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Career Development



Preparing for life after college is a major focus of the N.O.L.E.S. program.  The FSU Athletics Career Development program is designed to work in cooperation with Florida State’s Career Center to acquaint students with the job search process, provide networking opportunities and ultimately assist with job placement.  The program places a priority on the development of the total person, with the goal of developing individuals who will have rewarding and productive lifestyles after they leave Florida State University.   Currently, the Office of Student Services offers these services and resource tools for career development to our student-athletes.:

Seniors in Transition

This program offers senior student-athletes an opportunity to hear from former student-athletes on making the transition between college and the working world. Participants will walk away from this experience with an updated resume, information on benefits, salary negotiation, and job searching skills. In addition to developing networking skills, they will also have a chance to register with Seminole Link through the FSU Career Center, one of the top ranked university career centers in the nation. Each participant’s resume will be included in the Resume CD, which is sent to over 250 companies throughout the country.

Business and Dining Etiquette

Business and Dining Etiquette program provides student-athletes and coaches with an opportunity to sharpen their skills when it comes to -fine dining- Dining etiquette, which can be used while representing the university at functions or events, or when going on job interviews. Participants of this event will gain practical tools for professional and social success as young professionals and FSU Ambassadors.  Dining Etiquette Q&A: http://www.career.fsu.edu/content/download/325540/2196628/Using%20Proper%20Etiquette.pdf

Seminole Career Book

The purpose of The Seminole Career Book for Student-Athletes is to help students through the career planning process during their time at Florida State University, and as they approach graduation. We understand how much time and effort goes into being a successful student-athlete, this Career Book will aid students in organizing their academic career for the next four years as they prepare to be a professional in something other than their sport.



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