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New Opportunities for Leadership, Education and Service (N.O.L.E.S.)

New Opportunities for Leadership, Education and Service (N.O.L.E.S.)


The Office of Student Services strives to establish a commitment to the total growth and development of each student-athlete.  Through the N.O.L.E.S. program, an administrative commitment to academic and athletic excellence, as well as to personal development, these dedicated efforts are supported with programs and services in personal, career, and leadership development.


Fostering the development of personal growth is a fundamental component of the N.O.L.E.S. program.  The support programs ensure that the student-athlete will be provided with opportunities to focus on personal growth area such as values clarification, goal setting, fiscal planning, decision-making and personal responsibility.  Programming focuses on helping the student-athletes develop a healthy lifestyle while they are at Florida State University and habits that will benefit them for life.


Preparing for life after college is a major focus of the N.O.L.E.S. program.  The program is designed to work in cooperation with Florida State’s Career Center to acquaint students with the job search process, provide networking opportunities and ultimately assist with job placement.  The program places a priority on the development of the total person, with the goal of developing individuals who will have rewarding and productive lifestyles after they leave Florida State University.


Serving the community is the focus of the Seminole Spirit program.  Student-athletes are challenged to volunteer in our community and help individuals who are in need.  With a clearly defined program of service, student-athletes are given the opportunity to develop a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.  Over the years, our commitment to community service has grown leaps and bounds.  Currently, our student-athletes have performed over 6,400 hours of community service and have impacted countless lives in and around Tallahassee and the surrounding community. During the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 academic school year, the Florida State University department of athletics was recognized by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports for having one of the most successful outreach and community service program, in which Seminole Student-Athletes impacted the lives of over 150,000 youth.

On any day of the week you can find any number of our student-athletes giving back to the community. Whether it’s mentoring at a local elementary or middle school, volunteering with the Dick Howser Foundation, setting up a clothes or food drive, giving free golf or tennis lessons, participating as a “buddy” with the Miracle League of Tallahassee, or doing their part to “Keep Tallahassee Beautiful”, Seminole student-athletes are making a difference!  It is with great honor that each and every year Florida State University and the Department of Athletics continues this commitment of service to the community.



The Florida State University Department of Athletics is committed to developing programs of excellence that foster leadership development.  Currently, the Office of Student Services offers three leadership programs to our student-athletes.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) has been in place with Florida State Department of Athletics for ten years and consists of a fantastic group of motivated student-athletes.  The SAAC is made up of 42 student-athletes, at least two from every sports team.  Regular scheduled meetings occur bi-weekly to discuss issues confronting student-athletes, here at FSU, as well as in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and across the nation.  The SAAC at FSU has many responsibilities: New Student-Athlete Orientation, Peers Helping Athletes Transition (P.H.A.T.) Tuesdays, the International Student-Athlete Culture Fest, the Welcome Back Picnic and culminating with the Golden `Nole Awards Banquet, where seniors from each team are honored and student-athletes who have excelled in the area of community service are awarded.

In addition to the leadership program and opportunities provided to the student-athletes on the SAAC, there are two supplementary leadership programs that are offered to all male and female student-athletes.  Women in Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.) and REAL (Reliable Educated Approachable Leaders) Men provide an opportunity for a small group of male and female student-athletes to further develop their leadership, and personal development skills.  Topics addressed include, but are not limited to: effective communication, values and ethics, conflict resolution, goal setting, time management, leaving a legacy, and writing a personal mission statement. Group members are chosen on a first come, first serve basis and the curriculum lasts throughout the academic year.




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