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Fiesta Bowl Defensive Comparison

Swarming Seminoles vs. Vicious Vols

They say defense wins championships. If that’s the case, then each of this years Fiesta Bowl entrants is more than deserving to take home the National Championship.

Florida State is led by defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. Some key players for FSU are linebacker Lamont Green, lineman Corey Simon, and defensive backs Dexter Jackson and Mario Edwards.

UT defensive coordinator John Chavis leads the Vols defensive unit which is powered by their strong linebacker package of Al Wilson, Raynoch Thompson and Eric Westmoreland as well as defensive back Deon Grant.

FSU’s Simon Goes From Operating Table to All-America

Vols Say They’ll Be Themselves on Defense

Seminole Noseguard Out of Fiesta Bowl

Quoting the Defenses

Florida State

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Cornerback Tay Cody answers the question “Does UT compare to any team FSU has faced this year?”

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tay Cody explains what he thinks the key to the game is.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tay Cody on how he feels about FSU being favored, even though they are ranked No. 2 behind Tennessee.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tony Bryant on the matchup of FSU’s defensive line vs. UT’s offensive line.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews on if the FSU defense will approach the game differently now that UT has a new offensive coordinator.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Lamont Green on what went wrong in the N.C. State game and what the ‘Noles learned from that loss.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Lamont Green on how he would like to end his career at FSU.

Free safety Dexter Jackson

  • On the Seminoles attutude that they won’t lose any games:
    “We go into every game knowing we are going to win. Some teams go into a game thinking they might win, but we know we are going to win, so we play harder.”

  • On how the Seminoles are praparing for the Tennesse offense:
    “They have a new offensive coordinator, so we’re not sure which 15 plays they are going to run. We have to come out and try to tackle them in different ways. We have to line up and adjust to whatever they come out with and just play hard football.”

    Linebacker Lamont Green

  • On what makes this Florida State defense so good:
    “It’s a combination of our coaches and players, our team speed and our depth. when we get on the field, we have a nasty disposition.

  • On what worries him about UT’s offense:
    “Tee Martin, he’s so dangerous. If we don’t contain him, it’s going to be hard for us to win. we have to stop the run and contain Tee Martin.”


    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Cornerback Dwayne Goodrich on what he feels he needs to prepare for and who he possibly fears aside from Peter Warrick on the FSU offense. “Nothing!”

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Dwayne Goodrich on UT being the underdog.

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Darwin Walker on how he feels he and the UT defensive line will fare in the trenches.

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Defensive back Deon Grant on how he and the UT defensive backs plan to handle Marcus Outzen.

    Linebacker Al Wilson

  • On the Florida State offense:
    “They’re a spread out offense that is very explosive. We know they have a lot of speed and will be very physical, but we are very determined to go out and play our type of game.”

    The Lineup

    Florida State Probable Starters

    RE  40 Tony Bryant      6-4  268 Sr.
    DT  92 Jerry Johnson    6-2  280 Jr.
    NG  53 Corey Simon      6-4  275 Jr.
    LE  56 Roland Seymour   6-4  264 So.
    WLB 45 Lamont Green     6-3  230 Sr.
    MLB 52 Demetro Stephens 6-3  236 Sr.
    or  55 Brian Allen      6-2  225 So.
    SLB 29 Tommy Polley     6-5  233 So.
    LC  15 Mario Edwards    6-2  195 Jr.
    FS  11 Dexter Jackson   6-1  195 Sr.
    RV  6  Derrick Gibson   6-2  190 So.
    RC  27 Tay Cody         5-11 180 So.

    Tennessee Probable Starters

    LE  93 Shaun Ellis       6-4  260 Jr.
    LT  92 Jeff Coleman      6-4  242 Sr.
    RT  58 Darwin Walker     6-3  281 Jr.
    RE  22 Corey Terry       6-3  250 Sr.
    LLB 42 Eric Westmoreland 6-0  210 So.
    MLB 27 Al Wilson         6-0  226 Sr.
    RLB 46 Raynoch Thompson  6-3  217 Jr.
    LC  34 Steve Johnson     5-11 175 Sr.
    RC  23 Dwyane Goodrich   6-0  185 Jr.
    SS  2  Fred White        5-11 185 Jr.
    FS  7  Deon Grant        6-3  190 So.

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