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Florida State vs. Virginia

Post-game quotes.

November 7, 1998

“Happy Birthday to me!” – Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden, who turns 69 on Sunday.

“They did lose? Boy, it is a birthday, isn’t it?” – Bobby Bowden upon being informed of Ohio State’s loss to Michigan State.

“For the first time since joining the league, I realize the importance of winning the ACC Championship. We’ve always been on top, even when we lost we were on top. This year we lost early and we were on the bottom fighting our way to the top.” – Bobby Bowden.

“It was kind of shaky at halftime. We had just a touchdown lead, Virginia had not backed off one bit and we’re without our quarterback. We had some people who needed to step up and they did. Outzen did what I thought he was capable of doing. He ran draws and rollouts and throws the ball good. I thought he could do that, but he could have done bad. He’s always practiced hard and taken his licks without ever getting any accolades. He always has been a heck of a quarterback.” – Bobby Bowden.

“I didn’t have any doubts, and nobody else did, either. Left and right, everybody was coming up to me – Pete (Warrick), the offensive linemen, everybody was saying, ‘Come on, let’s go, this is what you’ve been waiting for, we believe in you.’ That was good to hear. I wasn’t really nervous, but that got rid of any bugs that might have been in there. It felt good, it really did, to have them rally behind me like they did. It helped me a lot.” – Florida State Marcus Outzen.

I really felt comfortable. I went throught it in my head many times. It could happen. It’s just one play away. Well, that one play came, and my boys rallied around me, and we went out there and scored a lot of points.” – Outzen.

“Marcus Outzen played like a leader out there tonight. I told him at halftime to play it as if it was just another high school game. If Weinke is out, Outzen can do the job for us.” – FSU flanker Peter Warrick.

“That kind of motivated us, as a unit. We’ve been watching tape, and we felt that they were no better than us. Of course, they may have had bigger numbers, but we have a lot of confidence in what we can do. The offensive line and everybody took it kind of personally. We have the type of offense where we throw more. We may not run as much as they do, but we still felt we could run the ball as well as they can.” – Florida State tailback Travis Minor, who ran for 130 yards and a touchdown on 28 carries.

“We went out in the first half and stunk up the joint. We had way too many mistakes and they capitalized with some big plays. The points on the scoreboard showed that. We wanted to rally around Outzen and go out and shut down Virginia in the second half. The way we played in the second half is the way we need to play, each and every play.” – FSU nose guard Corey Simon, on the Seminoles’ defense allowing 14 points in the first half, the most they’ve allowed at home all season, before limiting Virginia to 64 total yards in the second half.

“It happened when I got sacked right before halftime. I was already hurt and I was hit and my neck got jammed. I knew right away that I was hurt pretty bad because I was in a lot of pain.’ – FSU quarterback Chris Weinke, on how his injury happened.

“The touchdown pass to Pete was a great call. On our first series, we had thrown a couple of short balls and that kind of set them up. I pump-faked and they bit and Pete ran right by the defense.” – Weinke on his 79-yard TD pas to Peter Warrick.

“We didn’t execute today and made some really bad decisions. Florida State has the best defense that we faced all year. We haven’t had the pass deflections all year. Either we got whipped in the second half or they played great – one of the two. They controlled the line of scrimmage, so it really didn’t matter what plays we called.” – Virginia head coach George Welsh.

“I think we’re out of the race for the ACC Championship. I can’t imagine Wake Forest beating Florida State, although anything is possible. Next week’s game (vs. UNC) has a lot of implications on what will happen with postseason.” – Virginia head coach George Welsh.

Speed wasn’t even a factor in this game. It was just that they executed, and there were some plays that we didn’t, and that’s why they won. It’s not that they were so much of a better team than us, because they’re not. As you saw, we didn’t even play our best in the first half, and the game was what, 21-14?” – Virginia cornerback Antwan Harris.

“Bobby Bowden always has a good scheme, and I think he came in with a good scheme today. They didn’t want to have any five-step drops – they used straight three-step drops, get the ball out the quarterback’s hands quickly to the receivers and try to grind the ball out. I think their main scheme was to try to keep our defense on the field as much as possible.” – Virginia linebacker Wali Rainer.

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