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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce


In Memory of Ronalda Pierce
February 23, 1985 – June 8, 2004


June 8, 2004 – Page Two Responses


June 8, 2004 – Page Three Responses


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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce
Ronalda Pierce

Lacy NeSmith (Sycamore, GA)
There are no words to express how much I am going to miss ‘Nalda!! Playing ball with her through high school and getting to graduate with her was one of the biggest thrills of my life!! I loved picking on her and she sure didn’t mind picking back!!

She was always smiling and was the type of person that could make you smile if you were having a bad day!! She was so full of energy!! She achieved so much in her time her on earth, but we all know she is in a better place!!

I will never forget how Ronalda was such a good friend to me and everyone else!! I will miss her deeply!! I am praying for her family and hope that maybe one day this loss will be overcome!! Thanks, and you will always be in my prayers!!

Collin Mickle, Tallahassee, Fla.
I knew Ronalda Pierce, though hardly well enough. As a writer covering the women’s basketball team, I saw her often, spoke to her on occasion, and enjoyed watching her play.

That we will not have a chance to watch Ronalda develop as a young woman and as a basketball player is a tragedy. Only my confident belief that she is truly in a better place can temper the sadness I feel.

She will be missed, not least by me. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, her coaches and teammates, and anyone else whose life crossed hers, however briefly.

God bless.

Ashburn, GA
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pierce family. Ronalda was such an outstanding athlete and will be truly missed in the Ashburn community. I also had the pleasure of teaching her in my classroom.

Lynn, Brad, and Blake Christian

Jim Roselius (College Station, Texas)
The staff of athletes in action would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Ronaldo Pierce. We are saddened at the loss of your daughter. We pray for comfort for all in this time of mourning. May the Lord fill you with His peace. God Bless you in this time.

Nick Rider (Tallahassee, Florida)
My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family and our Women’s Basketball program during this time of sorrow. Our Seminole family will always remember you! #55 forever in our hearts!

Orange Park, Florida
All Seminoles, everywhere, will say a prayer for Ronalda’s family and friends. Please know that all of us have you in our thoughts and prayers. May God comfort each and everyone of you and keep you in His warm embrace.

Eddie Varnes Tampa, FL
I want to send my thoughts and prayers to Ronalda’s family. Anyone who wears the uniform or attends the school is part of a very large and proud extended family. You will never be forgotten. God bless.

JC – Ashburn, Ga
Ronalda was a true flame from the small town of Ashburn. Although her physical light has been put out the memories she created for us will burn on forever. We love you ‘Nalda. God bless the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lee Henley, San Diego, California
My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. Ronalda will be missed greatly.

Josh, Orlando
Prayers are with the family

Kelley Hanner, Rebecca, Georgia
The Pierce family is in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless and comfort you at this time of need.

Andy Alwood (Punta Gorda, FL)
My heart goes out to the Pierce family. Ronalda was a joy to watch. As a high school basketball coach I loved watching Ronalda play with such enthusiasm. She was a great role model and example for many young ladies who dream to play college basketball.

Rosanne Cone (Tallahassee, FL)
What a wonderfully vivacious, young talent we fans of FSU Women’s Basketball enjoyed watching last year when Ronalda took the floor. She will be missed. May God impart His strength to you all, Ronalda’s immediate family and her family of players and coaches at FSU, during this time. God bless you.

Andrew (Naples, Fl)
As an FSU alum I wanted to pass on my sympathies and condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

Greg, Vickie, Jessica, and Ashley Brown Ashburn, GA
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this sad time. We have lost one of our own. Greg was Ronalda’s first coach during Recreation Basketball. She was such a wonderful athlete and team player. She was a wonderful student when I taught her. Ronalda always had a wonderful smile, sweet disposition, and never failed to speak to us whenever she passed by. She will be greatly missed!

Tombi Bell – Murray, KY
My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. May GOD Bless you through this difficult time.

Neal Christian (Decatur, GA)
May God bless the family! With positive thoughts, thank Him for giving you all 19 beautiful years with one of his children.

David Hoyt (Austin, TEXAS)
This is truly a sad moment in time for the FSU family, and especially for the family of this beautiful (and talented) young lady. God bless you all.

David Hoyt – Class of 1976 – Turner County High School – Ashburn, GEORGIA

Staci Sutton (Tallahassee, FL)
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family and the FSU basketball family.


Sydney Hunte, Buffalo, NY
I can imagine what the FSU community is going through–we here at Canisius College lost one of our athletes just last month. Ronalda’s family, and her family at FSU, are in my thoughts and prayers.

Itoro Umoh-Coleman (Clemson, SC)
To Ronalda’s family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tallahassee, Florida
Prayers to the family of Ronalda and to the whole FSU basketball squad. Ronalda will be missed both on and off the court.

Trust in the Lord, give thanks for her life, and her impact while here on earth. But now know, He has another angel looking down on earth….

My condolences.

Brad Christian

To the Pierce family,

It was a honor to know this talented young girl and watch her play basketball over the years in Ashburn. I even managed to watch her on TV a few times this past year at FSU. What a tremendous talent she was, and perhaps more importantly, what a tremendous person she was. She was always really friendly. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. May God be with you.

Brad Christian

Tampa, FL
My mouth just dropped to the floor when I read this. What a tremendous and outgoing person Ronalda was! She will be missed by everyone including her many Seminole women’s hoops fans!

Bernice Mosby, Gainesville, Florida
To the family and players and anyone associated with Ronalda Pierce I just want to send my sympathy and condolences. I enjoyed playing against Ronalda, I can remember the game after we played Florida State I said to myself that girl is going to be good.

To her teammates I just want you to stay strong and trust that God will bring you out of this tradegy, just trust in him. I’m truely sorry for this loss, but I know that heaven has an angel named Ronalda Pierce and I will always remember her.

Bernice Mosby #33

The Renard Family, Tallahassee, FL
We extend our deepest condolences to Ronalda’s family, team, and friends. We got to know her on the basketball court and through the Seminole’s Spring League for girls. On the court, she was dynamic and exciting to watch. She was such a big asset to the team. When we saw her during the girls Spring League at the practice facility, she was friendly and always smiling. It was wonderful to see her interacting with kids who looked up to her. What a special experience for the children to have a chance to get to know her a little better.

We will miss Ronalda’s talent, her quiet demeanor, and her gentle spirit. God bless you, Ronalda.

Mike Wyckoff
All the Wyckoffs are praying for the Pierce family as well as the FSU family, Ronalda’s coaches and teammates in their time of grief.

Natashia Morehead (Panama City, FL)
First off, I would like to say that I am truly sorry of the loss to her family and to Florida State University. I really did not know Ronalda Pierce, but I do remember playing against her and if I could recall she was extremely passionate about the game and that made me respect her as a person.

Miss Pierce will be in my prayers with her family and the University. To the family please be strong for your daughter, sister, aunt, or neice because she would not want it any other way.

God bless
Natashia Morehead

P.S. Just remember now that Ronalda has gone to a much better place she is going to be alright; she does not have anymore worries! To the family, she will be there with all of you watching from up above!

Tony Pendarakis, North Miami Beach
Words cannot express the pain and sorrow I felt when I read of the passing of Miss Pierce. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family as well as my condolences to her Florida State coaches and teammates. God Bless you all.

Amber H. Hodge, Ashburn, GA
My prayers go out to Ronalda’s family. She was such an intelligent and gifted person. I am proud to have known her for all the years that we were in school together. God obviously needed a basketball star in heaven!

Caryle Martin, Dunedin Florida
I am sorry to hear about your loss. May God be your source of peace and strength and may God be with you through this difficult time in your life.

Donna NeSmith, Ashburn, Ga
I am the mom of two daughters that played ball with Ronalda since she was young. I am so thankful that we knew her. I have so many great memories of her. She has always been a sweet, beautiful girl. She will be missed.

Breck and Robbie (Siloam Springs, AR)
We were sorrowed to hear of Ronalda’s unexpected death. May you rejoice in the good things that Ronalda accomplished; and may her memory inspire you to excellence in all that you do. That will be a fitting tribute to her.

Bless you. May God be with your family.

Mike B Albany, GA
My prayers goes out for her family, I hope you can find comfort in God and those around you.

Aaron Vause
My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda’s family and the Women’s Basketball Team as well as the entire Athletic Department. She was a wonderful person with a lot to be proud of. She will be greatly missed. God bless.

Frank Seidman & Denise O’Brien, Tallahassee, FL
Our sincerest love and prayers go out to the family of Ronalda. We had the good fortune to meet her and talk with her at the luncheons. She was a lovely lady.

Jayson Virostek Lighthouse Point, Fl
No school in the country is as close as the Florida State Seminoles, no matter who you are. We’ve lost a family member. You’ll be in my prayers.

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