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Susan Hawks

October 22, 1998

This month’s feature athlete is Susan Hawks, a senior Middle Hitter on the Women’s Volleyball team. Susan Hawks is a name that is synonymous with Seminole Volleyball; it is also synonymous with Seminole Spirit. Susan Hawks is known as the 6’2″ GO-TO from Tampa, FL; but what is not so readily known is the softer-side of Susan Hawks. Recently I had the pleasure of “talking-shop” with Susan Hawks, and the forthcoming is the essence of what she had to say: Susan’s is so often misunderstood as to being a different kind of person than she really is. Some people know her for her fierce on-the-court game personality. Others, who know her from her daily life perceive her as being gentle as a lamb. So what is one to believe? The reality is that Susan is a little of both. How refreshing it is to finally see a student athlete aspire to coach a sport in order to help become a high school guidance counselor; as oppossed to taking a job so as to be able to coach. A professional appointment as a high school counselor/volleyball coach is one of the objectives of Susan Hawks future. Susan has a resume’ of philanthropy work she has done throughout her career as a volleyball player. It seems as though she’s always used her athletic talents to help others, especially teens. She is confident that her professional potential is much greater due to her asset as a coach as well as a counselor.

At 15 wins and just 7 losses (4 game win streak), Hawks see’s a positive outlook for this year’s Seminole squad. She stated that the low point of the season came just after the return from the Georgia Tech game on September 27th. That game was played on the tail end of one of the nation’s toughest roadtrips of any team this year. That roadtrip included games with Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Pepperdine, Santa Clara, Florida, Clemson, and finally Georgia Tech. The Seminoles dropped six of those seven games. In addition, FSU had lost this week’s ACC Volleyball Player of the Week Aisha Thorton to an ankle injury at Florida. Hawks said that this was an extraordinarly difficult time for the Seminoles; but the team decided to pull it together anound turn it around. Since that time FSU has only lost one game (North Carolina on 10/9/98). Though Hawks and her teamates were critical of their performance at that time, it should be noted that this roadtrip exclusively consisted of the nation’s top ranked talent. Ironically enough that cycle of top teams soon repeats itself starting on Friday, October 30th with Georgia Tech. This is especially significant for several reasons. First, Georgia Tech is a talented squad that will present a genuine challange for FSU. Second, Georgia Tech’s visit to Tallahassee will inevitably remind the Seminoles of the days they’d rather forget. Third, this game is a huge momentum builder. Fourth, Don’t you think there will be a little added pressure to win at the Celebration Game of the 30th Anniversary of Women’s Athletics (in front of 30 years worth of Seminole Volleyball Heritage)? Finally, Georgia Tech makes the Seminoles hair stand-up on the back of their necks. Though few people know it; Georgia Tech is a fierce rival of FSU. This game pumps up the ‘Noles as much as Florida does, and you’d better believe that senior Susan Hawks and the rest of the ‘Noles will be playing for keeps. After that, Clemson on 11/1/98 offers little love-loss for this FSU team, that’s okay it’s mutual. Finally, Florida comes to Tallahasse on Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00 PM. Wouldn’t a three-sweep be a most appropriate way to send this senior out?

…Yeah it would, so come on out to Tully Gym and see Susan Hawks and the rest of the ‘Noles do the unthinkable to these remaining teams:

Friday, October 30th @ 7:00 PM vs. Georgia Tech @ Tully Gym. (30th Annivesary of Women’s Athletics).

Sunday, November 1st @ 1:00 PM vs. Clemson @ Tully Gym.

Tuesday, November 3rd @ 7:00 PM vs. Florida @ Tully Gym. (Break the Record Night).

Friday, November 6th @ 7:00 PM vs. North Carolina State @ Tully Gym.

Sunday, November 8th @ 1:00 PM vs. North Carolina @ Tully Gym.

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