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Tasha’s Thoughts: Diary Entry #4

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April 6, 2005

The following is the latest journal entry by Seminole left fielder Natasha Jacob. .

Ewwwww! Chocolate-covered insects!

Dear Diary,
The weekend of the conference games against Georgia Tech was quite an adventure. The six hour bus ride to Atlanta started off with a rendition of Fear Factor as Moe [Melissa Wood] shows up with a box of chocolate-covered dead insects. Moe, determined to get someone to eat a nasty bug, finally persuades LaShaun [Davis] to try a chocolate covered worm. As I sat there, I wondered why anyone would possess the desire to eat a dead insect whether it is covered in chocolate or not! Once Moe and Lesley [Palmer] see that it is safe to eat, they each build up the courage to see if they can hold down a bug as well. I must admit that it was quite entertaining! Six hours later, we pulled up to our hotel, ready for a good night’s sleep before our double-header against Georgia Tech.

Well, to put it bluntly, the games did not go exactly as we had hoped. With two more conference losses on our record, we walked back to the bus after the games in a state of shock. Despite our poor performance on the field, Whitney’s [Buckmon] family was kind enough to plan a team dinner at their home in Stone Mountain after the games. Whether we were eating our sorrows away, or just feasting to feed our hungry bellies, it was a delicious home-cooked meal.

After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel. As our bus cruises down the freeway, our drive is interrupted when a crazy driver in the lane beside us decides to merge into the bus! After she hits us, she drives across four lanes to her left and stops her car in the fast lane along a cement wall. Our bus driver pulls the bus to the side of the road, and with our faces glued to the windows, we watch a four car fender bender build up behind the women responsible for the whole wreck. It was unbelievable! As we wait for the police to investigate the accident, we pull out the mic in the front of the bus and decide to sing a little karaoke. Dwan [Riggins], our strength coach, has a great voice, and she is the only person on the bus who should have been allowed to sing into the mic! I am not afraid to admit that we are some pretty bad singers! About an hour and a half and several butchered songs later, we finally were able to get back on the road. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the accident and our bus suffered only a minor scrape.

To complete the bad weekend, we lost our final game against Georgia Tech on Easter Sunday. With all hopes of a nice Easter dinner down the drain, we stopped at a Wendy’s for some chicken nuggets instead. The drive home was terribly long as we drove through rainy weather the whole time. Finally, we reached Tallahassee with all hopes of leaving the bad weekend behind us!

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