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The Sarah File: Entry Four

Oct. 18, 2004

Howdy –

It is the beginning of the week. Isn’t it funny how fast the beginning comes, and how that first day of every week seems to drag on for eternity. I don’t know about ya’ll, but Monday is usually an interesting day for me. An average Monday consists of class all morning, then straight to practice. (I pack my own little lunch in this lunch box that my Dad bought for me when he was here to visit. I look like a kindergartener carrying a lunchbox around campus! However, I am not ashamed because I am a fashion diva and I can sport it like it is part of my outfit!) Monday practice is pretty intense. We usually are working on those weaknesses from the weekend, and getting our fair share of conditioning. We also lift weights after practice with our strength coach Eric Gramza. After weights I have the evening to study and try to be creative with what I will eat for dinner. Hot Pocket or cereal? When 9:00 rolls around I’m punching speed dial #3, as I make my daily call to the parents when my minutes are free! By 10:00 my bed is calling my name. I am not the typical college kid – sleep is mandatory! All in all, my day isn’t that bad, some people have worse!

Have you ever sat back and took notice of the people that go unnoticed? I think most everyone in this world is trying to seek attention in some form or fashion, whether it be recognition when we succeed, the second look from a guy or gal, the attentive ears when we are talking, simple praises when we do something out of the ordinary, feeling important or significant within a group of people, or being recognized for doing something for someone. There are those individuals who work so diligently behind the scenes and are hardly acknowledged for their efforts. I tip my hat to these people, and hope that I may one day put my selfish desires to be recognized aside and live to be the unrecognized! I have noticed some of these kind hearted, hard working people in the Seminole atmosphere. Kirstine Jensen, our assistant coach is one of the hardest workers on our team. As an athlete I have realized, all the little details that go into making our team function smoothly often go unnoticed. Kirstine is the “mom” of our team. She not only keeps us organized, on time, and aware of the itinerary, but also serves as a mediator. She reminds us that her door is always open if we need to talk. Mary is our manager and she puts in several hours putting up nets, shagging at practice, and making sure that practices are facilitated with all of our equipment. We were definitely made aware of how much she does when she was sick this past week, and we had to take over these responsibilities. Kathy and Becky are our athletic trainers. They are at practice at least an hour before we are. They are always working hard, and dealing with our nagging injuries and listening to us complain. I hope that we aren’t that big of whiners, but I know that we do our fair share. Our media staff and marketing crew work so hard to publicize our volleyball games. Without them we wouldn’t have our wonderful fans. I have a friend from the Catholic Student Union, his name is James, and he has come to almost every single home game this year. His loyalty to Seminole volleyball is greatly appreciated. These are only a few of the wonderful people that I owe my thanks to for their dedication to our program.

This weekend was a huge step for us a team. We moved up right into the thick of the ACC with our wins against North Carolina and NC State. We have another big week this week, as we have Miami on Wednesday, and Virginia Tech on Friday. We have a little revenge to take on these two teams as they beat us in the first round.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful first day of the week! Make it a good one! I know I am going to be trying my hardest to make it as wonderful as possible, despite all the craziness.

My birthday is getting closer, and all I want is a victory over Clemson!

God Bless and Go Noles!

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