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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce


In Memory of Ronalda Pierce
February 23, 1985 – June 8, 2004


June 10, 2004 – Page One Responses


June 10, 2004 – Page Three Responses


Ronalda Pierce In Memory of Home Page

A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce
Ronalda Pierce

Kyle & Vicki Meyer – Tallahassee, FL
Please extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Ronalda, her teammates, her coaches and her friends. Our prayers are with you.

Nicole Bolden – Fort Pierce, Fla.
I am a ball player at Indian River Community College and I know this is a sad time for you ladies, but remember the good and exciting times that were spent with Ronalda. You ladies made an impact in her life as well as she did on yours. Keep your heads up because that is what she would want. Look up to the heavens and the BRIGHT STAR will be Ronalda looking down on you.

So as a team stay strong, stay in good spirits and for the up-and-coming season take it ALL in the memory of Ronalda.

With much lover,
Nicole Bolden

Friendship M B C – Tifton, Ga 31794
To the Pierce family, Carithers family and Leslie Turner our church family will keep you all in prayer at all times during the loss of your loved one. Friendship family says we love you all whatever we can do please give us a call.

Rev. Melvin McDaniel – Pastor

You are truly missed and will forever be in our hearts.

Uncle Bilbo, Auntie Doris, Fernel, Greg, Tisha, Tynesha Markevian, Ann, Zion

Tammi Boyd (Mableton, GA)

To my Dear Sweet Cousin-In-Law & Family
As hard as it is for us to accept God taking such a beautiful, talented, and sweet individual at such an early age, we have to realize that God doesn’t make mistakes. One thing that I can truly say (from my brief encounters with Nalda), is that she will be an angel in heaven to watch over us all.

Much Love, and God Bless!

A Friend – VA
We don’t understand “WHY” sometimes, but knowing that God has a plan for each of us I have gathered this one thing from Ronalda’s life. After reading all of the condolences to her family and “FSU’s” family I have this to say. I believe that Ronalda was allowed to touch our lives for the purpose of showing us how to live. There are well wishers from all over the country and we are all praying. She undoubtedly possessed a humble spirit and knew how to show love to those she encountered. Live on Ronalda and thanks for sharing your life with us. Even in your passing you are teaching us to pray and to show love.

Duane (Franklin, TN)
My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Ronalda at this most difficult time. While I didn’t know Ronalda, she was obviously a wonderful person who meant so much to so many. May God give you strength and guidance through the days ahead.

Doug McDowell – Salt Lake City, Utah
prayers are out for the Pierce family,best of wishes in this period of your life.

Sheldon Laster – Marietta and Ashburn, GA
A Tribute to Turner Country’s Greatest basketball player, Ronalda Pierce she was like a big sister to Brett and I. She will be missed. May God bless the Pierce and FSU families.

Tina Kelly – WPB, FL
My prayers go out to family of Ronalda Pierce and to the FSU Women’s Basketball Family. Stay Strong and trust God’s plan.

Kevin (South Bend, IN)
I am a huge FSU fan and when I saw this news I went and prayed for Ronalda and her family. She will be missed greatly. God Bless.

Eafton Hill (Boone, NC)
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of grief. God will help you through this. Trust in Him.

Eafton Hill

Jennifer King (Greensboro, NC)
My prayers are with the FSU women’s basketball team the University as a whole and Ronalda’s family. Being an FSU fan and athlete, It’s extremely sad to see such a young athlete fall in the prime of her life. Stay up Noles!

Nadia Franklin – Pembroke Pines, FL

To the Pierce Family,
We are sorry for your loss. I never knew Ronalda but anytime a young person passes away its so sad. May the lord comfort you and your family in your time of sorrow.

Love the Franklin and Serpico family

Corey Johnson (Ocilla, Ga)
My prayers go out to the Pierce family that grieves the death of a very special person. Ronalda and I were the players of the year in 2000 of men’s and women’s basketball of class A. I knew that she would be someone special not just by what she did on the court, but how she carried herself off the court. I hate that we have to deal with something like this when we as people are thinking that everything is going good. I want to say again that my prayers are with the Pierce family and that the lord be with you.

Corey Johnson #4

Joshua Fowee (Tallahassee, FL)
I had the pleasure of watching Ronalda Pierce play in everyone of her team’s home games during her year with the FSU women’s basketball team. It was an honor to play her school’s fight song as her and her team would run out onto the court. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Marty Summerville – Southside, Alabama
Ronalda we will miss you here on earth. I pray you are on God’s basketball team. You will never lose another game with him as the Coach.

Kenneth Hayes and the Hayes Basketball Team from Thomasville, GA
We send out our sympathy to people all over the world. We all were struck by this dramatic news. May God lift our heavy burdens and may Ronalda Pierce #55 rest in peace.

Charles (Coral Springs, FL)
May God bless you! You are in a better place now. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Janet Mitch – McLean, Va.
May you rest in God’s peace.

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