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Sept. 25, 1997

1997 Lady Seminole Fall Classic

The Lady Seminole Fall Classic, September 26-28 at the Scott Speicher Tennis Center, is an annual event that has taken place since the beginnings of the Florida State women’s tennis program in the early 1970’s. From former head coaches Anne Rizza, Patti Henderson and Alice Reen to current day with Lise Gregory, the Lady Seminole Classic has risen into one of the most respected fall tennis tournaments within the Southeast.

This year’s Classic features players representing eight schools, including Florida State, Florida A&M, Florida International, Stetson, South Florida, Jacksonville, Auburn and Georgia Southern.

With the departure of former two-time All-American Lori Sowell and 1997 All-ACC honoree Ann Olsson, the Seminoles enter five veterans and two newcomers into the tournamen. FSU veterans include Kia Asberg, Ali Weber, Sasha Hanna, Rakina Payne and Kylie Thompson. The newcomers include senior Helena Karlsson of Ostersund, Norway and freshman Natalie Carratala’ of Miami. Asberg makes her Classic debut after joining the team last spring.

The tournament format is three brackets of singles play (A,B, and C) and two of doubles (A & B). The “A” singles bracket has four-seeded players, while “B” and “C” have two each. Both doubles brackets also have two seeded tandems each. The doubles format will be pro-sets. A consolation singles bracket will be for first round defeats only. All matches will be played at the Scott Speicher Tennis Center at the Donald Loucks Courts, except for Friday’s “C” flight singles will be at the tennis courts located at Tom Brown Park.

Results at the conclusion of each day’s matches will be posted on the ACC FaxBack system on the FSU women’s tennis release code number: 32350. Also, the results can be found on the main page of the FSU Athletics website at www.seminoles.com. For the faxback, dial (910) 854-5859 and follow the verbal instructions before entering the women’s tennis release number.

A Flight Singles
First Round 
Marie Eve Girard (USF) vs. Jennifer Jolly (FAMU), 8 a.m.
Monica Baez (FIU) vs. Katherine Tessier (USF), 8 a.m.
Johanne Mowatt (FAMU) vs. Julia Woods (STET), 8 a.m.
Second Round
(1) Britta Wilms (GSU) vs. Jacqueline Bunting (USF), 8 a.m.
Taneka Granderson (FAMU) vs. Lucy Altman (AU), 9 a.m.
(4) Celeste Frey (FIU) vs. Heidii Stewart (AU), 9 a.m.
Kia Asberg (FSU) vs. Girard/Jolly winner, 11 a.m.
Ali LaGrange (AU) vs. Baez/Tessier winner, 11 a.m.
(3) Alicia Kerstyn (USF) vs. Mowatt/Woods winner, 11 a.m.
Ali Weber (FSU) vs. Taryn Lynn (STET), 9:30 a.m.
Alejandro Cornejo (JU) vs. (2) Anita Buggins (GSU), 8 a.m.
B Flight Singles
First Round 
Nicole Furtado (STET) vs. Pollyana McGowan (JU), 8 a.m.
Second Round
(1) Tara Fitzmorris (AU) vs. Monica Pimental (FIU), 9:30 a.m.
Jamie Barnes (FAMU) vs. Summa Edwards (AU), 9:30 a.m.
Sasha Hanna (FSU) vs. Karin Stigh (USF), 9:30 a.m.
Furtado/McGowan winner vs. Marcella Barboza (FIU), 11 a.m.
Tonya Eberhart (FIU) vs. Tina Harrison (USF), 9:30 a.m.
Jennifer Ayala (USF) vs. Caroline Thompson (AU), 9:30 a.m.
Aude Boulle (GSU) vs. Sharon Schmeiser (JU), 9:30 a.m.
Lindsay Wyeth (STET) vs. (2) Helena Karlsson (FSU), 9:30 a.m.
C Flight Singles
Second Round 
(1) Kylie Thompson (FSU) bye
Brandy Petty (GSU) vs. Laura Cazella (STET), 8 a.m.
Jennifer Parsons (STET) vs. Nichole Terrell (FAMU), 8 a.m.
Melissa Brown (GSU) bye
Leigh Biggers (GSU) bye
Loren McGahee (FAMU) vs. Natalie Carratala (FSU), 8 a.m.
Rakina Payne (FSU) vs. Elizabeth Conzo (FIU), 8 a.m.
(2) Natalia Luna (FIU) bye
A Flight Doubles
Second Round 
Lynn/Woods (STET) vs. Altman/Fitzmorris (AU), 2:30 p.m.
LaGrange/Edwards (AU) vs. McGowan/Cornejo (JU), 2:30 p.m.
Third Round 
(1) Buggins/Wilms (GSU) vs. Kerstyn/Harrison (USF), 2:30 p.m.
Hanna/Asberg (FSU) vs. Lynn/Woods - Altman/Fitzmorris winner
LaGrange/Edwards - McGowan/Cornejo winner vs. Frey/Baez (FIU)
Mowatt/Barnett (FAMU) vs. (2) Tessier/Bunting (USF), 2:30 p.m.
B Flight Doubles
Second Round 
Payne/Thompson (FSU) vs. Eberhart/Barboza (FIU), 2:30 p.m.
Cazella/Parsons (STET) vs. Stigh/Girard (USF), 2:30 p.m.
Third Round 
(1) Karlsson/Carratala (FSU) vs. Wyeth/Furtado (STET), 2:30 p.m.
Pimentel/Luna (FIU) vs. Payne/Thompson - Eberhart/Barboza winner
Cazella/Parsons - Stigh/Girard winner vs. Boulle/Biggers (GSU)
Brown/Petty (GSU) vs. (2) Stewart/Thompson (AU), 2:30 p.m.

Name                Class   Hometown
Kia Asberg          FR      Lyesekil, Sweden
Natalie Carratala   FR      Miami, Florida
Sasha Hanna         JR      Montego Bay, Jamaica
Helena Karlsson     SR      Ostersund, Sweden
Rakena Payne        SR      Chicago, Illinois
Kylie Thompson      JR      Honea Path, South Carolina
*Christy Travis     FR      Palmetto, Florida
Ali Weber           SO      Clermont, Florida
Head Coach:     Lise Gregory 
Assistant Coach:    Tim Bauer 

Name                Class   Hometown
Monica Baez         SO      Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Marcela Barboza     SO      Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
*Rocio Bolanos      JR      San Salvador, El Salvador
Elizabeth Corzo     FR      Miami, Florida
Tonya Eberhart      FR      Tallahassee, Florida
Celeste Frey        SO      Santa Fe, Argentina
Monika Pimentel     SO      Santo Domingo, Domenican Republic
Natalia Luna Vida   SO      Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Head Coach:     Ronni Reis-Bernstein
Assistant Coach:    Josh Weinstein
* - Name does not appear on tournament draw sheets

Name                    Class   Hometown
*Felicia Altenburger    SO  Lakeland, Florida
Laura Cazella           SO  Port Orange, Florida
Nicole Furtado          SR  Melbourn , Florida
Taryn Lynn              SO  Eustis, Florida
*Moira Milevoj          SR  Labin, Croatia
*Amanda Richardson      SR  Lecanto, Florida
Julia Woods             JR  Winter Park, Florida
Lindsay Wyeth           FR  Richmond, Virginia
Jennifer Parsons        FR  Decatur, Georgia
*Kirsten Ininger        FR  Dorset, Vermont
Head Coach:     Katherine Price

Name                Class   Hometown
Alejandra Cornejo   SR      Lima, Peru
*Quan Duong         SO      Jacksonville, Florida
*Michelle Ethier    SO      Hudson, Massachusetts
*Laren Goldsmith    FR      Dallas, Texas
Pollyana McGowan    JR      Huddersfield, England
*Greta Perovic      SO      Victoria, Australia
*Abigail Saunders   FR      Jacksonville, Florida
Sharon Schmeiser    FR      Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico
*Silvana Vargas     FR      Lima, Peru
*Mary Beth Webster  FR      Brockport, New York
Head Coach:     Bill Macom
Assistant Coach:    Michelle Hopkins

Name                Class   Hometown
Jennifer Ayala      SO      Uvalde, Texas
Jacqueline Bunting  SR      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Marie Eve-Girard    JR      Montreal, Canada
Tina Harrison       FR      Huntsville, Alabama
Alicia Kerstyn      SR      Valrico, Florida
Karin Stigh         FR      Molndal, Sweden
Kathrine Tessier    SO      Montreal, Canada
Head Coach:     Sherry Bedingfield
* - Name does not appear on tournament draw sheets

Name                    Class   Hometown
Jamie Barnes            FR  Atlanta, Georgia
Taneka Granderson       FR  Port Charlotte, Florida
Jennifer Jolly          SO  Clearwater, Florida
Loren McGahee           FR  Memphis, Tennessee
Johanne Millett-Mowatt  JR  Sarasota, Florida
Nicole Terrell          SO  Decatur, Georgia
Head Coach:     James M. Hargrove
Assistant Coaches:  Damion Bell and Darlene Dillard

* - Name does not appear on tournament draw sheets

Name                Class   Hometown
Leigh Biggers       FR      Clemson, South Carolina
Aude Boulle         JR      Paris, France
Melissa Brown       JR      Albany, Georgia
Anita Buggins       SR      Swindon, England
Brandy Petty        JR      Conyers, Georgia
Britta Wilms        SR      Leichlingen, Germany
Head Coach:     Cathy Beene

Name                Class   Hometown
Lucy Altman         SO      Adelaide, Australia
Tara Fitzmorris     SO      Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Summa Edwards       FR      South Australia
AlexandrasLaGrange  SR      Ft. Myers, Florida
Heidii Stewart      JR      Harwich, Massachusetts
Caroline Thompson   FR      Atlanta, Georgia
Head Coach:         Troy Porco
Assistant Coach:    Kathleen Moynihan
* - Name does not appear on tournament draw sheets

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