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The Outspoken Miss Lauren Young

Oct. 8, 2007

Do you have a nickname?
“My teammates call me L-Young or L-Yo…whatever comes out of their mouth first.”

What are you interests besides volleyball?
“Hanging out with the team and sleeping.”

What do you do for fun?
“Play volleyball and hang out with the team. We’re really close so we have a lot of fun together.”

What are your goals for the season and for the rest of your college career?
“I want to improve my game everyday and always be a team player.”

What are some of your favorite things?
“Volleyball, of course! And I like text messaging and watching TV, especially America’s Next Top Model – it’s my favorite show.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
“I listen to the song `Crank Dat Soulja Boy’ with the team in the locker room before every game. It gets us pumped up and ready to play.”

Who was your idol growing up?
“My Mom.”

Favorite athletes to watch?
“Steven Nash, because basketball is my favorite sport besides volleyball. I played both in high school.”

How do you unwind after a match?
“Eat! Other than that just cool down and relax.”

Most memorable moment at FSU?
“Last year when we beat Georgia Tech at Georgia Tech! ”

What drives you to succeed on and off the court?
“To know that if I don’t succeed I won’t be here on the court or in the classroom. Just to know that my school is paid for and my parents don’t have to worry about paying for anything reminds me that I need to succeed in class and outside of it.”

How would your teammates describe you?
“They would probably say I’m one loud, outspoken and crazy girl!”

Name three things you can’t live without:
“My cell phone, iPod and laptop.”

If you were an animal, what would you be?
“I’d be a lion because they are the king of the jungle.”

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island with one teammate who would it be?
“Makini, I call her Kini, because she’s my best friend!”

What are your plans for after college?
“I’m a Criminal Justice and Criminology major and I want to be a FBI Agent. I haven’t figured out what area I want to work in but something in crime scene investigation would be pretty cool.”

Fun Facts About `L-Yo’:
• Favorite place to chow down in Tallahassee is G&G Jamaican Food
• Thinks the greatest invention of our time is text messaging
• If she won the lottery, she’d buy a Range Rover
• Says her guilty pleasure is being addicted to Facebook
• Would audition for the reality show America’s Next Top Model
• Never forgets CD’s, snacks or the car on road trips
• Chose Florida State for the coaches
• Would like to try out for the swimming and diving team if she could
• You won’t catch her on the court without wearing a headband
• Wouldn’t mind having dinner with Dr. Phil, Jamie Foxx and Devon Harris

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