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Fiesta Bowl Offensive Line Comparison

In the trenches is where the Fiesta Bowl just might be won. The ability of FSU’s line to give the young Marcus Outzen time coupled with how well they can make runing room for the backs could determine the Seminoles offensive fates. Tennessee’s line must protect and serve under the immense pressure of the Florida State defensive onslaught.

Quoting the Linemen

Florida State

Offensive lineman Ross Brannon

  • On the importance of blocking for a less-experienced QB:
    “It’s definitely a key for us. We want to keep the least amount of pressure on him so he has a chance to sit back and look for his receivers. If he’s comfortable back there, he’s going to make a good throw.”

  • On his impression of the UT defense:
    “They are really quick, probably even quicker than Florida. Their linebackers are very aggressive, and they like to blitz a lot. That has worked really well for them. We’ree going to have to pick up all of the blitzes and make sure we see what is going on in front of us”

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: FSU defensive lineman Tony Bryant on the matchup of FSU’s defensive line vs. UT’s offensive line.


    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tennessee’s all SEC tackle Chad Clifton on how he feels the UT offensive line will fare against the much heralded FSU defense.

    The Starting Lineups

    Florida State

    ST 76 Ross Brannon       6-8  280 So.
    SG 68 Jason Whitaker     6-5  300 Jr.
    C  54 Jarad Moon         6-4  291 So.
    TG 71 Jerry Carmichael   6-4  310 So.
    TT 60 Tarlos Thomas      6-5  310 So.


    LT 67 Chad Clifton       6-6  315 Jr.
    LG 75 Mercedes Hamilton  6-3  295 Sr.
    C  68 Spencer Riley      6-3  295 Jr.
    RG 52 Cosey Coleman      6-5  315 So.
    RT 72 Jarvus Reado       6-5  300 Sr.

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