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Aug. 18, 1997

Seminoles Start Practices with Specialist Workouts

TALLAHASSEE, Fl — The No. 3 ranked Florida State Seminoles continued
two-a-day practices on Monday, with an 8:30 a.m., morning session and a
4:30 p.m., evening session, after participating in Media/Fan Day on Sunday.
The Seminoles practiced in shells (shorts & shoulder pads) during both

Both practices began with specialist workouts, including kicking and
punting drills. To follow, the team broke off into segment drills and then
intersquad drills with the receivers and defensive backs. Both sessions
ended with controlled scrimmages.

“We eased into hitting today with shells,” said head coach Bobby Bowden.
“I think we did the wise thing in minimizing the hitting situation and
preventing possible injuries.”

“Our passing game was non-existent (in the afternoon session),” commented
Bowden. “People were not getting open or protecting the passer. There was
just a collapse of our passing game.”

“Ron Dugans is the one guy who doesn’t mind going after the ball and
making the catch,” continued Bowden. “Unless our defense is just great and
I don’t think they are yet.”

Ryan Sprague, a former tight end who earned a scholarship yesterday,
worked as the third string center. Sprague is a redshirt freshman from
Augusta, Ga. Sebastian Janikowski, Bradley Jennings, Abdual Howard, Clevan
Thomas and Atrews Bell missed the morning session to take academic
placement tests. Laveraues Coles sat out with a strained achilles tendon.

Injury Report: Laveranues Coles, WR, left achilles tendon strain; E.G.
Green, WR, right quadricep strain; Corey Simon, DT, left shoulder
subluxation; Marvin Minnis, WR, left fourth finger dislocation; Roland
Seymour, DE, right and left groin strain.

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