dining 
  • Game Day Dining 
  • The Moore Athletic Center
  • Maps of Campus
  • Emergency Response
  • Banner Policy
  • Smoking Policy 
  • ATM’s 
  • Special Care Populations 
  • General Seating for Students 
  • Lot 14 Traffic Route – Post Game 


The vast majority of FSU fans and visitors conduct themselves safely and appropriately on game day. The increased support and attendance on game days has led to increased safety concerns and managing those concerns while providing a safe environment is the goal of the Florida State University Police Department. 

The game day game plan will change very little for most FSU fans and will help ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone who comes to a game.

What sort of safety concerns do these regulations address?

Parking on sidewalks is a good example. When cars are parked on the sidewalk, pedestrians are pushed into the street and into the path of vehicle traffic. This is especially dangerous after games, when 85,000 or more fans are leaving the stadium.

This also makes it difficult for emergency vehicles – ambulances, fire trucks – to get to the scene if they are needed.


FSU and local officials offer a variety of parking services to help make your game day experience more enjoyable.  

The Spirit Express/Dial-A-Ride

The Spirit Express and Dial-a-Ride are continuing shuttle services that run from the Leon County Civic Center to Doak Campbell Stadium.  Star Metro is no longer the provider for this service. Annett Bus Lines will assume the shuttle responsibilities on game day. 

This service helps fan avoid congested traffic around the stadium and get down to the business of cheering for the Seminoles!  Shuttles run beginning 2 hours prior to kickoff and run though 1 hour after the end of the game.  Drop off and pick up at the stadium is located at Gate H in the bus loop.  There is a nominal fee to park and ride. The Dial-A-Ride Shuttle will also be operated by Annett Bus Lines. The shuttle will continue to be wheelchair accessible and is an alternative method of transportation for those fans unable to utilize the FSU Disabled Parking Program.

On campus parking rules are enforced.  In the interests of safety, parking on sidewalks, grass, fire lanes, and spaces not specifically designed for parking vehicles is prohibited. Violations of disabled parking are strictly enforced.  Student and staff parking permits are not required to park on campus Saturday and Sunday.  Weapons and/or firearms are not permitted to be stored in a vehicle on the FSU campus at any time, including game days.

Some lots are designated Seminole Booster parking during game day weekends.  Persons who are not authorized to park in these designated lots are required to remove their vehicles to a non-Booster lot on the Friday evening prior to the Saturday football game.  Parking in a Seminole Booster lot without the required parking lot pass may result in the unauthorized vehicle being towed.

Charter Bus Parking for Football Games

This upcoming football season, Florida State University and Seminole Boosters, Inc., will permit charter buses to park during games. 

The fee for this service is $100.00 per bus, per game. Charter buses may park beginning four (4) hours before kickoff. Buses must depart within one (1) hour of the conclusion of the game.

2010 Charter Bus Application

Parking Directions

Travel east on US 90 to Call Street; east on Call Street to Stadium Drive; south on Stadium Drive to Spirit Way (Old Connector Road). Take Spirit Way to Chieftan Way. Go south on Chieftan Way. Attendants will park the buses.

Travel east on Pensacola St. to Stadium Drive; north on Stadium Drive to Spirit Way (Old Connector Road). Take Spirit Way to Chieftan Way. Go south on Chieftan Way. Attendants will park the buses.


All buses must exit east of the stadium on Pensacola Street. Attendants will guide.

Special Permits

A special permit will be issued for school buses that transport high school bands.  There will be no fee for this special permit; however, buses must apply for the special permit because it must be displayed on the bus. To apply for special permit, please contact the Seminole Booster Office. 

Golden Chiefs, Silver Chiefs, and Tomahawks

Click here for the 2010 Motorhome Parking Reservations 

Click here for the 2010 Motorhome Parking Map

Parking Contacts:

Platinum & Golden Chief Parking
Motorhome / Basketball Parking

Maria Fuller (Director)
(850) 644-3484

Game Day Parking Director*
James Bird
(850) 645-2533


*On game day if you have a problem please speak with the lot attendant; if it can’t be resolved the attendant will contact James Bird.

Questions and Answers

Q:      What are the benefits of this policy?
A:      By allowing motorhome spaces to be reserved rather than given on a first-come, first-serve basis, we are eliminating a traffic build-up along Lake Bradford Road and Jackson Bluff. Since those with reservations will have already paid for and received an assigned spot, the policy will decrease the time spent waiting in line. Also, it will preserve your ability to park with your friends, and, because you will know where your reserved spot is ahead of time, it will allow you to tell others exactly where to meet you in the lot.

Q:      Why aren’t towed RV’s (5th wheels) permitted?
A:      The lot was designed as a motorhome lot only. We have a limited number of spaces in the motorhome lot (approx. 160 spaces). If 5th wheels are allowed, next will be self-contained trailers, pop-up campers, etc. The motorhome lot simply does not have the space to accommodate that kind of demand.

Q:          Why can’t I reserve a space for the whole season?
A:      If we allowed that practice, there would be too many unused spaces due to no-shows. Ultimately, we would be faced with a decision to expand the lot (which is not feasible), or limit the use based on priority (which would result in excluding loyal Boosters who attend every game). By requiring weekly reservations, we expect the lot to be more fully utilized.

Q:      What if I forget to get my reservation form in by Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.?
A:      You will still have the chance to use the lot. You can show up at the gate and be assigned a space based on what has not been previously reserved. You may pay for the space at the gate by cash or check.

Q:      Can I reserve more than one space for other friends who are Boosters if they are at the Tomahawk, Silver Chief, or Golden Chief level?
A:      No, each person may reserve only one space per Booster account. 

Q:      What is the latest I can arrive in the motorhome lot and still receive my reserved parking spot?
A:      Two hours prior to kickoff. Any reserved spaces still unclaimed will be released into the first-come, first-serve allotment.

Q:      Is there a fee to use the motorhome lot?
A:      Yes, the fee is $75 and may be paid by credit card ahead of time, or by cash or check at the gate. The fee to bring in an additional vehicle is $15.  

Q:      Can you keep my credit card on file so I don’t have to send it in every week?
A:      Yes. Your reservation form has a box for you to check if you would like us to keep your credit card information on file. However, you must still send in your reservation if you plan on attending that particular game.

Q:      Can I use a generator?
A:      No, we now provide electricity, and, because of the noise and fumes, we do not allow generators in the motorhome lots.

Q:      Do I need a special permit to enter the lot?
A:      You will need to have your Booster Golden Chief, Silver Chief, or Tomahawk permit on your rearview mirror as well as your motorhome lot permit (issued at the gate) on your dashboard. All permits must be displayed throughout the entire game.


ADA Parking and Assistance on Gameday

In accordance with federal law, two percent of all parking spaces on the FSU Campus are set aside for disabled parking. The Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (DEO) coordinates the Disabled Parking Program for all home football games for fans with disabilities. An additional 125 spaces are created within close proximity of the stadium and all disabled parking spaces are assigned on a game-by-game basis by DEO. Patrons receive instructional aides, guides and information regarding assisted living devices. In addition, DEO offers gold cart services to its program participants on game day. The company contracted to provide shuttle rides for the 2010 season is the Gotcha Group. 

1. Participants must have a valid (blue or red) Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issued disabled parking placard. 

2. Disabled Parking spaces for the home football games are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis, determined by the date/time receipt of a completed request packet. This policy ensures fairness for all participants, without regard to the severity of an individual’s disability or their affiliation to FSU. (NOTE: in the past all spaces have been allocated within the first 30 days after applications were mailed out.) 

3. Incomplete request packets will not be processed by DEO. A completed request packet consists of: (1) an application (indicating the games you are attending, parking preferences, if any); (2) a copy of your disabled parking placard; and (3) a copy of your vehicle registration. 

4. If a participant is assigned two spaces, one through the Boosters and the second through the Disabled Parking Program, the Boosters will reassign the Booster-allocated parking placard to another Booster member. 

5. The individual assigned the Disabled Parking placard must be in attendance at the football games in order to use the disabled parking space 


1)Complete the application: (http://diversity.fsu.edu/index.cfm?page=disabled_parking): 

a) Check all boxes that correspond with each home football game you plan to attend. 

b) Check whether you need an accessible van space. 

c) If known, indicate a preferred parking space (DEO will make every effort to accommodate special requests). 

d) Provide a copy of your disabled parking placard. 

e) Provide a copy of your vehicle registration. 

2) Return a completed Request Packet via: 

a) Email: Scan all information and send to amwagner@admin.fsu.edu; or, 

b) Fax: 850/645-9504. (please include cover page with contact information); or, 

c) Mail: Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity 

Complete information is available by contacting the Office of Diversity and Equal   Opportunity, (850) 645-1458 or amwagner@admin.fsu.edu.

(Amber Wagner) 

ADA Transportation at the Game Call: 850-644-1980 

Golf Carts: 

Golf carts will be available for disabled parking patrons before and after each game. 

The golf cart service will begin approximately three (3) hours prior to kick-off and continue one (1) hour after kick-off. Service will resume approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of the game and continue one (1) hour after the end of the game. 

Specific information on pick-up and drop-off locations will be made available closer to the first game day. 

To request a ride on game day please call: 850-644-644-1980 

Personal golf carts are prohibited. An assigned decal must be affixed to the golf cart on game day for authorized operation 

Game Day Traffic Patterns

Four ½ hours before game time the Tallahassee Police Department will modify traffic patterns approaching the Doak Campbell Stadium.  St. Augustine Street will be modified as a two-way street for the Spirit Express, and Stadium Drive, Jefferson Street west of Woodward, and Pensacola Street west of Macomb Street, will be modified to allow inbound traffic only to the stadium and ADA parking on Stadium Drive.

After the game, the Spirit Express route will remain active, and Stadium Drive, Pensacola Street, Gaines Street, Jefferson Street, and St. Augustine Street will be modified for outbound traffic.

All fans are reminded to plan ahead and arrive early to ensure you arrive in time for kickoff.  Remember to be patient – law enforcement will work hard to facilitate your arrival and departure from the game.




 (See Lot 14 post game traffic route for more details)


As detailed in the FSU Alcohol Policy “tailgating” are gatherings occurring in the designated parking areas surrounding the area of Doak Campbell Stadium prior to and after scheduled football games.

(a) Florida State University does not support or condemn the consumption of alcohol by individuals 21 years of age or older at tailgate events.

(b) Florida State University does not condone any act related to excessive consumption of alcohol that impairs, interferes, or endangers the safety or enjoyment of anyone attending these events, including the individual who chooses to consume alcohol.

(c) Individuals who choose to consume alcohol are responsible for their behavior and should not operate a motor vehicle after they have consumed alcohol.

(d) the use of charcoal at tailgating activities on campus is strongly discouraged. 

How is alcohol consumption managed on game days?

Legal and responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed on campus on game days other than in the family-friendly (Jimbo’s True Seminole Tailgate) area located within the Wildwood Plaza near Wildwood and Ragans Residence Halls. Please note the university police works in conjunction with local and state law enforcement such as the Leon County Sheriffs Office, Tallahassee Police Department, Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Underage alcohol consumption laws are enforced and violators are subject to arrest. 

NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.  The Leon County Multi-Agency DUI Strike Force patrols during game day weekends to strictly enforce Florida’s impaired driving laws.  The message is simple – Over the Limit, Under Arrest.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside Doak Campbell Stadium.  Certain enclosed areas surrounding the stadium (i.e. University Club, Skyboxes, etc) do allow alcoholic beverages, however, these may NOT be brought into the patron seating area in the stadium or under the bleachers.  Persons willfully violating this rule will be politely directed to leave the game.  Persons who attempt to conceal alcoholic beverages in order to bring them into the stadium will be ejected from the game.

Prohibited Items in the Stadium

All ticket holders and their belongings may be searched upon entry into stadium.  If ticket holders elect not to consent to the searches they will be denied entry into the stadium without refund.


  • Alcohol or illegal drugs 
  • Weapons or explosives
  • Umbrellas
  • Food or beverage from outside the stadium  
  • Coolers or containers, including cans, cups and bottles
  • Bags larger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ 
  • Backpacks
  • Chairbacks with arms or larger than a single seat
  • Artificial noisemakers (whistles, bells, air horns, etc.)
  • Video equipment, tape recorders, cameras with lenses longer than 6″
  • Sticks, poles, flags or signs
  • Laser pointers
  • Laptops
  • Pets (except special service animals)
  • Strollers
  • Skateboards
  • Beach balls or other airborne objects

Additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of the law enforcement officials as dictated by increased threat conditions.

There are no provisions to check/store prohibited items at the gate.

Tents and Tailgating in Seminole Booster Lots

Tailgating is fast becoming a time-honored tradition at Doak Campbell.  While we encourage you to have a good time, please act responsibly.  Fans utilizing booster parking lots are permitted only one parking space per vehicle.  We ask you to minimize your tailgating space to permit free movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.  Lots will open five hours prior to kick-off.  No one is allowed to setup a tailgating site prior to the five-hour opening.

Tents, tables, tarps, or canopies are not permitted in areas that impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into an adjacent parking space. 


Saving spaces for other motorists is not permitted.

Keep Travel Lanes Open – Vehicles must be given ready access to parking spaces.  Tents, tables, and other tailgating items cannot obstruct travel lanes.  Safety of tailgaters and emergency vehicle access represent our top priorities.

Oversize Vehicles

An oversized vehicle is defined as being more than 18 feet long and 7 feet in width.  There is motor home parking available for boosters by reservation 

Smaller Motorized Vehicles 

Golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs and go-carts are not permitted in booster lots unless specifically authorized.


Size: 12′ by 12′ is maximum size permitted in order for movement in an emergency it cannot be staked to the ground.  Tents must be made of a fire-retardant material.

Parking lot: Must be set up in a location that does not take another fan’s parking space or in any way impede pedestrian or vehicle travel lanes.

Sidewalks:  Sidewalks must be left open for pedestrians. Grass area between parking stall and sidewalks may be used for tailgating.

During game:  Tents are not to be left unattended during game.  They should be taken down before entering the stadium.

Tents Purpose:  must be for fan entertainment only.  No commercial business or display may be made without prior approval from Seminole Booster Inc.

Food/Trash Disposal

Do Not Dump Hot Coals in trash receptacles or on parking lot grounds.  All tailgating material and refuse should be disposed of in a safe manner.

Responsible Behavior

The Parking lot is not a playground.  For the safety of neighboring fans, the tossing of flying objects, Frisbee, ball playing etc. is prohibited.  Similar activities involving skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bike riding, live bands, and excessively loud music are prohibited.


Any soliciting, selling, or free distribution of articles in parking lots without Seminole Booster approval is prohibited. 

Emergency Response

The FSU Police Department, local law enforcement partners, and other emergency management professionals go through great lengths to ensure the safety of game day patrons before, during, and after the game.  In the event of an emergency during the game, officials have the capability of communicating with fans through the stadium public address system, the main video screen, televisions located near vending locations within the stadium  in addition to other means of communication using the FSU Alert Emergency Notification System.  Instructions will be given to fans regarding evacuation orders, or other information that may convey important emergency information.  Fans should at all times carefully listen to instructions and follow them.  Law enforcement officers and other public safety professionals are provided with emergency instructions and training to assist in the event of a major emergency.

For general law enforcement and medical needs, the stadium is fully staffed with law enforcement officers and medical professionals.  Some important numbers to remember are:

Stadium Police Sub-Station: 644-1980

Report Unruly Fans – 645-JERK (5375) or text keyword: fsufan and message to 35842

Emergencies Inside and Outside the Stadium – 911

Main Line Campus Police – 850-644-1234

Main Line Tallahassee Police – 850-891-4200

Contact the Stadium Police Substation to report any police or medical emergency.  Note that the Tallahassee Fire Department also assigns firefighters to the game for fire and rescue emergencies.

Law enforcement officials operate strategically located cameras to allow for monitoring of events and activities taking place in and around the stadium.  These sophisticated devices are able to view large areas, or zoom in on individuals who may be causing disturbances.  Please note that when officers are called to an area in the stands, cameras are trained on the area to monitor and record activities.


Weapons are prohibited on the Florida State University Campus at all times including football games.  Fan may not store firearms or other weapons in their vehicles parked on campus while attending the game. Possession of a firearm or weapon on the FSU campus constitutes a felony and violators are subject to arrest pursuant to Florida Statute 790.115.


As previously mentioned, alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside Doak Campbell Stadium.  Certain enclosed areas surrounding the stadium (i.e. University Club, Skyboxes, etc) do allow alcoholic beverages; however, these may NOT be brought into the patron seating area in the stadium or under the bleachers.  Persons willfully violating this rule will be politely directed to leave the game.  Persons who attempt to conceal alcoholic beverages in order to bring them into the stadium will be ejected from the game.  Persons under 21 years of age who are in possession of an alcoholic beverage, or persons who willfully supply alcohol to persons under 21 years of age are subject to ejection from the game and arrest.


The possession of illegal drugs is a violation of Florida law and in strictly enforced on the FSU campus.  Persons who are in possession of illegal drugs are subject to arrest by police.

Use of Student Identification

Persons who are not FSU students may not use another person’s FSU Student ID to gain entry to the game with a student ticket.  Student tickets are for the exclusive use of FSU students with their assigned identification card.  Students may not lend their student identification to another person to allow that person to enter the stadium with a student ticket.  Unlawful use of student identification for this purpose is a violation of the FSU Student Code of Conduct as well as Florida law.  Persons who are found in violation are subject to referral to the Dean of Students Office and/or arrest.  In the event that an ID is being used for unlawful purposes, it will be confiscated by law enforcement.

Persons who are in possession of a student ticket may upgrade the ticket at the stadium ticket office, after which they may enter and enjoy the game.

Other Prohibited Activities 

  • Body passing – this activity is very dangerous due to fall hazards
  • Throwing Beach Balls in the stands, etc – these will be confiscated by game staff.
  • Unruly or offensive behavior – we all want to cheer for the Seminoles, but please keep behavior fun and in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • Fighting is not tolerated

Ticket Disputes

From time to time, there is confusion over seats associated with tickets.  Normally, this is merely a misunderstanding.  If a ticket/seat dispute cannot be resolved, please contact the nearest Event Staff person or law enforcement officer for assistance.

ATM Locations:

An ATM machine is available outside of the University Center Building B (across from the “Unconquered” statute) and 7 ATMs are available inside the stadium.  

Lower Concourse  

  1. Lower East – Gate L – Section 5
  2. South Endzone -Gate X – South Endzone
  3. Lower Gate D – Section 28-29

Upper Concourse 

  1. Upper East – Near Section 10
  2. Upper South East -Near Section 318-319
  3. Upper South West – Near Section 29
  4. Upper West – Near Section 33

Concessions and Food

A wide array of concessions are available inside the stadium during game time.  These include, to name a few, burgers, pizza, pretzels, ice cream, sodas, coffee, sports drinks, water, hotdogs, nachos, and more.

Game Day Dining 

The following locations are scheduled to be open during game days:

Location: Spear-it Zone (corner of Old St. Augustine & Varsity Dr. across from stadium)

Time: Open 4 hours before game time; closing TBD) 


Location: Suwannee Room (East side of campus; located in the William Johnston Building) 

Time: 10:30am-7:30pm


Location: Fresh Food Company (West side of campus; on Call Street next to Salley Hall and across from the Medical School): 

Time: 10:30am-7:30pm


Location: Chili’s (Oglesby Union): 

Time: 10:30am-midnight


Location: Starbuck’s (Woodward Ave. and Wildwood Drive): 

Time: 10:00am-4:00pm


Location: Denny’s All Nighter (Woodward Avenue and Parking Garage #2): 

Time: Open 24 hours


Want to have your tailgate catered? Leave the food to us – Seminole Dining 

Visit https://seminoledining.catertrax.com/ to place your order, or call (850) 644-7509


*These hours are subject to change without notice. Please visit www.seminoledining.com for more information

The Moore Athletic Center

The Coyle E. Moore Athletic Center is the home of FSU Athletics and Seminole Productions, an auxiliary of the College of Communications.  Covering 163,000 square feet of office, classroom, training, and presentation space, Moore is also home to the FSU Athletics Hall of Fame.  The Center is located between Gates A and M at Doak Campbell Stadium.  The Moore Athletic Center closes to the public two hours prior to game time. Come by before the game and enjoy learning about the FSU’s rich athletic traditions which forward the university’s “Unconquered” spirit both on and off the field!

Map of Florida State University (Click here) 

Banner Policy 

A. All banners must be in good taste and not contain grotesque or suggestive 

expressions that reflect negatively upon Florida State University. 

B. Banners cannot cover any existing signs inside the stadium. 

C. Banners are not permitted on the overhang areas.

D. Flags, Banners, or Poles will not be allowed in the seating area of the stadium. 

Smoking Policy 

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Doak Campbell Stadium with the exception of the designated smoking areas located at Gate B and L ground floor and the open air decks. 

Special Care Populations 

Wristbands will be made available in the Police Substation (located at Gate C) that can be adhered to the wrist of special care individuals. This wristband will assist law enforcement and first responders in the event the individual is lost. Responsible persons can write on the wristbands any emergency contact information they deem necessary. This is a free service. 

General Seating for Students 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. There is only 1 seat per person, so you cannot save seats; it is first come first serve. The stadium opens 2 hours before kickoff – suggested gate entry is Gate K, L or M. Students are permitted to line up for entry at any gate 3 hours prior to kick-off. As indicated on the map student seating is sections 40 thru section 7. 

City of Tallahassee Gaines Street Project

As part of the Gaines Street Improvement plan, Gaines Street is being rebuilt from a 2-way, 4-lane road to a 2-way, 2-lane street, with limited on-street parking from Woodward Avenue to Monroe Street. The work along Gaines Street is part of the City Commission’s goal to create an 18-hour, pedestrian friendly downtown. During the coming years, as the economy improves and development demand increases, this vital link between both local universities and downtown will become an urban corridor with public art displays, businesses and live/work spaces.

Due to the construction project patrons parking in lot 14 will be re-routed after each home game for the 2010 season. Patrons will travel west on Gaines Street to Lake Bradford Road. Patrons attempting to travel to the north side of Tallahassee can take one of the following routes:

  1. South on Lake Bradford Road to Orange Avenue(East) to North Monroe Street
  2. South on Lake Bradford Road to Orange Avenue (West) to Capital Circle (SW)

Patrons attempting to travel to Interstate 10 should take: 

  1. South on Lake Bradford Road to Orange Avenue (West) to Capital Circle (SW) to Capital Circle (NW) to Interstate 10 

Patrons attempting to travel to State Route 20 (Panama City) should take:

  1. South on Lake Bradford Road to Orange Avenue (West) to Capital Circle (SW) to SR 20 (Blountstown Hwy) 

The traffic pattern on Lake Bradford Road will be clearly marked with electronic message boards and City of Tallahassee Officers and Traffic Safety Personnel. 

See Map Below



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