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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce


In Memory of Ronalda Pierce
February 23, 1985 – June 8, 2004


June 8, 2004 – Page One Responses


June 8, 2004 – Page Two Responses


June 8, 2004 – Page Three Responses


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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce
Ronalda Pierce

David Holtzclaw (Greer, SC)
I pray for God’s touch on Ronalda’s family and friends during this tragic time. We do not always understand why things happen but we MUST trust in God and his plan for our lives. My prayers are with you!

Tyler Madison, Indiana
I didn’t know Ronalda personally, but I am a huge Seminole fan and just to see a Nole die is heartbreaking. I hope she will watch her team in Heaven and I hope God will be with her friends and family all through this very rough time.

David Hudson – Jacksonville
My prayers are for Ronalda Pierce’s family and for the Florida State family. May we all remember how precious life is, that we don’t know when our life will end and that we need to make certain of our future. May God bless and comfort you in this time of tremendous loss.

Terry Bennett (Jasper, FL)
As an alumnus and booster of FSU, I wish to send to all of Ronalda’s friends and family members a heartfelt expression of sympathy. I trust and hope in the days ahead that your collective love for her and faith in God above will sustain you. Thanks for sharing such an incredible student-athlete with the Seminole family.

Virginia State University Women’s Basketball
All of Ronalda’s family and loved ones are in our prayers, our women’s program sympathizes with the loss of not only a great player, but a great person.

Sean D. Hill, Grad Assistant Women’s Basketball Virginia State University

E. Jackson – Adel, Ga.
I was really sorry to hear about the passing of Ronalda. Our team, Cook High played them in a tounament in 2002. Ronalda was one of the players on the team. They won, and we were eliminated from the tounament. She will really be missed from the FSU team. I was able to see her play on TV. My prayers go out to her family. I am very sorry.

Sean (Laurel, Maryland)
The parents and loved ones of Ronalda Pierce lost a special person on Tuesday. but gain the spirit of a great young lady who is definately looking down on all the people who looked over her while she was here with us. I don’t know Ronalda at all but I just saw on ESPN of her passing a couple of mintues ago and I was going to write her coaches and teammates to remember Ronalda as a person who HASN’T left them for good, but remember her as just a person who is up above all of us making it comfortable for us up there once we get there. Rolanda was only at FSU one year but will now be remembered at FSU for a lifetime. My thought and prayers go out to her family and loved ones and I hope to see a dedication season to Ronalda by the whole Florida State Athletic Department.

Eric (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
My thoughts and prayers go to the family, friends, and teammates/coaches of Ronalda. She is truely in a better place with God. God Bless you in this time of tragedy.

With Seminole Love,
Eric – Chiefly Brass, c/o 2004

Valerie Carithers – Ashburn Ga.

To my angel in the sky:
I loved you more than you knew. You are forever in my heart.

Jason Rodgman (Raleigh, NC)
My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ronalda Pierce. May you find the strength and courage you need to get through this tough time.

Robert Clemmon – Tallahassee, FL, (FAMU)
The Florida A&M University student body prays for the strength of the Pierce family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sgt. Darrin L. Abner, Albany Police Department, Albany, Georgia
I’m very sad to have learned of the passing of Ronalda. I did not personally know Ronalda, but have enjoyed watching her play high school basketball whenever she came to Albany over the years. Although I did not know the young lady personally, I did talk with her once or twice over her high school career, and found her to be a very generous and kind person who was looked upon as a leader by her high school team mates. My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda and her family during such a trying time. To the family, focus on the wonderful memories Ronalda left behind, and in remembering those memories you will find some since of comfort, but most importantly those memories will forever keep her alive in your hearts.

Hollingsworth Family – Seattle,Wa
May God wrap his loving arms around the Pierce Family and Flordia State University. My family will continue to pray. God Bless

Michele Matyasovsky (Colorado Springs, CO)
I am a former Duke basketball player and just found out about the tragedy. It’s hard for me to express my sorrow for what has happend and it is hard for me to understand how this could happen to someone so young. Although I never competed against Ronalda I’m sure she was a tremendous asset to the FSU team and an exceptional person as well. I would just like the family to know that I am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.


Sharon and Hank Greenberg (Ouray, Colorado)

To the Pierce family:
Please accept our thoughts of sympathy for the loss of Ronalda. Through this time of sorrow, take what joy you can in knowing that we in her Seminole family knew her as a great young lady, a loyal teammate and a credit to our university. God Bless.

Coach TAG – (Marietta, GA)
Ronalda “Nautica” Pierce was not only the greatest women’s player ever born in the Peach State, but she was also one of the most wonderful young ladies as well. Her Ashburn family and her Seminole family grieve for our loss, but know with utmost confidence that it is truly Heaven’s gain! Nautica will always be “our girl”. We’ll miss you like crazy Five-Five, and make sure you take Matt to the hole for us!

Maurine Martin (Cape Coral, FL)
I pray that you all will be surrounded by the love of God through your family and friends in this incredibly difficult time. Being a part of the Seminole women’s basketball team (family) is an honor and a privilege. I’m sure that Ronalda was living her dream by playing college basketball for such a great program. May you feel the gentle arms of God surround and support you as God grieves with you.

Betty Bean – Knoxville, Tenn.
I met the Pierce family several years ago when Ronalda was in Knoxville to attend PHS’s camp. Their car was parked next to mine outside TBA, and I talked with her dad for a few minutes after the all-star game that traditionally ends the camp. Ronalda had played very well, and was singled out for special attention from Coach Summitt. I remember hearing Pat joking with her, telling her to “Eat!”

Ronalda said she was going to be like Michelle Snow. It was a very warm moment. What nice people. What a wonderful family. I am so very sad to hear about this terrible tragedy. I kept up with Ronalda the rest of her high school career, and she was not only an outstanding player, but a very fine person, as well. I am so very, very sorry, and my thoughts and prayers are with her family.

The Cox Family
We have a daughter playing high school basketball who will be playing college basketball in a little over a year. We can’t imagine the grief that Ronalda’s family feels but we pray that they draw strength from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has a plan that sometimes doesn’t make sense to us. God’s blessings on her family and all of you at Florida State who were her family while at school.

S. Otis
I would like to send out my condolences to the Pierce family as well as the FSU Women’s basketball team. God makes no mistakes. He picked one of his precious flowers. Stay strong and be encouraged that your days will become brighter. Blessed are they that morn: for they shall be comforted. (Matthew 5:4).

West Bainbridge Middle School – Bainbridge, Ga.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the FSU Women’s basketball team and coaching staff and the Pierce family whom I’m sure is very proud of raising such a remarkable young lady, whom was very gifted and talented on the hardwood as well as off. I am very thankful for having the opportunity of meeting Ronalda along with the seventh and eight grade lady eagles basketball team at West Bainbridge Middle School in Bainbridge Ga. I’m sure she inspired everyone whom she came in contact with because she sure inspired the Lady Eagles. Our prayers are with you all. God bless.

Alvina Lundy – Albany, GA
Words cannot express the way I feel. I pray that God will help the Pierce’s family get though this. I pray that they be strong and trust in God. It’s going to be hard, but keep trusting in GOD in He’ll see you though.

Alvina Lundy

Sycamore, Georgia
Ronalda was a tremendous athlete in Turner County. While we did not know her personally, we enjoyed watching her play the game with such dedication and commitment.

Our prayers are with the Pierce family and her friends. May the Lord Jesus comfort and strengthen all of you.

Donnie & Jackie Duncan

John (Tallahassee, FL)
We will miss you Ronalda. May you rest in peace and live forever in our memory. Hopefully, more will be done to understand, diagnose, and alleviate Marfan Sydrome. Not many know of it and its problems. We will miss you Ronalda Pierce.

Pearson (Tallahassee, Florida)
To all of the Pierce family, I am truly sorry for your loss. May your family remain close to the lord in this time of tragedy as Ronalda is with the lord now and looking down on us with a smile on her face. May the lord continue to bless you and lift his countenance upon you, and give you all peace.

Sylvia Brown Arnold (Mesquite, TX…Ashburn, GA)
‘Nalda was a very special young lady. I remember teaching her P.E. in 5th grade and watching my niece and the rest of Ronalda’s class grow up together. She was very athletic then and we all knew she would really make something of herself. Our prayers are with all of her family. She will be well missed.

Kim – Charlotteville, VA
As a Women’s College Basketball fan, I want to offer my condolences to the Pierce family.

As UVa fans, we have been able to watch the Florida State tam play since they joined the ACC. Thus, we feel that all the teams in the league are our own. I am so sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you in Charlottesville.

Chris (Valrico, FL)
I was lucky enough to have a class with her during the Spring 2004 semester. The first thing I noticed about her was her smile. It’s obviously difficult to accept that she’s no longer with us, but everyone in the Pierce family as well as the FSU family will pull through this together.

Howard in Tallahassee, Florida
On behalf of another in the Seminole nation, please accept my very sincere condolences with the passing of Ronalda. May God’s mercy wash over your family at this time of overwhelming sadness.

Jeannie & Paul Wallace, Pinellas Park, Florida
Our prayers and thoughts are with Ronalda’s family, friends, and team mates. The FSU family has lost a precious jewel, but the Lord has another angel. God bless.

Kristen Mann – Santa Barbara, CA
On behalf of the Women’s Basketball program at UC Santa Barbara, Ronalda, her family, friends and teammates are in our prayers. We are all thinking of you… God Bless!

Lea Ann – Chattahoochee, Fl.

To Ronaldo’s family and friends,
Please know that you are in my family’s thoughts and prayers at this difficult time in your life. When something so tragic happens to someone associated with Florida State, it’s like we all mourn the loss of a member of our extended family.

God be with you. Be strong. He’ll be there beside you, every step of the way.

Newton, North Carolina
To the family of Ronalda Pierce, Are prayers are with you at this time of need, your daughter was a lucky person being able to attend FSU and was given a gift. I know what it feels like to lose someone that close to you. Keep God first in which is in his name all things are possible.

Bill Musselwhite – Atlanta, Georgia
My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda’s family, loved one’s and friends. She seemed destined to develop into an even more impressive basketball talent than she already was. Her growth as a young woman was inevitable. I regret that I was not able to see her play in person, and I regret even more that we will not see her grow into the great adult woman she seemed destined to become.

God bless you, and yours.

Bianca Brown (Montclair, NJ)
I was a point guard for Wake Forest from 2000-2004 and I remember Ronalda from last year because she was such a solid player for a freshman. I just wanted to express my sincere condolences to Ronalda’s family and to the entire Seminole family. My prayers are with everyone who knew this wonderful and talented young woman and I hope that you all find solace through your faith and trust in God.

Frank and Judy McCaffrey – Newnan, Georgia

Look up to Heaven’s court, dear Noles;
Earth’s final whistle blew.
Ronalda scores with angels-
“55”-God’s chosen few.

No fouls, no jumps, no 3-point lines;
no loss, no hoop, no ball.
“Alleluia” is His game plan;
Salvation is His call.

Console her blessed loved ones;
Coaches, friends-Noles young, Noles old.
Our prayer, a rose-for honor;
A little garnet among God’s gold.

Keep the seat warm for us on the bench. . .

Rev. Lucy Porter – Madison, New Jersey
I have Marfan Syndrome, and learned of this terrible tragedy from an email list of people with Marfan. I will be praying for Ronalda Pierce’s family, friends, and teammates. God bless you all.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. I also want the women’s basketball team at FSU to know that I will keep them in my prayers as well. I never experienced the loss of a teammate but I can imagine its never an easy thing. Stick to each other for support. Good luck getting through this and next season.

Vincent & Priscilla Joiner – Fayetteville,NC
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to both the Pierce family and the FSU Women’s basketball team.

Brandy Nelson (Tallahassee, FL) Student Trainer
My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda’s family, the FSU Basketball team, and Coach Sue. Stay strong, lean on each other, and God Bless.

Jessica Brown – Ashburn, GA
Obviously Ronalda touched so many different people’s lives during her 19 short years. I can remember when we first played Rec. ball together. We would have a time-out to listen to the game plan- “pass it to Ronalda.” We did pass the ball to Ronalda a lot because she was a great basketball player, but she also passed the ball back around too because she was a team player. I thank God for allowing me to know Ronalda. She helped bring the whole community of Ashburn together on several occasions as she led our high school team to state. She was a star in the eyes of many. My prayers are with the Pierce family, the Ashburn community, and the FSU community.

Thank you God for your precious child Ronald and for the person you formed her into. Help us to remember that You always know best, and You always do what is best for us. Like someone posted earlier: You must have wanted a star basketball player in Heaven. Please give us comfort during this time and help us to understand that Your will and plan for us is perfect.

Long Beach, California
This is a terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and Florida State University.

The Munoz Family – Encinitas, CA
Words can’t express the sadness we feel for the loss of your daughter. As the parents of two athlete daughters ourselves, I can’t imagine your pain. May God provide you with the faith and sustenance to carry you through these difficult times. Your family will be in our prayers. The Munoz Family

Al – Miramar, Florida
With deepest sympathy. May God be with you all at a time like this.. Look to the Lord. Keep the faith.

Cameron – Tallahassee, FL
I pray that she is in a better place and her family find the strength to carry them in this great time of need. You will be missed Ronalda.

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