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Summertime Fun With Golfer Lydia Gumm

June 18, 2013

Seminole golfer Lydia Gumm isn’t going to let surgery take time away from her friends and family this summer. She plans to be in the best shape of her life when she comes back to campus in August and is going to work on the mental aspect of her game while she prepares to become a great teammate and an even better golfer this fall. The rising sophomore talked to Seminoles.com about her most memorable vacation, her favorite summer food and her love of fireworks in this edition of Summertime Fun with the Seminole women’s golf team.

What events are you planning on playing in this summer?
I had surgery in June and will unfortunately be out all summer.

What are your early goals for the 2013-14 season as a Seminole?
My goals as a Seminole this season is to be the best teammate I can possible be, work as hard as I possibly can on my golf game, to help my team win ACC Championship, make it to Regionals and Nationals, and make our way back into national rankings.

Do you have any plans for a relaxing vacation with family or friends?
I do not have any vacation plans; I plan to enjoy time with friends and family.

What has been your most memorable summer vacation?
My most memorable summer vacation is going to Panama City Beach every summer as a kid with my family.

What is your favorite rainy day summertime board game to play with family or friends?
My favorite board game would be Monopoly.

What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?
My favorite thing about summer is getting a break from school, all the evenings at the golf course and spending time with family and friends. My least favorite thing about summer is the heat!

What is your favorite summer food?
My favorite summer food is a shrimp boil.

From the grill: Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Are you taking summer classes? If so want classes?
Yes, I’m taking a statistics class this summer.

Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?
Between the lake, ocean and pool, I would rather be at the lake.

What is your favorite summer-themed movie?
My favorite summer themed movie is Grown Ups.

Lemonade, water, iced-tea or sweet-tea on a hot summer day?
Sweet tea for sure.

What is your favorite summer ice cream flavor? With sprinkles or without? In a cone or a cup?
My favorite summer ice cream flavor is pomegranate in a cup.

Do you believe that mermaids exist?
I don’t believe in mermaids.

Would you rather ride a rollercoaster or go on a waterslide?
I would rather go on a water slide than roller coaster.

Would you rather learn to sail or surf?
I’d rather learn to surf than sail.

What is the best summertime holiday: Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day?
I think July 4th is the best summer holiday.

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