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The Face Behind the Racquet

Oct. 1, 2010

Clint Bowles “Senior Spotlight”

By: Jazzmene Ford, FSU Sports Information

Q. How do you feel you (as a player) and your team have evolved over the years?

A: We’ve had a lot of new players come in, as well as a lot of players graduate so we’ve had a lot of different teams. But our team chemistry each year is unbelievable. We’re all like a family, even with the coaches we’re all like brothers.

Q. What is your fondest memory of playing tennis the last three years at FSU?

A: I have two. Definitely my freshman year when we had our match against Pepperdine University, I clinched the match when it was three all. That was great. My second one was also my freshman year. We were hosting the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament and I was the last match against South Alabama in the second round. I clinched the match and was able to go on to the finals.

Q. Do you feel other teammates look up to you? How do make yourself an example?

A: I’m a leader by example, I try to have a great attitude everyday. I lay it all on the line to be a great example for the younger guys.

Q. As an “elder” of the team, what do you feel keeps your team cohesive?

A: Definitely communication and being together as a team all the time. Hanging out off the court and helping each other out, always. Even if it’s not with tennis, whether its school, girl problems or family problems we just are always there for each other.

Q. What does your life outside of tennis consist of?

A: I have a very lovely girlfriend, it’s actually our one year anniversary today. I like to play poker and play Halo.

Q. What are you Future Aspirations? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A: After I graduate I would like to go play professionally for a few years and see where that takes me. I would like to meet some people and that could possibly help me become a professional tennis coach developing professional tennis players. Or maybe open up my own academy.

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