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The Florida State Match-Up Tournament is a very unique event and the first one of its kind in NCAA Women’s Golf.

When the invitations were sent out, six teams were initially invited to Tallahassee to play at the SouthWood Golf Club. Those six teams were then able to contact a team of their choice to partner up with them for the tournament.

The team partnerships this year consist of head coaches partnering up with their former assistant coaches who are now coaching their own programs, former college teammates, rivals, friends, and teams that have fun together.

The goal of the tournament is to get the spring season kicked off with some fun and friendly competition. We wanted coaches and players to be able to participate in a tournament that was unlike anything they play in all year.

The twelve teams will tee off in twosomes for the first two rounds and then in a final round shotgun in threesomes. The twosomes will consist of the partner teams playing together and for this year the partners are as follows: Florida State/Texas A&M, Oklahoma/Georgia, Notre Dame/Michigan, Tennessee/Texas San Antonio, Furman/Kansas, and UNC Greensboro/UNC Wilmington.

The Match-Up portion of the tournament will be determined by taking the best four scores from the partners(which is a total of ten players) and the worst score to make the Match Up team total. At the end of the tournament, the teams with the lowest score will win the Match Up. We will also be crowning an individual champion along with a team champion.


Click below for more information on the participating teams.

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