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Summertime Fun With Golfer Olivia Hullert

June 14, 2013

Its summer time and that means getting out and having fun – for the members of the Florida State women’s golf teams it’s no different. While the Seminoles are all in different parts of the world this summer, they do keep the Garnet and Gold close. Rising sophomore Olivia Hullert checks in from Norway and spent five minutes with seminoles.com before heading out to her home to course to continue preparing for her second season at Florida State.

What events are you planning on playing in this summer?
I’m going to play a tournament called Nordea Pairs in Norway, as well as the European individual and team championship and the team championship in Norway.

What is the one part of your game that you are going to focus on becoming better at this summer?
This summer, I’m going to focus a lot on the mental part of the game.

Which club in your bag do you have to work on the most this summer?
I’m going to use my wedges a lot.

What are your early goals for the 2013-14 season as a Seminole?
Be a great teammate and do my best to create a good atmosphere that is going to take us to the finals!

Do you have any plans for a relaxing vacation with family or friends?What has been your most memorable summer vacation?
I enjoyed spending a couple of weeks in Greece as a child.

What is the craziest thing you are thinking about this summer?
I’m planning on going on a spontaneous trip to Europe. I’m not sure where yet…

What is your favorite rainy day summertime board game to play with family or friends?
I like monopoly.

What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?
What I like most is that the days are longer; what I don’t like is that it never gets dark. I’m a big fan of making the environment cozy with candles, but it just doesn’t work at this time of year.

What is your favorite summer food?
Grilled Norwegian salmon and Norwegian strawberries!

From the grill: Hot dogs or hamburgers?

Are you taking summer classes? If so want classes?
Not this semester.

Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?
Definitely the lake!

What is your favorite summer-themed movie?
A Swedish movie which takes place during midsummer. It’s called “Sommaren med Göran”.

Lemonade, water, iced-tea or sweet-tea on a hot summer day?
Water and Iced tea.

What is your favorite summer ice cream flavor? With sprinkles or without? In a cone or a cup?
I love lime sorbet. In a cone. With sprinkles!

Do you believe that mermaids exist?
Eh… no.

Would you rather ride a rollercoaster or go on a waterslide?

Would you rather learn to sail or surf?
I’ve tried surfing before, and it was not my thing. I’ll have to say sailing, even though I highly doubt that that is my thing.

What is the best summertime holiday: Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day?
Labor Day.

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