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Fiesta Bowl Quarterback Comparison

FSU’s Marcus vs. UT’s Martin

Tee Martin knew the game plan from the start. Wait for Peyton Manning to break nearly every single record in the history of passing and then he’d get a chance to be Tennessee’s quarterback.

Marcus Outzen knew the game plan when he signed on at Florida State. Wait until the next century for Chris Weinke to leave and then he’d get a shot to run the Seminoles’ offense.

What About Outzen’s Backup?
FSU’s Fallen Warrior
UT’s QB is Set for FSU

Quoting the Quarterbacks

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Quarterback Marcus Outzen on if FSU is ready to play.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Marcus Outzen on the events surrounding the Fiesta Bowl leading up to the game.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Marcus Outzen on why he thinks FSU has a shot at the title, even with a backup QB.

AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Marcus Outzen discusses how his confidence helps FSU.

Florida State’s Marcus Outzen

  • On his feelings about playing for the national championship in only his third career start:
    “I wasn’t thinking about that the entire time I was watching the other games (UCLA & Kansas State). I’m not going to let it sink in until it’s all over. I’ve been a backup the whole year, and I’m very thankful that I got to play a team the magnitude of Florida right before this big game. This will be my third start, and I feel good about it. I think the team does too.”

  • About his demeanor on the field:
    “I’m kind of rowdy out there, and I’m pretty emotional, but I’ll be cool when I need to. When things go well, I’m going to let people know I’m having a good time.

  • On how it helps the team to be around the experienced FSU coaching staff:
    “If you combine it, they’ve been around 100+ years. They know how to prepare us for bowls, and they’ve been through it who knows how many times. All of us are confident in what our coaches are doing because they’ve won these kind of games.

    Tennessee’s Tee Martin

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin comments on why he thinks the FSU defensive backs are so good.

    AUDIO SOUNDBITE: Tennessee quarterback Tee Martin comments on how he thinks the UT offensive line will fare against the FSU defensive line.

    Depth Chart

  • Florida State
    14 Marcus Outzen (So., 6-2, 220)

    11 Jared Jones (Fr., 6-4, 220)

  • Tennessee

    17 Tee Martin (Jr., 6-3, 215)

    5 Burney Veazey (Fr., 6-2, 195)

    Statistical Comparison

  • Florida State
    PASS   Comp Att Ints/TD Pct  Yds
    OUTZEN 36   60  2/1     60.0 464 
    JONES  2    6   1/0     33.3 8
    RUN    Att Yards Avg   TD       
    OUTZEN 48  66    1.4   2
    JONES  1   -12   -12.0 0
  • Tennessee
    PASS   Comp Att Ints/TD Pct  Yds
    MARTIN 153  267 6/19    57.3 2164
    VEAZEY 4    7   1/1     57.1 86
    RUN    Att Yards Avg  TD
    MARTIN 103 287   2.8  7
    VEAZEY 9   -4    -0.4 0 

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