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The Beach Bulletin – Volume 2

Florida State’s Kristina Pellitteri is a senior on the Seminole beach volleyball team. Throughout the spring semester, Nina will provide fans with an in depth look into the Florida State beach volleyball program as the Seminoles vie for their first national championship in program history. We hope you enjoy the ‘Beach Bulletin’ with Nina during the spring semester.

The Beach Bulletin, Vol. 2: A Cozy, New Home
By Kristina Pellitteri

FSU football has been a mainstay for 69 years, Seminole baseball 68 proud seasons. Basketball has been played in the Donald L. Tucker center for 35 years. But my sport, Beach Volleyball, has only been a collegiate sport for five years. So I guess you could say, comparatively speaking, we’re the new kids in the athletic department, but you’d never know it from how the University has treated us. FSU is known for “doing it big” and that is exactly what they did when they recently unveiled our brand new locker room and lounge inside Tully Gym at the beginning of January. It is a place to truly call our own!

The Beach Bulletin – Volume 2


A look inside the new beach volleyball locker room. Photo courtesy of Nina.

With 22 girls on the beach team, the new locker room allows us to hang out comfortably as we prepare for practice together helping us grow closer as a team. When senior Katherine Plessy was asked about her favorite part of the locker room she stated, “The locker room is so big, it gives us plenty of room to kick back and relax, space to study or even dance before and after practice.”

Lately, Katherine’s favorite song to dance to is Turbulence (hopefully I’ll have some videos to show you very soon on our FSU beach volleyball Instagram account). Our old locker room in Tully was never used because we did not have enough space. Now, we each have our own locker equipped with personal mirrors, phone charging outlets and USB plugs.

The Beach Bulletin – Volume 2


Everyone on the team has their very own locker! Photo courtesy of Nina.

My favorite addition to the locker room is our spacious lounge. We spend most of our day on campus with workouts, class and practice and now we have a comfortable place to unwind in between our daily schedule. Plus, who doesn’t love a 65” flat screen TV and couches? Not only is this new lounge a great place to watch TV, study, or just relax, but we can also utilize this space to watch game/match film and to meet as a team. Senior Julie Brown loves the new lounge area and said, “This is the best place to relax in-between classes, to study and even watch online lectures when I have some downtime.” We all agree as a team this new lounge will help us succeed on and off the court.

The Beach Bulletin – Volume 2

The outside of each locker is fitted with a personal name plate. Photo courtesy of Nina.

Florida State University continues to amaze me! Beginning as a freshman in 2012 and now in my last semester as a senior in 2016, I have been so lucky to witness and be a part of such an awesome transformation of Beach Volleyball in collegiate athletics. On behalf of the entire beach volleyball team at Florida State, I would like to thank our Athletics Director Stan Wilcox, Senior Associate AD Vanessa Fuchs, Brandon Kendrick, Laurie Swiger and all who have supported the program and made this locker room possible.

A single blog cannot adequately express our appreciation for all of the generosity and hard work that has gone into creating a place we can call home. When I look back on my college experience, I will have amazing memories and so many will be from the time I spent with my teammates in our new home. For the seniors on our team who have been a part of this program for 80% of its entire history, we are inspired by how quickly FSU has built a world-class program.  The dedication Florida State has shown to our sport means so much and I hope one day, I am able to give back to FSU just as others have done for us.


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