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Fiesta Bowl Head Coaches Comparison

Bobby Bowden vs. Phillip Fulmer

The 1999 Fiesta Bowl not only is a game matching two successful programs, but two very good coaches. Florida State’s Bobby Bowden has put together some great coaching years in his tenure for the Seminoles, Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer has put up some impressive numbers in his seven years of head coaching service for the Volunteers.

Seminoles Coach is One of the Best

Tennessee Coaches Work is Paying Off

Florida State’s Bobby Bowden

  • Record at FSU (23 years): 219-52-4
  • All-Time Bowl Record: 16-4-1


  • Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden’s press conference audio. (12/31)
  • Bobby Bowden on the Fiesta Bowl match-up.
  • Bobby Bowden on which UT player he fears the most.
  • Bobby Bowden on if he gets tired of coaching.

    Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer

  • Record at Tennessee (7 years): 66-11
  • All-Time Bowl Record: 4-2


  • Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer’s press conference audio. (12/31)

    Quoting the Coaches

    Bobby Bowden

  • On whether he thinks the BCS works:
    “I thought it worked for what it was set up to do. Despite all the criticism, they di a great job of putting that thing together. Everytime you do something new, you see loopholes. Maybe they could modify it next year to make it better, but I think it worked out about as good as it could.”

  • On being the favorite:
    “I am surprised, yes and no. No, I am not surprised because we are always favored. The last time we were underdogs, we played Florida in the Sugar Bowl two years ago and they beat us. Ever since then, we have always been favored.”

  • On what impresses him about Tennessee
    “They are a real solid football team that deserves to be here as they always find a way to win. They have National Championship type defense.”

    Phillip Fulmer

  • On the National Championship Game:
    “It should be a great football game. I think I would agree that it should be a defensive struggle, but in this kind of scenario, in this kind of game where there is that much man-to-man played with two defenses, there’s opportunities for big plays every time you snap the ball.”

  • On wide receiver Peerless Price:
    “Peerless is a guy who, per touch, this season has made as much happen as any receiver we’ve had at Tennessee.”

  • On playing in the very first BCS:
    “To me, it’s very exciting. I think the people of America have really bought into the BCS. It’s done what it was intended to do in getting the two best teams together at the end of the year. It’s a part of history, if you will.”

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