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Ask the Seminoles

The Seminoles Answer Your Questions

  • Matt in Tallahassee asks:
    Coach Bowden, what do think about the FSU vs. UT matchup?
    AUDIO SOUNDBITE from Bobby Bowden.

  • Donnie Martins in Ferry, Ohio asks:
    Peter Warrick, what are your plans for the future, are you going to stay for another exciting run or are you going to go pro?
    Warrick answers:
    “If we win this bowl, I’ll have to weigh my options. If I decide to come back, I’ll come back to try and win another national chamonship. If I choose to go to the next level, I want to make sure I am doing the best thing for Pete, because I have a little girl I need to take care of.”

  • Steve in Tallahassee asks:
    What pressure do you feel going into the game?
    Marcus Outzen answers:
    “I try to avoid pressure and not let it bother me. I think you can control whether you feel pressure or not. So I just try to ignore it, and I’m pretty good at that.”

  • Joy in Atlanta asks:
    How much longer can we expect to have you as our coach?
    AUDIO SOUNDBITE from Bobby Bowden.

  • Matthew in Cincinnati asks:

    “What will the defense do to stop UT?”
    Corey Simon answers:
    “We’ll focus on stopping the run and make them beat us with the pass. As long as we play disciplined football, I think we’ll do very well.”

  • Jason from San Diego asks:
    Coach Andrews, what are your defensive goals?
    Coach Mickey Andrews answers:
    “It’s an 11-man game. That’s the reason this defense has been so successful. We do well if we have success up front, if we do not give up big plays, if we create situations that are favorable.”

  • B.J. Denison from Iowa asks:

    What player are you worried most about?
    Coach Bobby Bowden answers:
    AUDIO SOUNDBITE from Bobby Bowden.

  • Bryan from Jacksonville, Florida asks:

    Mr. Outzen, I was wondering how you feel about leading the Seminoles into the National Championship game?

    Marcus Outzen answers:
    “I’m not going to let it sink in until it’s all over. I’ve been a backup the whole year, and I’m very thankful that I got to play a team the magnitude of Florida right before this big game. This will be my third start, and I feel good about it. I think the team does too.”

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