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The Art of the Walk-Out Song

May 9, 2012

By Scott Kotick,

The game of baseball is full of personality.

Whether it’s the players, coaches, or even the fans, it’s the unique people and situations that make this game special.

Certainly, Florida State Baseball is no exception.

One of the best ways for players to let their personalities shine is through walk-out music.

As each Seminole walks up to the batter’s box, a song of the players’ choosing plays over the loudspeakers at Dick Howser Stadium.

Whether it’s an old-standard or something more recent, it’s a symbol that brings personality to each at bat.

“You just want something that’s going to relax you,” second baseman Devon Travis said. “I like a song that when I hear it, it’s got a nice little groove to it and you can listen to it in your head and get a rhythm going.”

“It depends on what mood you’re in, usually I like to get in the box pretty relaxed,” first baseman Jayce Boyd said. “That’s why I draw a smiley face in the box before I get up there to hit.”

“It gives me something to bop to when I’m going up to the plate that gets me moving,” third baseman Sherman Johnson said. “People can’t really tell, but when I walk up to the plate I’m bopping my head.”

And it’s not just one style. All sorts of music plays throughout the Florida State lineup.

You’ve got your hard rock, and of course main stream pop music.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, will compare to what fans hear when Jayce Boyd walks to the plate.

“Only Jayce, only Jayce, he’s a guy that can get away with a lot of stuff just because of how he is,” Travis said. “He’s a nice, calm and relaxed kid, but at times he can be a little weird. So ‘Party in the USA’ I guess matches him pretty good.”

“Jayce is one of the only guys that can ever probably pull that off,” Johnson said. “People love him for it, he loves it, and it’s fun.”

“Whenever it came out, I just really liked the song and it made me happy,” Boyd said. “People have those songs that they can listen to over and over again, and I could listen to that song all day.”

But that’s just who Jayce Boyd is. Nothing gets him rattled. He could be 5-5 or 0-5 at the plate on even given day, and his personality would stay the same.

See it would be one thing if Boyd were hitting .250 on the season. But he’s a .400 hitter and leads the league in RBI.

“He’s probably 3-4 or 4-5 and they don’t say anything other than ‘that kid can really hit,'” Johnson said. “And we’re like ‘yeah, that’s Jayce.'”

“It has to to some degree, but they have to say ‘Wow, it takes some you know what to choose that song,'” Boyd said. “Or they may just think I’m a big dork, either is fine with me.”

So next time you’re in Howser Stadium, make sure you listen to the music. There’s meaning behind each song, just another part of what makes Florida State Baseball so special.

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