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The Sarah File: Entry One

Sept. 27, 2004

Howdy Ya’ll –
I figured that I would start off with a proper Texas greeting! My name is Sarah Griffin and I am a sophomore at FSU. This journal thing is something I think will be a great project. I wanted to start my first entry with a little background information about my teammates and I. I call Hereford, Texas, (a small town with a population of 14,597) home. Okay, so you’re asking: “where in the world is that?” Hereford is in the panhandle of Texas (also referred to as West Texas). I am about 45 minutes away from Amarillo, Texas. I am so very proud of the way I grew up and the background that I have.

When I was considering where I wanted to go to college I would have never imagined that I would end up at Florida State University. I knew it would not be easy to live 22 hours away from the people that had always supported me and never missed a day of my life. What made me choose Florida State, and why am I so happy to be here today?

First of all, the Florida State athletic department is something that has proved to be one of the biggest blessings in my life. I consider myself a homebody. There is no place in the world like my little red brick house on the corner of Juniper street. No one could ever replace my mom, dad and two younger brothers, and it was very hard for me to leave that comfort zone. However, I have met some amazing people within this athletic department and had opportunities of a lifetime. Mr. Charlie Carr, Ms. Pam Overton, Mr. John Lata and Ms. Kylie Amato are a few of the special people that come to my mind first. They are not only here to help athletes stay “eligible,” but to help us become better people and enjoy our life as athletes.

Secondly, and most importantly, my teammates are the main reason I love this school. It is so unreal to think how different each one of us are. We have girls from California to Brazil and all in between. Everyone has their own background and way of life, but we all come together for one purpose. I respect each one of my teammates, and love them to death. Some of the things that make them special to me are:

  • Kristen Rust always laughs at me. She makes me feel that I have a sense of humor ( an odd one at that). J
  • Aisha Carr could be on Soul Train with all her rhythm – she is always “bustin a move” in the locker room! (Sometime, ask her to impersonate Beyonce)!
  • Amanda Santos is the most animated talker you will ever see. Her hands and facial expressions tell a story of their own.
  • Ashley Meyer has the most amazing smile and positive attitude that you will ever see. She puts the meaning of the word STRONG to shame.
  • Kim Crawford never ceases to amaze me with all the junk food she eats or how many times she will say… “I’m finished with boys!”
  • Jessica Skower could be the world’s biggest animal lover. She watches animal planet on a daily basis and can demonstrate any characteristic of a squirrel. You will die laughing!
  • Cassie McLaughlin – this girl is miss. personality. She “marches to the beat of a different drum” – the drum of a proud Midwesterner. Puppies, kitties, cookies and brownies are her weaknesses!
  • Lauren Walker…. has the heart of 5 people….. “There we go” is the new motto she has introduced to our team.
  • Lauren Scott – it’s hard to get much sound out of the girl, but when she decides to share, what she has to say is important. Less is often times better!
  • Nikki Anthony has a heart of gold. Ask her for a hug and your feet will be off of the ground. Hear her laugh and you will have a smile from ear to ear.
  • Summer Weissing has introduced the two handed powerful high five to the team and definitely adds character with her fiery yet extremely sweet personality.
  • Danielle MacDonald has an appreciation for old music and is known for loving “PHIL COLLINS” I can feel it……..hold on……….
  • Andreza Santos always lightens a moment when she mimics Cassie’s trademark with a Brazilian accent saying: “Ohhhhhhh noooooo!”
  • Renee Hill is the most mature little kid in this world. She appreciates the important things like being a TEXAN, whip cream on hot chocolate, vibe driving (YIKES), and most importantly her teammates well being.

    These small character traits may seem so unimportant, however, it is what makes our team who we are. With the opening of ACC play this past weekend we realized that something we have to have to become successful is each other. We can’t play as individuals with different backgrounds, but as a group of young women with a common future. If we can figure out a way to bring everything together and realize that our differences compliment each other, no one in the ACC or NCAA will be able to stop us. We have a lot of work to do in the gym, but you can be certain that our coaches will handle that aspect of our game. I hope that those reading this will come support these wonderful women. Have an amazing day! GO NOLES!

    Sarah Griffin #13

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