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Stanford’s Sunday Press Conference Quotes

March 20, 2006

NCAA FIRST AND SECOND ROUNDS                                                    SAN ANTONIO REGION

Denver, Colo.                                                                                        March 19, 2006





On playing against Florida State:

“We are excited to be playing a great opponent such as Florida State. They are a tough match-up, they are really athletic, balanced and senior dominated. They shoot the ball well, play strong defense and have a great post presence. We have to work really hard to keep them off of the glass. We need to run our offense better than we did last night (against Southeast Missouri State) and play good defense.”


On Tennessee‘s Candice Parker’s dunks against Army Mar. 19 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament:

“I didn’t see it live. I heard (Stanford assistant coach) Amy (Tucker) scream. I came back into the room, and saw the replay. I think it is great for women’s basketball. I’m really glad that she got a good one down.”



On showing a better offensive effort tomorrow against Florida State:

“It’s all about spacing and patience. Yesterday, we never really got into (the game). We only had seven assists and that just shows that we were only focused on individual play. I think if we just work to improve our spacing and get our passing together, we’ll be fine.”


On Candice Parker’s dunk:

“There are a lot of talented players, in my class especially, that have the ability to dunk. It’s great for the women’s game and I think it will create a lot more buzz around women’s basketball.”



On playing in front of her hometown crowd:

“I was very excited to play well in front of a hometown crowd. I have a lot of family and friends in the stands and I feel really comfortable playing here, so it was overall a great experience.”


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