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Spring Football Player Q & A Session

April 5, 2005

Junior defensive end Willie Jones, who is interning in the Florida State Sports Information Office this spring, sat down with four of his teammates and asked them several questions regarding spring football. Listed below are the answers Clifton Dickson, Buster Davis, Willie Reid and Mario Henderson gave to Willie’s spring questions.

Defensive Tackle Clifton Dickson

1. How has spring been going at this point?

“It’s been alright so far for me at this point. I still feel like I have a lot more learning to do but I’ll be fine.”

2. With the lack of depth at the defensive tackle position, how does Coach Haggins rotate at the d-line position?

“He’ll try to keep a young guy like Aaron Jones with an older guy like me and Emmanuel Dunbar with Andre Fluellen so we won’t get tried. But really we just suck it up and just make it happen.”

3. How do you think the new offense looks?

“They are learning right now and plus they have some of their offensive line out because of injuries but they been fine so far. The thing that I like about them is that have a lot more trick plays and some times we have a hard time playing it.”

4. You have been here for two years now so what can you say the difference is between last year’s group of guys compared to your first year?

“The thing that I see different is the team chemistry. “We hang out with eachother and everybody has some kind of communication going on.”

5. Doing spring practice, how do you prepare yourself for 26 periods every other day?

“I just try to take care of myself and do what the trainers ask me to. I just pray that I make it through each day.”

Middle Linebacker Buster Davis

1. As a whole, what do you think the linebackers need to work on in becoming the best linebacker group in the nation next year?

“We need to work more together as a group, you know last year was our first year as a whole group but besides that’s really all.”

2. What can you say the difference is between the linebackers your freshman year and the linebackers last year?

“Speed. Speed is the biggest thing about our group compared to my first year. I feel that we have six playmakers in our group compared to my first year that only had Michael Boulware and Kendyll Pope.”

3. What would you say the highlight of this spring practice is so far?

“The defense has dominated the spring, and the two freshmen running backs look very good so far.”

Wide Receiver Willie Reid

1. How do you feel about the progress of Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee this spring?

“It’s been real good, they really have picked things up quickly. But, I feel like we all can get a lot better.”

2. After seeing the new offense this spring, are you exited about the different looks that Coach McHale has brought to FSU?

“It’s like we have a lot more options now with his new plays. It’s like if one thing doesn’t work, we have a lot more different options to check to.”

3. With no starters returning this year at the receiver position, how do you think this group will pick up the load?

“We’ll pick it up real nice. We have a lot of talent and it’s not just a one-man show in our group so I think we’ll be fine.”

4. There’s a lot of buzz around the Moore Center about Lamar Lewis and Jamal Edwards, why should Seminoles fans be exited about the two young running backs?

“They are very talented and they have a lot of special things about them. Now with our new offense, I think this is what will let them break free and make a lot of things happen.”

Offensive Tackle Mario Henderson

1. After backing up two time All-American Alex Barron, how does it feel to now have the spotlight on you?

“It was an honor playing behind a great player like him, now I just have to pick up where he left off.”

2. If there’s was on thing that stands out about Coach McHale what would you say?

“His ability to teach. He actually takes time out to make sure we know what to do at all times. He makes sure he goes over the small things and that’s what I like.”

3. There’s been a lot of talk about the new zone blocking scheme. In your opinion what’s the difference in the scheme compared to last year’s scheme?

“This scheme is a lot better. This spring practice we have had a lot more production because it is easier to pick up. It is like the whole group feels more comfortable with it compared to last year’s blocking scheme.”

4. There are a lot of young offensive linemen getting playing time this spring. How do you think the group is holding up at this point?

“I feel this group is holding up great. Yes, we have a lot of young guys but we’ll be fine. The main thing is that we have to just keep learning the new system and just keep working on it.”

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