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Summer’s Responses: Week III

Oct. 28, 2004

Hi Summer, after playing beach volleyball for years, I’ve
come to realize that people pronounce your position two different
ways. The West coast tends to pronounce libero “Lib – AIR – o” and the
East coast says it “LEAB-ro.” How do you say it and what’s your take
on different ways to pronounce it?

Dear Coach Pete,

I’m not sure what the correct way to say libero is. I pronounce it “Lib-AIR-o”, but a lot of people say “LEABro.” I guess it could go either way! Thanks for the email

What kind of music gets you pumped before a match or
practice? Are there any particular songs or genre of music that gets
you crump?

Dear Jimmy,

I listen to anything from country to rap to rock, but on game days its Rap and Hip Hop. We play songs in the locker room and get fired up. Lauren Walker taught us the “bunny hop” and she starts that up to Snoop’s “Drop It Like Its Hot”.

Dear Mark,
We love the pep band! We always ask “is the band going to be at the game?” Thank you for being at our games! You are all awesome!
-Summer Weissing

Hey Summer,

Your one of my favorite players to watch on T.V. and its even cooler because I used to watch you play down hear in South Florida. I even saw you play down at the beach in Delray last summer. The reason I’m writing is because I’ve always wanted a cool nickname and I was wondering if you ever had a good one, maybe like uhh….I dunno the Terminator or something like it. Well thanks and keep up the good

Dear Stephanie,

I have lots of nicknames! Everyone just calls me Sum. The team calls me SumSum. I also get DimSum, Shooter and Summie- Go Noles!

Hi I wanted to know how do you think the team is going to
do the rest of the season. Happy sweetest day.

Dear Jeff,

I think the rest of the season will go very well for us. We are ready to win! We have a big week ahead of us with Georgia Tech and Clemson. I definitely think we have a shot at the ACC championship, but we have to bring it every game from here on out. We have all the tools; we just have to make it work. Thanks for the email.

Dear Summer,

Well my question to you is that I’m going to FSU this spring and I’m going for football…I know it not the same sport, but I know the work is hard at FSU and I wanted to ask what advice should I know going to a school like that with the best athletes?

Dear Nathan,

The work is definitely hard, but as long as you come here in shape you will be just fine. Make sure you do the strength and conditioning workout before you get here. Try to get yourself in the best shape you can before you get here. Being an athlete at FSU is hard work, but it’s so much fun and you are going to love it! Good luck with football!


My daughter has expressed interest in playing volleyball. At what age
did you start playing? Did you play any other sports when you
younger? Also, how is the transition academically from high school to
FSU? Finally, is Guthries still open?

Dear Murray,

That’s great that you daughter wants to try volleyball. She should get started early! I started playing when I was 11. I was a gymnast for 6 years before I started volleyball. The transition from high school to college hasn’t been too hard, it’s just a lot more reading and studying. And yes Gunthries is still open!

Dear Summer,

I also play volleyball and I love watching you play on TV.
You have inspired me to try my hardest in high school and club. I
dream of playing in college one day like you. I hope to be as good as
you one day. I was wondering what did you most enjoy playing high
school, club or college. I also I wanted to know who was your favorite coach (high school, CLUB or college) and why.

Dear Jess,

I just enjoy playing! High school was awesome, because we had such a tight team and were very successful, club was great because of all the tournaments and traveling, and college volleyball is great because of the people on the team, and the level of play. I have been blessed to have such great coaches throughout my volleyball career. My high school coach Virginia Kelly was like another mom. She has taught me so much life stuff; the value of hard work, how to fight, and she toughened me up. My club coach Dave Nichols had the best jokes, and was so knowledgeable about volleyball. He was a lot of fun to play for. My college coaches, Todd, Rita and Kirstine have taught me so much about volleyball in the 3 months I’ve been here. They are very technical and know everything about the game. They are a lot of fun, and I really enjoy playing for them. Thanks for the email!

Dear Summer,

When did you start playing volleyball?

Dear Brittany,

I started playing in 6th grade.

Hi Summer,
Hey I was just asking what you think of the pep band at
volleyball games, because as a member I think you guys are awesome
keep up the good work.

Dear Mark,

We love the pep band! We always ask “is the band going to be at the game?” Thank you for being at our games! You are all awesome! Go noles!

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