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Summertime Fun With Golfer Alex Milan

June 20, 2013

Alex Milan has enjoyed a busy summer of golf as she has played in qualifiers for the U.S. Women’s Open and the U.S. Amateur Public Links and with a couple of events on the horizon, the rising junior will be prepared to return in the fall and compete for Florida State. In between practice rounds in and around the city of Tampa (her hometown) Milan sat down with seminoles.com and talked about mermaids, water slides and learning to sail.

What events are you planning on playing in this summer?
I have already played in the U.S. Women’s Open qualifier and the Public Links amateur qualifier. I plan on playing the West Palm amateur, the U.S. Women’s Amateur qualifier and the Hurricane Amateur event at Black Diamond in Ocala.

What is the one part of your game that you are going to focus on becoming better at this summer?
I am focusing on my putting and my irons.

Which club in your bag do you have to work on the most this summer?
I need to work on my putter the most.

What are your early goals for the 2013-14 season as a Seminole?
My early goals for the year are to come out strong as a team and win as many tournaments as we can.

Do you have any plans for a relaxing vacation with family or friends?
I am home for the summer in Tampa so it’s like a vacation all in itself.

What has been your most memorable summer vacation?
Last summer my family and I went on vacation to North Carolina. We spent the week hiking to waterfalls and white water rafting, it was a blast!

What is the craziest thing you are thinking about this summer?
Maybe going to Disney? Nothing too crazy for me.

What is your favorite rainy day summertime board game to play with family or friends?
My family loves to play apples to apples!

What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?
I love all the sun and time with my friends and family but my least favorite thing is that it ends.

What is your favorite summer food?
My favorite summer food is anything that goes with cookouts.

From the grill: Hot dogs or hamburgers?
Hot dogs!

Are you taking summer classes? If so want classes?
No school for me!

Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?
Always a lake! You can go to the pool anytime.

What is your favorite summer-themed movie?
My favorite summer themed movie is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Lemonade, water, iced-tea or sweet-tea on a hot summer day?
I love sweet tea on a hot summer day.

What is your favorite summer ice cream flavor? With sprinkles or without? In a cone or a cup?
Plain old chocolate ice cream in a cup with no sprinkles.

Do you believe that mermaids exist?
I don’t think mermaids exist but I wish they did!

Would you rather ride a rollercoaster or go on a waterslide?
I would rather go on a waterslide.

Would you rather learn to sail or surf?
I have always wanted to learn how to sail.

What is the best summertime holiday: Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day?
The 4th of July of course! You can’t beat cookouts, sparklers and fireworks!

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