June 17, 2014 - by

The Sarah File


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Hey, everyone! This is Sarah Griffin, a sophomore on the Florida State Volleyball team. This season, I will be writing a weekly journal entry between all the hustle and bustle of going to class, practice, studying, traveling, and finding time for my self. I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with the team, both on the court and off. I’ll let you know what it’s like for me, a small-town girl from Hereford, Texas, to experience life at Florida State from an athlete’s point of view. I’ll fill you in on our matches and our travels all across ACC country in 2004. So, make sure to check back each week and read about all the exciting things happening with Florida State Volleyball. And, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to email me and I’ll try to address as many questions as possible in my next entry. Until next time, take care and Go Noles!

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