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Tasha’s Thoughts: Diary Entry #5

April 27, 2005

The following is one installment of diary entries by Seminole softball standout, Natasha Jacob. To view her other entries, visit the softball page of seminoles.com.

Hey Seminole Fans!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I apologize for not adding a new entry to my journal in awhile. Since our school semester is coming to a close, the past few weeks have been very hectic. Final exams started this week, and I have yet to sleep more than about four hours a night.

As you may well know, we just recently completed our home-game schedule this past weekend with a three game sweep over Virginia! It looks as though our season is on an up-swing with 11 wins in the last 13 games! Everything finally seems to be falling into place, and hopefully the victories will keep coming!

The games this past weekend were the last for our 2005 seniors on our home field. A ceremony was held to honor the seniors and allow the Tallahassee fans to give their final farewell at the JoAnne Graf field. Our seniors this year have been a special part of our team this season and have played an integral role in the success of FSU the past four years. Although I will be with them for next month or so until the season comes to an end, I would like to let them know how much I appreciate each one of them.

Tatiana- Although she has had more injuries than anyone else I know, Tot is the toughest person! I look up to her for her dedication and hard work in everything she does. She is so versatile and such a gifted athlete. What other short stop do you know who can come to the outfield and makes three stellar plays in a matter of a week!? To top it all off, she had the game winning home-run in her final at-bat on our home field last Sunday. Talk about Grand Finale!!

Casey- Casey has an incredible work ethic. When she steps on that mound, you can see the determination and drive in her face. She is a team-player and always gives 100 percent. I am going to miss her easy-going attitude and her goofiness! She can always put a smile on your face!

Lesley- I admire Lesley’s positive outlook on everything in life. Her happy-go-lucky demeanor definitely rubs off on you! Her determination and work ethic is expressed in everything she does. The endless hours she has spent recovering her ACL after reconstructive surgery last year, is one example of her dedication to this team.

Katie- Katie has such a kind heart and a caring spirit. I am going to miss her daring, yet funny comments. She would do anything for anyone on our team, and she has always been someone who is easy to talk to.

We will definitely miss our 2005 seniors!

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