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The Sarah File: Entry Three

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Oct. 11, 2004

Howdy –

Okay, entry No. 3! First of all I want to say thank you to all those who have emailed me with further comments and questions about Florida State. I love getting email, so please don’t hesitate to send your thoughts my direction. I make sure to read every single email that comes my way each week and nothing is ever overlooked.

I was talking to my mom this afternoon, a daily routine, and pride was one of the topics in our conversation. Good `ole Mr. Webster defines pride as follows: 1) conceit, 2) justifiable self-respect, and 3) elation over an act or possession. When I consider definition No. 1, I am reminded that my biggest pet peeve is when people who are abundantly blessed are arrogant instead of gracious. I heard this analogy once and I think it makes for a perfect example:

When you are little you go to your dad and ask him to borrow some money. As he reaches into his pocket he asks the dreaded question: “what do you need it for?” You then proceed to tell him, being the innocent child you are, “Duh, your birthday is next week and I don’t have any money.” With a huge smile on his face, he hands you the money. We are freely given this money, but we are expected, to enhance the worth of the money, by making the best out of what was already his. Our own pride must not forget the fact that we are merely the middle men. With respect to the second and third definitions, pride takes on a whole new meaning.

Collegiate athletics is very demanding, and even that is an understatement. The amount of energy and time put into a “sport” makes one consider how much of a “game” it really is. An average collegiate athlete deals with going to class, spending time preparing for practice in the training room, actually being in the gym, studying, eating, traveling and then resting and trying to attempt to be social with what is left. The concept of playing a sport is no longer true. It is something that you put your heart into and it becomes a part of who you are as a person. This is definitely a pride issue. As athletes, we must take pride in who we are with respect to the sacrifices we make to perform at the highest level. We are not expected to play perfectly, but to have the “justifiable self-respect” because of the dedication we have to reach our maximal potential. The “woe is me” attitude is often taken. I have myself been caught in this mindset before. However, I am trying to strive to fulfill all expectations and surpass any boundaries that anyone has ever set too low for my potential. Volleyball must no longer be just a game, but a means to show people who I am.

You know, it is funny to read over some of the things I write and realize how serious I sound! It comes straight from this cheesy heart! With all the seriousness set aside, I can talk about my exciting outing in WASHINGTON DC! We were given the opportunity on our trip this weekend to visit our nation’s capital, and you better bet your britches I didn’t pass up the adventure. We had a limited amount of time due to the fact that our purpose in Maryland was to play volleyball that evening so we hit the high notes. It was my chance to experience a true taste of patriotism. The day was beautiful! We walked through the National Botanical Gardens Museum. It was phenomenal. All I could think of was the pitiful little potted plant that my roommate had given me that died within a couple of days after my hands got a hold of it. We walked around the mall as I pretended I was in a mass of people picketing to ensure that Kerry would not make it into office. Just jokin! We walked all the way around the capital and saw the secret service agents in black Cadillac’s preparing to escort a senator. We then made our tour mobile, as we hopped in the car to capture all we could. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, The Smithsonian Castle, and my favorite part: the WHITE HOUSE. We saw the front and the back! I am the biggest little kid ever! I took so many pictures. All the movies I’ve seen and all the history classes I’ve taken all became so real. I felt very proud to be an American. Everything was on high security. I have never seen so many police officers. These were no average police men, they were good looking security men! My goodness. We came to the conclusion that in order to work for the President you have to be high quality…… if you know what I mean (laughs). It was a great trip and a day I will always remember. Thanks to Ms. Suzanne Hill for being our tour guide!

Today my good friend, Laci Black is celebrating her 21st birthday. She is an Aggie at Texas A&M. Love ya girl! We can also start counting down the days until my birthday: October 30th! I will accept all gifts! Kidding!

There are so many things to talk about, however I do have two tests tomorrow, and I need to get to studying. I might just have two entries this week! I know you are so excited! I hope that everyone has a wonderful week.

God Bless and Go Noles!

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