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The 19th Hole With Seminole Golfer Jaclyn Burch

March 21, 2005

Jaclyn Burch, who finished in a tie for 14th place at the Lady Gamecock Invitational, is one of the top golfers on the Seminole women’s golf team. She helped lead the Seminoles to the NCAA Championship Tournament during her freshman season and is developing into one of the top golfers in the ACC. She sat down with and discussed her ideas on the toughest golf shot, her dream playing partner and her favorite singer. She also touched on her chances of beating a member of the Seminoles men’s golf team.

Q: If You Could Play Any Golf Course In The World, Which Would It Be and Why?

A: I would love to play Augusta National. I played Pebble Beach and Spy Glass this past summer, and I am not sure if any course could top those two. However, Augusta is in perfect shape and only a select few can play there. I would also love to play anywhere in Hawaii, and just see how the courses there are.

Q: What Is The Toughest Shot In Golf?

A: I think a 50 yd bunker shot would be the hardest golf shot to play. There is just a lot to think about when hitting this shot.

Q: Which Professional Golfer Would You Like To Play A Round Of Golf With?

A:I would love to play with Aaron Badley. He is a great golfer, and very cute. Since he is cute I would probably me more likely to pay attention to the tips he might give me about my golf game. Plus, he has the best accent.

Q: What Is The Best Shot You Have Ever Made?

A: I am not sure what the best shot I have ever hit is. I have had a few eagles, and those where great shots. However, my best shot is probably the shot that got me playing golf seriously. I made a long putt in a playoff to go to the Wesfield Junior Championship. Back then the event was called the Maxfli Junior Championship. That was the first national tournament I played in. It was there that I became addicted to golf.

Q: How Old Were You When You Played Your First Round Of Golf?

A: I was 14 years old. I started hitting golf balls when I was 13.

Q: Who Is Your Favorite Singer Or Musical Group?

A: My favorite singer is probably Shania Twain and my favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band.

Q: What Is Tiger Woods’ Real First Name?

A: Tiger Woods’ first name is Eldrick.

Q: Can You Beat Any Of Seminole Men’s Golfers? If So, Who?

A: I could beat all of the boys. Hehe. Just kidding. I am not really sure which ones I could beat. Golf is a day to day thing. The boys are all great golfers. It would be a great match to play with one of the seriously.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Thing About Playing Golf At Florida State?

A: I love everything about FSU golf, but most of all I love my teammates.

Q: Do You Have Any Golf Superstitions?

A: I do not really have any superstitions. I used to, but they did not ever work. So I do not have anymore. Sometimes things pop up in my head during a round, and I try to forget them. Once in a while a might use a lucky coin, but that is all about luck.

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