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A Seminole Conversation

Sophomore Chris Rix had a breakout campaign in 2001 which garnered him ACC Rookie of the Year honors.

Aug. 3Linebacker Michael Boulware
Aug. 5Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin
Aug. 6Offensive lineman Brett Williams
Aug. 7Linebacker Kendyll Pope
Aug. 8Tailback Greg Jones
Aug. 9Center Antione Mirambeau
Aug. 10Free Safety Kyler Hall
Aug. 11Kicker Xavier Beitia
Aug. 13Defensive End Alonzo Jackson

Aug. 15Quarterback Chris Rix
Aug. 16Defensive End Kevin Emanuel
Aug. 19Tight End Patrick Hughes
Aug. 20Cornerback Rufus Brown
Aug. 21Wide Receiver Robert Morgan

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