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The 2004 Winter Holidays With FSU Track and Field

Jan. 14, 2005

Tallahassee, Fla. – Florida State track and field shared with Seminoles.com what they did over their winter holiday break.

Alvaro Bada
Freshman, Throws
Punta Gorda, FL/Charlotte

I went home to eat some real food. I’m from Punta Gorda and this is the first time I went home to see the hurricane damage. My house wasn’t that bad. Mostly, I just relaxed and hung out with my family. I worked out some, not every day but enough. Although this was my first time being away from home, it wasn’t really that different because I was always out in high school. Whether it was playing sports or going to school, I didn’t get home until late at night anyway so I didn’t spend that much time at home as it was. It was a little different going home because you’re used to being at school. Even though your room at home is where you grew up, you are so used to your dorm room that it takes a little time to adjust.

Laura Bowerman
Freshman, Distance
Temple Terrace, FL/King

I went home to Temple Terrace. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – just spent time with my friends and family. My favorite gift this year was a book my dad gave me on running. It was a book he read and I wanted to read so he got me my own copy. I got to spend time with my youth group – I missed seeing them. It was nice not doing homework over the break. In high school, I was used to having assignments over Christmas time but this year I could just relax.

Chris Nickinson
Sophomore, Distance
Pensacola, FL/ Washington

I went home to Pensacola to spend the break with my family. I slept in on Christmas day which was unusual for me because normally I go running early to get it out of the way. I didn’t run because it was 30 degrees and raining outside. I spent the holidays with both of my brothers, my parents, grandparents and my aunt who was in town from Tampa. For New Year’s, I went over my friend’s house and chilled with friends that I rarely get a chance to see. It was quiet and nice. I don’t get crazy on New Year’s Eve but it was nice to relax and have fun. This year people were more thankful and appreciative with all of the hurricanes and the damage.

Evelyne-Cynthia Niako
Junior, Sprints
Stone Mountain, GA/Stephenson

I went home and saw my niece. She will be two in March and I’ve only seen her a few times. I spent most of the time working out at home and hanging out with friends. My favorite Christmas present was my Hello Kitty calendar that (fellow FSU teammate) Sharneka (Brown) gave me. I saw it a long time ago and never picked it up so she got it for me. My favorite present I gave someone was the gift I got for my niece. I gave her a package with pajamas and toys in it.

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