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The Sarah File: Entry Two

Oct. 4, 2004

Howdy –

At this time in our nation, everyone is watching and listening to the political campaigns and trying to make unbiased decisions. Characteristics of leadership are evident in each candidate, but what sets them apart from each other? I will honestly admit, I know very little about politics. I am guilty of not being a responsible adult and following the political process or weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each party. However, I did see Bush and Kerry on television when they were at the University of Miami. I am a Republican and yes, if you don’t know, I am from the great state of Texas. As I sat and observed them answer questions and challenge each other’s ability to lead this country, I didn’t pay attention to that much of the political content. I read their emotions and their demeanor. In my opinion, President Bush seemed calm, collected, confident, and in control. I strongly believe that he stands for what he believes and he “will not waiver.”
There is something about his presence that makes me feel comfortable and reassured that we will not “falter in the face of adversity.” I can not make a decision completely based on feelings, but I believe it is the heart and courage that needs to come first and foremost.

This is my own personal opinion, and I respect those people who view it differently. (One of my politically inclined friends from home, Barrett, tries to keep me in the know of all the other significant details. Thanks bud! ) Leadership is a quality that you are born with. Of course you can develop your leadership skills, however, there are those that are meant to lead and those that are meant to follow. On our volleyball team I think there are leaders and followers. We have seniors who are setting the tone and expecting more from everyone else. They lead mainly by example, but also vocally. Someone once said, “It’s extremely difficult to lead farther than you’ve gone yourself.” Leading by action speaks multitudes more than by words alone! I think our seniors are doing a good job of stepping up and leading us in the right direction. We also have our freshman libero, Summer Weissing, stepping up and leading us on defense. She is such an encouragement and example to us all! We’re on our way – and it’s getting exciting!

This weekend was a good weekend for us. First of all it was parent’s weekend, and I will tell you there is not a better feeling in the world than to know that you have someone from your family in the stands there for you. My mom was here this weekend. We had such an amazing time. This lady is one of those crazy moms who pulls her hair out when the game gets a little close. I have to tell a funny story. When I was in high school my mom would sit in the bleachers during my games and whenever she got nervous she would pop Altoids into her mouth. She would end up finishing whole cans of those curiously strong mints by the time a match or basketball game was over. After the game her stomach would be so sick. Needless to say she was a little tense when we took Wake Forest in game 2 with a score of 41-39, a record at FSU!

During the weekend, my mom and I went shopping, went out to eat and just visited (something we are really good at). Our personalities are very similar except for the fact that I am “domestically challenged” as she says! Several other parents were here this weekend, and I think I can speak for them by saying it was a lot of fun.

We got a big win against Wake Forest and are looking forward to going on the road to face Virginia and Maryland this weekend. We have some confidence behind us and know that we have work to do this week in practice. My good friends at home in Hereford, got a big win this week against Randall, one of our big rivals, and continue district play this week. I love you guys. Go get em – Jane Bo Bane!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. God Bless and Go NOLES!

Sarah Griffin

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