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The Janson Sisters Take The Track For The 2006 Season

Nov. 1, 2005

Three pole vaulting sisters from Sarasota, Fla., take the track together for the 2006 season. The eldest Lacy Janson is returning from two redshirt seasons over the past two years after winning the 2003 NCAA National Champion. Middle child, Kristin, has competed on the track and field squad for two seasons while the youngest sister, Brittany, an incoming rookie who won the state high school championship in 2004 and will train side-by-side with her sisters for the first time on the collegiate level.

The three sat down with to compare and contrast their likes and dislikes.

Lacy Kristin Brittany
What is your favorite food? Salmon, baby back ribs, or chocolate Burritos Free food
What do you do in your spare time? Pottery Pottery Sleep or Pole Vault
Favorite show while growing up? “Dexter’s Laboratory” “Fraggle Rock” and “Saved By the Bell” “Dexter’s Laboratory”
Who is the neatest sister? Brittany-cleans room twice a week Brittany and Lacy Me
Who is the messiest? Kristin Me Kristin
Who is the most competitive? Me, but Kristin is fierce when in “attack mode” Lacy Lacy
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas Christmas, but I’m a huge fan of Arbor Day Christmas
Name two items on your bedside table? A dreadful alarm clock and a mess of rubber bands Empty water bottles and chap stick Clock and a book
When did you start pole vaulting? Junior year of high school Sophomore year of high school 8th grade

By Maryjane Gardner, FSU Sports Information

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